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Bepoke suit v. bespoke shoes

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I was hoping for some help - I have the $3k I need to purchase one of the two. Background info is I have a sufficient number of suits and shoes (both of "good quality") so this is not a decision based on need (as if anyone could actually "need" a $3,000 suit or pait of shoes). Darren, Edward Green Shoes, Cleverley Shoes, Perry Ercolino, Vincent & Edgar, Raphael - these seem to be the pool that I have narrowed my decision down to and with those traveling from abroad planning to arrive in the March timeframe I must get down to deciding. The question is - what should I get? Do I go for the shoes? Do I go for the suit? What would you recommend? My biggest financial fear is that I'll make the wrong decision (and opt for both) which could result in a catastrophe on the homefront. Just curious what you folks would suggest. Thanks.
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Go for the suit - unless you have really unusually shaped feet, you should be able to get shoes that fit you very well indeed: after all, shoe leather is supple.
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I would go for the suit. You look extra sharp in a bespoke suit.
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I disagree with the others. It's got to be the shoes. Either one will make you look better, but the shoes will make you feel better. Plus leather smells better than wool.
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I've tried to think of all different ways to help me with this decision (not to be overly dramatic) but I've got to admit - "leather smells better than wool" is one that I didn't think of but it might be the dealmaker.
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Another vote for the shoes. From what I've seen regarding dressing better, shoes are the first thing that should be improved. Now if we apply this theory to taking the leap from RTW/MTM to bespoke...
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i don't think you can get a definitive answer from anyone here who hasn't met you. a lot depends on how well ready-to-wear suits and shoes fit you. also, how picky are you about styles and can you find the styles you like ready-to-wear? do you have oddly shaped feet or an odd body shape? lastly, do you consider yourself a shoe guy? i'd rather spend $600 on some j.m. westons and use the other $2400 for a signature suit, but i'm a suit guy.
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or I guess I could get a suit and then a roundtrip ticket to Budapest to pick up some Vass shoes.
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You walk on your feet, not on a suit... Comfort is more important there. I vote for the shoes.
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At the risk of heresy, I vote for the suit.
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Neither.  Spend the $3K on a classic, mechanical watch that you can wear in all situations and can hand down to your children.
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Unless you have really strange shaped feet, get the suit. I own custom shoes and suits, and I think that the difference between custom and ready to wear is much more apparent in a suit than it is in shoes. Of course, if you don't mind a bit of travel, you could get both a custom suit from WW Chan in Hong Kong, and custom shoes from Vass in Budapest for under $3,000.
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Look at your choice this way: Which item of clothing would cover the most real estate, a suit or shoes? People will often take a "glimpse" of your shoes, but they'll be appreciating your suit for an infinitely greater span of time. A bespoke suit will provide much more mileage and, thus, will be a much better investment, providing a much better return on your investment. I own several pair of bespoke shoes and I obtain far greater enjoyment and pleasure from my bespoke garments. Knowing how much handwork goes into my $3,000 bespoke suits, I cannot justify the cost of a pair of $3,000 bespoke shoes.
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I agree with what Marc39 said on this matter (except for the last sentence), go with the suit (unless you have oddly formed feet).
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To me it's a toss-up and should be a function of your current wardrobe, the intended use of the purchase, and your body. Certainly, the bespoke suit will be more apparent and will make a bigger impact on your appearance (one hopes in a subtle way). However, how often and when are you likely to wear it? Also, how stable is your weight -- you don't want to outgrow a suit after having only worn it a few times. Do you wear suits to work every day, or otherwise wear them frequently? Do your high quality RTW suits fit you well and look good? And, do you want to buy a bespoke suit in order to have all the personalized characteristics/features, or just to experience the process and have that final degree of fit? Also, are you worried about the suit getting ruined by a spill in a restaurant or on a plane, getting ripped by a stray nail, or some other calamity? With shoes, you can probably wear them and experience the pleasure 2 or 3 times a week (NOT more, as they'll be ruined from the build-up of moisture)? Assuming you like the style, you won't have many worries about outgrowing them, ruining them -- aside from salt --, or not having the opportunity to wear them. And, of course, how do RTW shoes fit? As noted by Marc, with the suit you cover more real estate, but with shoes you get the real estate covered more frequently and, perhaps, for more years. One other factor is that the bespoke suit angle involves a smaller premium relative to your RTW suit purchases (assuming you pay full price) than do bespoke shoes. I agree with Marc that I don't fully comprehend why bespoke shoes cost $2000+. I guess, all things being equal, I'd go for the suit, but that's with no knowledge of your personal answers to the foregoing.
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