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Clubbing - a primer

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Let me make the shocking admission - I have never been "clubbing" as the term is defined in the US of A. I have been to many bars and restaurants, but usually in search of a quiet drink or meal. It now turns out that I have to go clubbing with some acquaintances in New Orleans, in the middle of March. Apparently this 30-something dog has to acquire yet another set of tricks. So, oh all you people who are masters of this art, I prostrate myself before thee - give me instruction. What does one wear? What mores operate? How do I conduct myself without embarassing my hosts overmuch? Many thanks.
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Much of it depends on the establishment in question, and what one is trying to do there. For clothing, I think you are always pretty safe with dark colors. I've always had pretty good luck with dark jeans (or charcoal slacks, depending on the dress code) and a slightly contrasting, but still dark, polo or dress shirt, preferably in a solid color (stripes looks a bit american jackass, if you're going to do stripes, don't do loud ones) and a jacket if the club is upscale, sans-jacket if not. As far as what to do there, that's totally up to you. If you're going to dance, don't bust out the Kevin James routine from Hitch though
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wear a lanyard with a famous pro audio logo on it. all access.
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Funny, I'm embarrased to admit I've done more than my fair share of clubbing. What you wear should partially depend on whether there's a dress code. Dress sharp, but you don't want to wear your nicest clothes - in a crowded club, it's impossible to go through the night without getting a drink spilled on you, your feet repeatedly stepped on, etc. Fitted clothes in dark colors is a safe bet, but really, wear whatever you want. If the weather is decent, skip the jacket unless there's a coat check because it usually gets really hot (and dank) inside. Don't worry about embarassing your host. Clubbing is easy, going with your friends clubbing is no different than any other night out. Just hang out, relax, have a couple of drinks, people watch, dance, meet new people...have a good time.
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