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Some things about dressing, you learn at a young age. So when sloppy weather brings salt, slush and even heavy rain to NYC, I wear my galoshes, overshoes, rubbers or whatever you call them. I keep one pair at the office, one at home. Don't think there is a lot of choice in these, so I've been wearing the Tingley ones, the storm model since as long as I can remember. Found them a bit difficult to track down when I needed to replace my last pair, but the web provided multiple vendors. (Mine actually came from Walgreens) I also found a pair of "vintage" B.F Goodrich pair that look like brown dressy wingtips when cleaning out an uncle's home upstate. I'm afraid they'll rip so wear them sparingly.
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When I know it is going to rain, I would wear the old rubber-soled shoes (worn by the personnel of the Singapore Armed Forces.), but only after it has seen a lot of usage, wear and tear. Unfortunately, most of the time the rain descends without me knowing it would rain, so, I end up (sometimes) wearing better shoes, and some with really slippery leather soles, although, fortunately, I did not experience the embarrassing situation of slipping. WJTW
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Tingley or slip-on version of the LL Bean Maine Shoe. If the latter, than a pair suitable shoes are at my destination. I have a pair too of old Timberland rubber soled waterproof wingtips.
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My Tingleys arrived today. They seem nice. I look forward to trying them out. The box was prominently marked in several places as being from "Tingley Rubber Corporation." I'm not sure what the delivery man thought...
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It's raining in DC today, and I'm wearing my Tingleys.  Best $25 I ever spent.
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Yuck. Just stepped out for my Starbucks fix and saw the mess here in NYC. I think ambulance chaser hit the nail on the head. Breakout the galoshes.
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