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OK, I just today received my first pair of Vass in the mail -- the chukka boots with a double leather sole.  I must say, to compare them to Alden is almost an insult.  I have several (4 or 5) pairs of Alden too.  But these Vass have an interior and exterior finish that is a work of art -- I think it compares most closely to Lattanzi or perhaps EG or Lobb St. James.  I could not bring myself to walk outside on pavement in them today, as they are so pristine.  Perhaps tomorrow....
kabert, is the fit (meaning size) similar to Alden? Thanks.
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I think it really depends on which last you're considering. The boots I got are on the U-last, which is narrower than all or most all of the Vass lasts. The lasts on the more substantial looking lasts appear very similar in size/shape to Alden lasts, at least to my eye. However, I don't have any apples to apples comparison for you.
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MORE VASS ON EBAY -- $249 for 10.5 U-Last loafers. No reserve either.
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I thought a Vass size 45 was an 11 or 11.5 (I remember A. Harris having the 43.5's and 44's as equivalent 10.5). Somebody might end up a shoe that's too big for them.
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alright, time to pony up. WHICH ONE OF YOU SLAGS WON THIS AUCTION??.?. I KNOW it was someone from this're so lucky I'm broke. Excellent deal, and nice timing, bravo.
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It wasn't me, although I placed a bid (I couldn't afford to go over $300, so I was hoping I'd fly under the radar, but, alas...). I hope whoever won them appreciates them. It's a fantastic shoe at a great price. Regards, Jeff
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