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Originally Posted by Clouseau View Post

Weejuns have been said to be inspired by the shape of Traditional Norwegian shoes, but i think they are not constructed with Norwegian stitching.
Nothing in the Weejun is construction welt stitch compares to a Norwegian stitch.
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Originally Posted by McDermott View Post

Like as seen here with Slade...


Weve had this pic before i know, but Lad second from left...but what are they ? The white pumps again ? or Baseball boots ?


They do look the same mate, although i cant be totaly sure from that pic.

Like i said, i just wore em because that was what i was given by mother, i did like them

so maybe i'd seen them somewhere and asked for them, but in all honesty i just cant remember, there was also a dap version.


I do remember the old man wearing baseball style boots but they looked like denim, again early to mid 70's

which would all tie in, i think around that time the old man was finally letting go of his teddy boy past.


Baseball boots, were popular again in the early 80's, 99's they were called, came in a variety of colours, heavier commando sole

compaired to the ones i'd worn previous.


I know im getting way ahead of this thread, but it's interesting how certain items/styles, seem to come and go on a fairly regular basis.

My eldest daughters current footwear choice is baseball boots, she told me there ' well in ' i just smiled, tangents an all that wink.gif

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Cerneabbas. Hope you'll be pleased with the Bexleys. You can't compare them with Aldens though (i know you don't)! would be like comparing Weejuns with Weston ( JM Weston French calf leather comes from one of the last tanneries in Europe).The quality of leather, stitching, handcrafting, etc, makes the difference. But sometimes it is not worth paying big money to have quite good looking quality shoes.
Have a look at that:
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Originally Posted by Aces and Eights View Post

Chanel No 5 - that's it

Couldn't resist that one
Ha ha - yes, and Coco Chanel of course famously said a woman should wear perfume wherever she wants to be kissed!
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Originally Posted by Clouseau View Post
 But sometimes it is not worth paying big money to have quite good looking quality shoes.
Have a look at that:

I would disagree on this point  Clouseau.I would say always buy the best,if you can afford it.It is particularly important when the time comes for repair/re-builds of shoes.A  company like Crocket & Jones,Alden etc return your shoes like a new pair.Shoes are the best wardrobe investment you can make.particularly if your tastes lie in traditional styles which we tend to move toward.The "Last" shapes do change gradually and slowly,but I have shoes that areover 30 years old and they don't look dated IMO.

Regarding the comparison of Weejuns - I always found the stitching on Weejuns to be garbage.The Heel Counter was always inferior leather and was a weak spot where you needed support..I have never owned any Westons ,but visit their shop on Madison Ave every now and again just to see what they are doing.(Actually the furniture,lamps and decor is more desireable to me,but that's another story !) They are good looking shoes indeed.BTW the stitch on Norwegians (Budapester's )  is called a "goiser" stitch and is quite labor intensive,hence the cost.

Reinforcing the British love affair with boots,thought you would be interested to know that the French Army (and others) wore English  made boots at one time (Oct 1914) :




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C&J Boots and Florsheims all 20+ years old.I photographed these to show how little the shape has changed.The two pr of boots( back-right) are slightly chissel toed.They are Paul Smith (made by C&J) when he was carrying more traditional styles and all English shoes at the time.I still need a great pair of Loafers though.....baldy[1].gif

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Gsvs5. i quite agree with you. i said "sometimes"... i prefer too to buy good shoes, but i can't afford too many, that is why, sometimes, i buy cheaper shoes. but it is true that i have for example Church's Burwood for more than thirty years, and i had two pairs of Weston (mocassin and"golf") i kept too for at least thirty years...
about the army boot MIE, i am not surprised, English shoes and boots always had a reputation here, that may be why... except Weston, and Paraboot to a lesser extent, French shoes are not great IMO.
Gsvs5, great collection of shoes by the way.
Some of my friends who are still close to skinhead style wear exclusively American army boots, WWII repros. in the eighties, some of them already wore them, but originals deadstock.
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Originally Posted by Gsvs5 View Post

Nothing in the Weejun is construction welt stitch compares to a Norwegian stitch.

I believe the story goes the norwegian guy was influenced by the native american moccassin and sort of combined it with elements from a local norwegian shoe from his village, but didn't become popular until an american G.H. Bass not sure if it was the name of the guy or his company started making them under the Weejun label.


What is this baseball boot that everyone is speaking of? Do you guys mean Converse Chuck Taylor, P.F. Flyers and Pro Keds type canvas sneakers?

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Gsvs5. If you need a great pair of loafers go for the Weston "180" mocassins, you won't be disapointed. they exist in a big variety or Colors and leathers. i had the Brown suede ones i loved.
One day will buy the classic basic brown leather ones.
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Clouseau.British boots may have a good reputation but army boots here in the 70s were rubbish,direct moulded soles ( DMS ),they did very badly in the Falklands and were replaced.I go hiking quite a lot and i have 3 pairs of boots,Lowa Meindl and Han Wag all German and i know that the Marines here buy such boots.I think that like a lot of things British shoe/boot making lives off of its past good reputation ( clothes like Fred Perry too ),ok if you pay a great deal of money you will still get quality but it used to be all the British shoes were good,now a lot of Loakes and Barkers (maybe Grensons ?) are made in India for cheapness.
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I think Church's, Crockett and Jones, Trickers, Alfred Sargent, etc, are still made in england. in France except Weston, Paraboot and a very few others, all shoes are now made in foreign countries.
About boots, i must say i don't wear some for a while. Got an old pair of DMs i wear in winter when it is snowing, and i try not to slip...
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Clouseau.I have a pair of Catepillar steel toe caps for the winter the most comfortable boots i ever wore,strange because they are a 9 and i wear a 10 !,maybe because i only wear them in winter ?.I agree with you it is nice to have good quality expensive shoes,but i buy cheaper ones too,the boat shoes i bought were cheap but they will have a use in this heat.I remember a holiday to Portugal early 80s i bought a Laccoste polo shirt it was quite expensive,i also bought some very light cheap leather shoes in a market there,i wore those shoes for a few summers,unusual and comfortable ,nice looking and very cheap.I also have some Monkey boots,i dont wear them often but they were always cheap,they are more expensive now ( like everything else ! ).
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Have an old pair of black Monkey boots too. those are for rainy days, with a Mac and a Barbour flat cap. I paid ten quids for them, in London a (long) while ago...
BTW i don't understand how you can spend big money on Monkey boots, always thought they were funny shoes, but quite ugly. Even if they are made by trendy designers, still crap imho... Of course this is just a personal opinion.
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Clouseau.I think monkey boots are about £40 now,ok its not a lot but i still think in 70s prices,sometimes i convert back to pre decimal currency too ( usually to annoy the young blokes at work ).I also bought some cheap longwings by Pierre Cardin this year,leather soles but very cheaply made,i have worn the tan ones quite a lot .I had a thought about that coat,maybe that crombie label could have been sewn into the coat by someone after the coat was made ? it could increase the price when selling it ?.
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Monkey boots seem like Marmite,you love it or hate it .I had monkey boots and Dr Martens in the 70s,my mate would never wear monkey boots he said they were for poor kids who couldnt afford Doc Martens,but i always liked them.I know that Pressure Drop used to wear them but i cant remember to many people here wearing them.I have read that they were designed as an army boot by the Germans and then produced by the Czechs,i dont know if thats true because i wouldnt want to march in them or walk across country to far.I saw some in brown distressed leather by Alfred Sargent the other day on e bay ( £135 i think ) could look good with a brown Schott A2 jacket IMO.
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