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As a follow-up, and more subjectively, I think also that you kind of just "know" when the fit is right. It feels right. It feels like you don't have to worry about the waist loosening up, there's no occasional pulling up the waistline, no feeling of too much material.

What I did was go down to where it was uncomfortable, i.e., it was a struggle to get that top button done and maybe even impossible, and then to go up 1-inch from there, where it was tight but still comfortable, i.e., I could get everything buttoned even though it was just slightly snug.

Then I checked to make sure the thighs were not too tight. They were too tight on the 2-inch-down sizing.

Anyway, for what it's worth... . And it is a little weird that it took me a few purchases to nail it. But I also think it would have been difficult to know exaclty for myself without going through the trial and error.
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And while I'm on a roll...

Has anyone ever tried this method? I picked up 2 new pairs in my size as described above. With one pair, I'm going to try wearing them without a soak, just wearing them for a number of months or until too dirty to wear any longer. Then I'm going to do a cold or lukewarm soak in the tub while wearing them.

In my experience, an initial hot soak in the sink seems to remove too much dye and to break down the material too much. Thus the reason that fades, etc., seem to be hard to achieve.

And I figure the eventual soak in the tub, cold or lukewarm, will help retain the sizing I like.

The fit is spot on for what I'm after right now, slim and with some good stacking or cuffing, so I see no immediate need to soak for the fit.

Basically wanna do this:

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If you wear them until you get fades, then after a soak the shrinkage will cause the honeycombs / fades to shift slightly out of place.
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I have heard that. But what I'm thinking is that by doing only a cold soak at that point, and then by wearing them wet or damp shortly after that, the fades etc might not shift too much.

I don't know. Just a theory. And just $40 jeans.

I've done it the traditional way, hot soak, etc., and haven't liked the results. Just interested in seeing what the results will be like this way.
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I'm looking for some 501stf but I need them in 29x36 and can't find anything over a 34" inseam for that waist. Does anyone know where I could find a pair in my size?

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Follow up: About 2 months into wearing my 501 STFs without a soak or wash, straight from the shelf. They're definitely softening up and loosening up a bit, and I'm starting to notice some good creases here and there. I can't wear them during the workday but I'm wearing them quite a bit in the evenings and on weekends. They've probably logged in a good 100 hours of wear or so by now. Goal is go to March at least before the first soak, and that will be a cold soak.
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the store in tempe is closing too, picked up a pair of stf's and a crew neck sweatshirt for half off
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I'm looking for some 501stf but I need them in 29x36 and can't find anything over a 34" inseam for that waist. Does anyone know where I could find a pair in my size?


I've seen some listed on eBay through YellowRatBastard's eBay store in NYC. If you're in NYC, might be worth dropping by their brick and mortar store, too, since they sell a lot irregular sizes that and Levi's Retail stores don't have. 


Also, if you're looking for a wide variety of sizes outside of, I've had good luck finding 30x36 STF and other sizes at JCPenney (even Sears) -- two underrated locations to find Levi's jeans in many different model numbers. 

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I'm on the hunt for the Levi's 501 for J. Crew Salt Soaked Selvedge that were sold by J. Crew in 2010 in either 30x34 or 31x34. If you have any for sale or know where to find them, please message me. Thanks!


Here's a description:



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Speaking of fit, what do you guys think about the new arcuate on the entire range of Levi's. They subtly altered it late last year and it's not the same deep, plunging arcuate on the back pockets like they had for the last ten years (starting in 2003 - ending in late 2012). Honestly, I loved how that deep arcuate looked on the seat of my pants and it's a shame they switched to this new flatter arcuate. Just throw off the whole look of the pants for me. What do you guys think?


It's just not the same for me. Since they're increasingly becoming fazed out in stores nationwide, I'm stocking up on as many pairs with deep arcuates as I can. Thank goodness for eBay. 

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Interesting note: the Levi's STF I measured at the mall were actual tape-measure waist (pre-soak mined you!), not vanity, which is no wonder why I could never fit into them as Levi's is typically the worst-offender with vanity sizing.

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Levis 501 jeans from the late 80s.

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Originally Posted by Robert View Post

Basically wanna do this:

Does step #5 really say to wash jeans with Dr.Bronner’s soap?!?!?!?! Wow that's cool, Dr.Bronner’s soaps rule!

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These 1922 501XX LVC's should shrink nicely

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I asked for a price on the custom fit Levis at the San Francisco store and they quoted me $750.00. Said the fit would thereafter be retained in their custom fit data base if I were to ever buy another pair.
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