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Tan is okay. Olive....not so much. Even for a summer suit, I rarely see a guy wearing olive that I think looks really good. I wouldn't recommend it unless you know you have a shade that really complements your hair and skin complexion. You might also consider (the much-maligned) brown at some point, maybe not with your initial order, but down the road a ways. Again, depending upon your coloring. Good call on the double vents, and I think overall you have put in the careful consideration that should give you good results. I also like Concordia's suggestion of a herringbone. Fare thee well.
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Any good men's shops in Narnia? I hear there's a place that sells lion suits cheap.
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avoid windowpane. i know it sounds good, but you end up looking like a clown. sad, but true. also, i would recommend getting the suits made one at a time instead of ordering them all at once. i know it will take a lot longer, but i found that getting a suit made, trying it on, wearing it for a while, told me much more about what i wanted than anything i could see in a picture or in my head. something that seems like a good idea now may seem not so good later, or may inspire you to something you like even more. take your time and enjoy. -boston
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Any good men's shops in Narnia? I hear there's a place that sells lion suits cheap.
Does Aslan do bespoke? koji
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Boston give excellent advice. Order only 1 (or 2 depending on your needs) to start, at least until the suit maker gets your fit nailed.
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Thanks for all the advice, everyone. I'm going to go with just one suit first: solid navy, in a "workhorse" fabric, until the fit is nailed. Second and third suits will probably be a dark gray and a chalkstripe. The others will be a wildcard suits with patterns (sharkskin, glen plaid, etc...) or other shades/hues, since I can get away with it. I agree that windowpane can look clownish if not muted. I think I can also achieve the effect of more bulk by going with lighter shades, too, so I may try that.
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Just reading through this thread, sounds like a great plan coming together. One question - where are you getting the MTM suits?
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I like the idea of a 2 button SB. I'd go with 5 of them. You can't go wrong with conservative cut. As for colors: 1 Navy 1 Charcoal grey 1 med grey 1 Navy chalk stripe 1 med. or dark grey chalk stripe I'd stay away from olive and tan unless you get these suits in gabardine or cotton poplin or tropical wool. Olive's pretty horrible. I have one. It's hard to pull off without looking pretty awful. What fabric weight are you thinking? If you live in a place with extremes, I'd substitute the chalk stripe suits for plain colors of tropical weight worsted.
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