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Arm Movement

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I have always been fascinated as to how Mr. Astaire can move his arm all over the place when dancing yet his suit seems to stay perfectly on his frame. Was this a lot to do with fastening the suit someway to the body or purely the cut of the suit? I can only imagine the armhole being so high before it starts beginning to push up in the underarms to the point of maddening discomfort.
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Jackets that are tailored for dancing do have extremely high amrscryes. Also it is common that shirts are buttoned to the jackets so that everything stays together nicer. As a ballroom dancer, my tailsuit was tailored not to move when my arms are in dance position (arms lifted to embrace the lady - think scarecrow). Wearing a normal jacket in dance position is something ugly. Scott
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Savile Row has a lot of tailors for whom this is second nature. High armholes are the key, plus a reasonable amount of drape at the shoulder blades. A&S do a great version of that, as (on the other end of the scale) do Dege and other tailors with a lot of sporting/military business. Anyone who wants to sell to the riding and shooting crowd has to figure out this problem pretty quickly.
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