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Wow! They’d better bring back Greer and Winkler. No Short!
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Anyone else up watching season 4 right now? Premieres in 1 minute on Netflix. I'm going to try to limit myself to one or two episodes tonight since I have to get up early, but it might be hard.
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How has this thread not exploded.

First 3 episodes are really disappointing but they actually pay off down the line. Around the time I got to the Tobias episode I was loving it.
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Yeah, I enjoyed but was a little undewhelmed at first by episodes 1 and 2. I'm on 7 now and agree it gets better.

Loved the University of Phoenix jokes in the first episode though. Also Buster's reaction when his parents bring up the divorce.
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LOL at Gob's roofie loop in ep 7.

And the bees.
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"Am I crazy or is this good?"

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Maeby is the Littlefinger of Arrested Development
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Tobias' episode has been the best so far out of the 6 or so I've seen.

I need her to help me get daddy's rocks off.
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^ Pretty great.

I'm on the last episode. Buster's episode was hilarious. George Michael's was good too.
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Not surprisingly, the two best characters, Gob and Tobias, had the best episodes.

Some real ringer guest stars too. Especially John Slattery and Maria Bamford.
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Buster is my favorite character.
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Kristen Wiig as young Lucille was perfect.
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Am I missing something or did the season end kind of abruptly? Once I saw the last ep I thought there was one more that would tie up loose ends and all, but there was no such episode.

If they never intended to extend the series, I don't see how it there was any kind of 'conclusion' or 'finale'.
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