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It seems like the suit is made in Asia by someone with poor taste making semi-faked products. But well, how many people have heard of Vitale Barberis? Btw, I visited this fabric store in Toronto's fabric district a few weeks ago and they were showing me some wools that they claimed were Zegnas, BUT it does not have Zegna label on it. I e-mailed Zegna and one person in their Toronto office said it's very unlikely that their fabrics do not have their logo. I've bought some stuffs from them but this makes me really wonder whether I should continue to shop there or not. Dear Ferry- 1. Yes, an Ermenegildo Zegna label is sewn in all garments. 2. Yes, all Zegna "fabrics" (textiles) have Ermenegildo Zegna on the selvage. It is possible that the selvage may have been cut off, but I find it very unlikely since the logoed selvage would be a very strong selling feature.
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Euroluxe and everyone else. What is your opinion of this as to authenticity.
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Looks real to me.
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This might be semi off-topic but also on the subject of fakes. I felt this was the only place I could go for direction. One of my girlfriends bought a Louis Vuitton purse from an "insider"...Im not exactly sure where but not nyc. Does anyone know how to identify a real one, certain characteristics, and/or have any links/docs/info on the subject? Thanks all.
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What type of Louis Vuitton purse is it? The Monograms are the most imitated. There are the obvious signs such as craftsmanship, hardware, and such. If you are to look inside there is somewhere hidden a date code. Usually it is a combination of letters, and numbers. If it is a Glace the code is somewhere on the strap.
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This has nothing to do with bogus clothing on e-bay, but last Saturday, at the Michigan - Ohio State game in Michigan Stadium, an entire row of people, in front of us, were removed by the police because they had bogus tickets. They had all purchased tickets (at absolutely outrageous prices) on ebay. Of course, the giveaway had to be the fact that, on the ticket, was a picture of a baseball diamond. I felt sorry for them. For the price they paid, a pair of Vass shoes could have been purchased.
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LabelKing - The LV is the accessory pouch. Retail around $215.  It's the one most everyone has: a small rectangle, about 5x8. Monogram canvas, textile lining. Leather strap. I visited one of the department stores in nyc that carries them. Couldn't find any distinguishing marks/characteristics, though I wasnt really studying it just looking.  My girlfriend's looks identical. She could take it somewhere, but a part of her doesn't really care and would rather not know.  Keeping myself busy thats all.  =]
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fakes are pretty good these days and often, it's only with some wear and tear that you can tell the difference - ever see a grocery store full of women with fake vuitton purses that have the trim, piping and handles falling apart or faded monogram? think they're real? with lv monogram, the monogram mirrors itself on each side of the purse and the LV will never be on a seam so that the LV in the monogram is never split, the rest of the pattern can be but never the LV usually the key giveaway is the craftsmanship especially with the handle, which is the hardest to imitate as the handle takes the longest to make, and the hardware, which is all stamped with louis vuitton on it (even the purses that have small brass rivets have louis vuitton stamped on them) whereas a lot of fakes don't take the time to do that and have blank ones - further, if there is a lock, it too is stamped and solid and heavy, most fakes either leave it off and leave a bare zipper or use cheap plated metal with an enamel coating that will wear off usually, depending on the purse, near the bottom there is a square or rectangle of leather sewn over the seam and on one side of the purse, it will be stamped 'louis vuitton made in france' on it stitching will be perfect throughout one of the biggest tip-offs for certain models is the bottom of the purse, which on most models is all leather whereas most fakes will put monogram canvas on the bottom instead to save money (this does depend on the model) other times you see a knock-off in a size that vuitton does not make (they usually have a mini, moyen and grand size to some of the purses but some only come in certain sizes yet you can see fakes in the sizes that aren't made in that size) last that i can think of is the leather on a real purse, although stark naked and pale when you buy it, will naturally darken over time you have to know the product and certain models to know the features and sizes particular to that purse in order to know if one is the real thing or a fake lastly, unless it was purchased from a vuitton store or a licensed vuitton carrier (neiman marcus, saks et al) it's a fake - i hear women all the time saying they bought a second at some outlet or some store that carries overruns - vuitton doesn't have seconds, if it's not perfect, it's destroyed, and they can't make enough to meet demand so there's no overruns so bought from an insider either means a fake or someone is selling them out the backdoor at vuitton hope that the above helps
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Very thorough. To your last point: I heard an entire segment on the radio about how to know if you're buying a fake. They went through what patterns are made in what shapes, and many of the things you talked about. My thought was, "How about this? If you're buying it for 30 dollars on Canal street, it's fake."
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