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I'll be traveling to Seattle in a few weeks to look for jobs and get a feel for the city.  I've left my itinerary pretty open for exploring, so I'm looking for suggestions on places to check out while I'm there.  I figure I'll hit a few of the standards like Pike's Place Market and the Space Needle, but I'm also looking for a few out-of-the way places too.  Can any residents provide some suggestions? Also, I was considering taking a day to hit Olympic National Park, though the drive time to get there seems prohibitive.  Is it a reasonable distance for a day trip, or should I reconsider? Thanks in advance for your assistance. Kevin
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If you are interested in Architecture at all, check out the new library Take a guided tour of old seattle underground. If you don't want to deal with the crowds at the Space Needle but still want an elevated downtown view, you have some alternatives. One is the big, black Bank of America Tower (tel. 206/386-5151) at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Columbia Street. At 943 feet, this is the tallest building in Seattle (twice as tall as the Space Needle), with more stories (76, to be exact) than any other building west of the Mississippi. Up on the 73rd floor, you'll find an observation deck with views that dwarf those from the Space Needle. Admission is only $5 for adults and $3 for seniors and children. It's open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. If its a nice day, and you feel like visiting a park and Seattle landmark visit Gasworks Park
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As far as dining out - here are a few suggestions. Seafood - Salty's Flying Fish Asian - Typhoon. Wild Ginger Saito's Mexican - Mama's Mexican Kitchen Variety - Coastal Kitchen The Metropolitan Grill Teatro ZinZanni Hope that helps.
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I'd suggest a walk through the Freemont neighborhood and/or the University District.  Many folks like to walk, bicycle or roller blade on Alki beach.  Although Salty's gets a lot of press, I'd recommend Sunfish for great fish and chips. The Olympic National Park is great, and I suppose possible, especially if you really like to drive and consider taking a ferry. On the other hand, if you are pressed for time but want a similar atmosphere, you might consider Sonqualmie Falls.  Last winter my girlfriend and I visited the Falls. We left around 10 am on a weekday morning, and it only took us 30-40 minutes from downtown Seattle.   Obviously, Tokyo Slim has the skinny on where to eat. Bic
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If you're by the Space Needle make sure you check out the Experience Music Project, it's awesome.  As for restaurants last time I was there I really liked: Icon Grill 1933 5th Avenue Seattle, WA 98101 206-441-6330 Great food and amazing atmosphere/decor. Have Fun. A.
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I'm from the other side of the state, but I happen over there quite often. If you're looking for nightlife, I like a duelling piano bar a few blocks from the Seattle Center called Chopstix I also like a sports bar near there called Floyd's A lot of the bars near Pioneer Square have a single cover charge for the whole neighborhood. I haven't been down there as much, though. While you're in the Pike Place area, check out the Pike Brewery They have good beer there.
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taking a ferry across the sound can be fun. its strange how things change and seem so antiquated on the other side...really gorgeous , though.
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If you are trying to get a feel for the city, I suggest taking a day or part of a day in each of the various boroughs of the city - U-district/Wallingford, Capitol Hill, Belltown/Queen Anne, Pike place/downtown core/Westlake/Pacific Place, and maybe Fremont/Ballard. They each have a very different character and vibe. The various suggestions above are good as well. I'm hoping linux_pro can weigh in as a recent transplant and someone probably closer to your age. I am a native, so I don't know the touristy stuff. As for the Olympic national forest, it is awesome, but pretty far for a day trip. I might suggest Rainier instead. If you leave really early in the morning, you can have a good amount of time there before heading back. Or if you're up for a hike, Cougar mountain in Issaquah is a good day trip, with a pretty rewarding view without extreme effort. Or Snoqualmie, which is another 15-20 minutes down i-90. Anywhere you go (with the exception of Bellevue) is overwhelmingly beautiful until you're used to it, though. One thing that's really nice about our city is that you are never far from some woods or a beach or mountains to get lost in. I too rarely do that anymore, but if you enjoy that sort of thing, you will love it here.
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I suggest taking a day or part of a day in each of the various boroughs of the city - U-district/Wallingford, Capitol Hill, Belltown/Queen Anne, Pike place/downtown core/Westlake/Pacific Place, and maybe Fremont/Ballard.
What, no West Seattle? On a nice day, the views of the skyline are awesome from West Seattle (you could take the water taxi as well for something like $4 and get the views as well). Granted it is getting a nice, clear day could be a challenge, but if you do it is worth checking out. Also if you are into Sushi, you got to go to Mashiko in West Seattle (http://www.sushiwhore.com). It has to be my favorite Sushi place of the ones I have been to around the country.
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Ha, I thought of Alki and W. Seattle after I wrote it, but having just been through there yesterday, I decided not to add it. I don't think of W Seattle as having any character of its own. Maybe it does. I never hang out there. Too far, don't know anyone, everything I've seen is pretty boring. It is kind of a hinterland. But actually, I bet there is some really good stuff to do/see.
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I was pretty disappointed with Pike's Place. Its just a regular farmers market. But, if you're going to see it, you might as well see the original starbucks since its so close. I really wanted to come back later that night, and steal their sign as a souvenir.
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You gotta at least go see them toss the fish though. Its traditional. I'll write a short poem about it: ***************************** A 30 lb salmon flying through the air, to be gracefully snared from the sky, by a guy with his eyes closed. I heart boobs. ***************************** Addendum to my food list: American food - Red Mill Burgers Dick's Other people familiar with Seattle may disagree - but Dick's is vital to Seattle the way air is vital to whales. After spending $9 on a burger elsewhere, $1.20 never sounded so good. I'll take 8 of em. And if you don't really care about great service at three in the morning, you don't intend to use the restroom, and you want a decent Eggs Benedict - Try Cafe Minnies ok, I think I'm done.
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But, if you're going to see it, you might as well see the original starbucks since its so close. I really wanted to come back later that night, and steal their sign as a souvenir. [emphasis mine]
PLEASE DO. Slim, I can't believe you forgot the Six Arms. Their special burger is always good. Actually, being a bit of an amateur burger connoisseur, maybe I should put together a short guide: U-district: Shultzy's Sausage - great burgers, besides the great sausage and gumbo Wallingford: Dick's - cheap, excellent, go at 1:30 am, flirt with the counter girls, and DO NOT complain about the fries or anything else or you will be mocked mercilessly by all present. I saw this happen (and participated), and it was not pretty. The fries are supposed to be like that. Lake City or Capitol Hill locations as well. Capitol Hill: Six Arms Phinney Ridge (Ballard): Red Mill - be sure to look in the prep area for the 5 lb. cord of cooked peppered bacon. mmmm... Bellevue: Broiler Bay (on Main st. East of Blvu Way, it is sort of hidden) Issaquah: XXX - go on a sunny Saturday or Sunday to see the classic cars. Downtown Seattle, Belltown, Queen Anne, ... still thinking. I don't eat down there much.
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...crap... I was trying to keep the six arms for myself. Parking is HARD ENOUGH without our help, thanks alot for ruining it J.
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If you have any interest in old boats I'd recommend at least briefly walking through the Wooden Boat Museum. Or maybe that's not the name of it. It's been 10 years since I've been there, but it's on the water and there's lots of absolutely beautiful classic boats in the water. Won't take much time if you're in the neighborhood, though I don't remember what else is in the neighborhood so..... Somebody local will have to fill you in on where it is I guess since I'm clearly no help. If you have no nautical interest, just ignore me.
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