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It's crappy out--what shoes?

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In New York now, there's already a few inches of slushy snow on the ground, with more expected. Today I'm wearing a tweed suit and hiking boots. If I had a meeting or an event, I'd probably be wearing a slightly older pair of wingtips that I don't mind getting wet. What about you?
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I spent about 4 hours polishing several pairs of shoes this past weekend. I'm in no mood to do that again this weekend, so I'm carrying my shoes until all the sludge melts. dan
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I wear either a pair of Grensons w rubber bottoms, or a pair of my old Johnson & Murphys. In either case, during the winter months a keep a pair of AE or C&J in my office to change into when I get here, although the Grensons still look pretty good, even w rubber bottoms......
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It's been rain, rain, rain here lately. I generally pull out my rubber soled Aldens when that's the case. I have dirt/mud, grass and gravel to walk on generally so I just refuse to take my nicer leather soled shoes on that in the rain. In fact, I've about decided to get a pair of brown rubber soled shoes for rain that I could also wear casually. I don't have the luxury of carpet lined halls, or even pavement a lot of times.
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I live in Arizona - so I voted for the Southern California option because it applies here just as well. However, I will be in D.C. on Thursday, so I'll be wearing my Rockport Dressports because they are weatherproof and very comfortable for all the walking I'll be doing. The Allen-Edmonds that I just picked up will have to wait for another trip. Bradford
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Florida, not CA. Rarely rains all day. Even then, we have sidewalks with no snow, so a little rain never hurts much.
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Galoshes all the way. Century 21 has some on sale. Very useful.
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I live on the west coast of Canada. Hardly ever get any snow but there is plenty of rain. I always reach for my older pairs of Allen Edmonds.
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I'm one of a diminishing few, in the men under 50 category, who wears rubbers.Specifically, Tingley Storm Rubbers. Unless it's casual Friday when I wear Tingey Moccasin Rubbers over Alden Cape Cod Venetian Loafers. It looks like I'm simply wearing a rubber pair of Venetian loafers. Riahvi
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I usually wear AE single thick soles. But for nasty weather I have a pair of double thick soled shoes I picked up on eBay for cheap. They still look good, but I can do some puddle jumping without worry. The thicker sole also seems to hold out the cold better.
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My Lacrosse front-zip overshoes are in the mail. No more rubber soles for me.
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I'm one of a diminishing few, in the men under 50 category, who wears rubbers.Specifically, Tingley Storm Rubbers.
I'm convinced. I ordered a pair of the 'Storm' model this morning. For those interested, you can find some selected sizes on ebay. Tingley itself offers them at the best price I found online, about $21 shipped. Zappos will ship 'free', but charges $30 for them. Tingley dress overshoes
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I think you'll be pleased with the Storm Rubber. Now you can wear the shoes you want regardless of the weather. If you like them shinier use a little Amour All tire protector on them. I've been wearing this style for close to 50 years except when I was way too cool in college. I recently watched some old home movies and my brothers and I were headed off to the first day of school clad in our Tingley Storm rubbers, which were brown, and those hotter than heck yellow slickers with the helmet style hat.
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Either a pair of C&J field boots that look good with cords or tweeds, or I break out the Hummer of boots, the Le Chameau leather lined.
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Today I am wearing a pair of gore tex HH Browns that I bought at Ross 10 years ago. I am thinking of getting another pair, and am considering these:
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