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Michael Kors

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What can you tell me about the Michael Kors line of clothing? Is it quality? How much is too much to pay for one of their suits?
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There has been a few posts about Kors. You might want to do a search. Opinions aren't the highest around here on his clothes.
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They have Kors at my local Dillard's. It looks okay, but it doesn't sell very well. It's not unusual for it to be marked down early in the season. The prospect of trying it out on the cheap could be an enticement to get some.
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I don't know about the suits, but the rest seems about on par with Kenneth Cole or CK. Not very interesting design so I haven't paid attention.
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I would also place it with the likes of Kenneth Cole, perhaps a little pricier. I can't attest to the quality per se, but I've purchased a few pieces at steep discounts. Can't remember if it was Macy's? though. It doesn't seem to sell quite well, though some of it looks nice. If you see something you like, wait until it goes down half, and then pick it up once it moves to the "additional 40% off" section. e
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you also have to remember that there are two lines: "michael by michael kors" is the lower end entry line (which is what is suspect dillard's sells) and "michael kors" is the higher end fashion line which i think you'll find at saks etc.
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Yes, was just going to point out what hermes said. Michael Kors stuff is quite nice by my eye and generally well made (although sometimes overpriced by location of creation). "Michael Michael Kors" is crap, that is in line with Kenneth Cole, et al.
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I guess it just seems kind of watered down to me, like BR or KC. I prefer either really out there or classic, nothing namby pamby. Then again I haven't seen a full line of their better stuff.
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I have a few of the Michael by Michael Kors shirts, that I really like. 2-ply 100s cotton, slim fit, split yoke, horizontal buttonholes on the gauntlet. Plastic buttons, I think, but they are made to look like MOP. I get them for under $25 at the local closeout store. Just have to watch out, some of the models have a big M on the pocket, I avoid those.
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