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The Language of Clothing

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As I was fitting a customer for the length of his jacket sleeves, I asked him to not pull his thumb away because I measured from the end of the thumb to acheive the right measurement. He asked me if that was were the expression " Rule of Thumb" originated. I responded that I was unsure but knew were I could get the answer. Well............... Also, because the Forum has such a diverse membership from around the world, I'm sure that there are clothing terms and expressions that others would not understand, such as what a turn up is. Manton, could please chime in on this one. I think it could be fun. All others, please.
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Manton hasn't replied in 13 minutes. Must be overtaxing the Google servers. Don't know about Rule of Thumb - we'll await Manton on that one. A turn up, however, is a round, usually purplish vegetable used in soups or served alone, usually as a puree with butter and nutmeg or cinnamon.
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Also used in Beef Stew. HA HA
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The phrase is too old to have originated with modern tailored clothing. There are recorded uses of it going back something like 400 years. If I recall correctly, no one has pinned down what it's exact origin is, but many believe it is probably derived from measurements for clothing.
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The use of the phrase "rule of thumb" is banned within the Police Service in the UK, due to it being considered politically incorrect for it suspected origins as described in the link in the previous post.
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