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Originally Posted by aizan View Post
where can i get a nice fair isle sweater, or should i just learn how to knit?

That's how they did it on Fair Isle.
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Fair Isle was pretty big last year iirc, even mall brands like JCrew had several Fair Isle sweaters

this year not so much, but I'd imagine there'd be a bunch on ebay
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a cool photo from 1970, when Chelsea won 2-1 in the FA cup finals....a young skinhead boy rushes onto the field. He's a lil tyke, and his jeans are selvedge (which was normal for the time) which is interesting given you'd never find child's jeans today using selvedge denim

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Very nice pics!!! check this Smoothies shoes:
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^^ personally I've never liked Solatios, I think they are ghastly, even tho they are "authentic" to the early 70s suedehead/smooth look.

but I know there are a lot of guys who do like them, fair play and all but you'd never catch me with a pair.
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When I was a young skinhead lad in the 70's in the Midlands in good ole England..... I had a Brutus Bowling shirt..... Mine was Red, with embroidered name on it, and Rockabilly-esque graphics on the back. Had a pleated back (white gussets) and clear buttons.... white collar. When I wore this with my Crombie and Doc's (or monkey boots)I felt like the Bee's Knees... (the also came in Black, White, Royal Blue (with some reverse variants between the body color and the Collar/Vent color (white))

Well, here we are in 2009 and i want to find another one... anyone have any idea where i can find one....... seems no mention of them at all by Googling vintage.... I don't think their Bowling shirt was a really long time component of the Brutus line (the staple gingham buttondowns are being reintroduced now (at 40x what I think i got my mum to pay for my first ones in 1970).....

I will own one of these again!!!........ just you wait
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I already knew Get Smart was a fan of skinhead culture and styles but I didn't realize the extent until after reading all this. He is passionate about it! I can totally respect that since everyone needs something to be passionate about, yet so few people I know truly are.
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Just went through the whole thread. Awesome read! My old man was in the scene through Plymouth/Liverpool/London through the 60s and 70s and i knew a little bit but it was awesome to hear all Get Smart and MoM's insight, thanks guys!
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here's a great photo, from 70 or 71 of Admiral Ken Sound with his reggae soundsystem about to unload from a truck. whatever gig he was going to, you know it would have been full of skins/suedes thanks to Sounds & Pressure UK for finding this pic
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Originally Posted by Adolf View Post
Can anyone tell me what brand of jeans are being worn in this picture?
me likes this shirt. off to a local tailor to copy tomorrow edit: how much fabric you guys think this'll take? doing that diagonal pattern down the button face thingy will use a lot, right?
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I know some these images were posted a while ago and I just stumble on the source link.
It is a interesting study (take) on the afro influence on the skinhead look and culture...
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Those Richard Allen books are pretty terrible. Only read the first three, Skinhead, Escape and I think Returns. The guy who wrote them wasn't even a skinhead but just some middle aged write from Canada. I think he did a weekend of research before he polished the first one off.
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Big fan of this look, scene, and attitude. It's a shame more skinheads are attracted to the oi/punk part of the look and not the traditional style. Not as sharp looking as they could and should be...
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While I'm not a skinhead, I do appreciate the style of early skinheads. For someone who buzzes his hair quite frequently, I sometimes look a bit harsh because of it. So I like how a lot of those guys were able to tone things down by throwing on a button down shirt and wearing a cardigan. I'm not into reggae or Ska all that much, but it's a look I could get down with, I think (perhaps minus the braces and Doc Martens). The guy below is wearing essentially what I've been wearing lately:

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