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Live demos at RL Mansion

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Did anyone see this today? They had someone hand-making shoes on the first floor, probably from Edward Green. Plus they now have the widest variety of EG/PL shoes I've seen, close to 15 styles in total; including a really unique style, the "ghille" model. Suposedly, it is a traditional Scottish shoe that is open at the laces, showing sock. I think the shoe maker is going to be there tomorrow as well. I also know they're doing the same sort of thing for suit making as well in the near future.
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Yeah, I posted about this event a while back:;t=8738 I had no idea however, that they were actually hand making shoes at the Flagship. Jon.
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Yes, the deal with the "Made to Order" program was that you choose the leather, width, length, model, and they make the shoe. I don't know about prices though.
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Hmm, if I'm not mistaken, the demo you saw was the skin-stitching of the toe on the Dover etc. models, not the actual making of a shoe. But fascinating nonetheless.. Last I was in NY they had maybe 3-4 models. Would love to see all the new ones..
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what a brilliant idea. rl is a true operator.
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You had me puzzled with the headline: "Live demos at RL mansion". I was thinking of protest demonstrations, and was wondering what that was all about. Visions of protesters, regulars from this and the Andy forum, holding up placards like "We demand hand-made buttonholes" or "More American Trad" came to mind. Oh well, it was only the Edward Green road show.
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Ghillie shoes are traditional in Scotland. Worn with kilt and kirk. I believe Grensons makes them. Typical of PRL to knock those off for every day use.
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what a brilliant idea. rl is a true operator.
Oh, see Chuck, I told you so. We come up with a good plan to show everyone in person how it's done ... and all of a sudden all the little guys have to jump on board like it was their idea.
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