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APC NS- CUff or Hem

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General consensus on this?
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How much extra inseam do you have?
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about 3"
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I think APCs looked better stacked, not cuffed.
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def. neither, leave em be
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Stacking doesn't work with some shoes, though.

Like, when I wear chucks I have to cuff, otherwise I'll be walking on the bottom inch of the pants. People with small waist sizes and/or gigantic shoes sizes probably don't have this problem, but it exists with 34 New Standards and size 11 chucks, for me.
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I am anti-cuff
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i always cuff.

stacking looks sloppy to me.
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Cuff with boots. Stack with sneakers. It's not a hard concept
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cuffed: stacked: inverted turnups:
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The shoes dictate whether I cuff, stack or 'pin-roll' I wouldn't hem them though..
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the NS leg opening is small enough to stack...enjoy it Just cuff if need be. It's not something the fret about. Pother, maybe, but not fret.
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Originally Posted by PG2G View Post
I am anti-cuff

yeah me too. cuffing looks really really stupid. It makes you look shorter, and about eleven years old. Unless you are actually rolling them up to walk in water or something.
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+1 stack
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