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Boyish looking Mod girls in ski coats, '64 ish?
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Cerneabbas, i have just seen this loden, was easy to find on eBay with the name. the shape is exactly like a "Habicht" (i think it is the name of the Traditional coat style made of blue loden cloth). But as you said it is not Loden cloth but Crombie cloth. And there is another big difference, it is fly fronted, and do not have the Traditional buttons covered with leather.
But this coat, even if it is not a "proper" loden, still looks good.
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Originally Posted by bunty View Post

Boyish looking Mod girls in ski coats, '64 ish?
Everyone - not just girls - had those anoraks back in the early Sixties.

IIRC, they had a nylon-type filling - a bit like some sort of synthetic 'down'.
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Ed. I think even James Bond (Sean Connery ?) may wear one of those anoraks, in one of the 60s movies...
Anyway, this model is not the best looking thing for a girl to wear imho. Furthermore if it is not to practice ski.
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Originally Posted by Man-of-Mystery View Post

I remember thinking how great the girls looked who could blend the 'look' into their school uniform. Okay maybe that's a bit pervy, so moving on...

I loved the tailored suits with short skirts. One of my girlfriends had one made in Prince of Wales check. She wore it once to the Savoy Rooms and never wore it again, saying she felt she looked 'common' in it - she didn't, she looked a million bloody dollars in it! Occasionally she would wear the skirt after that.

The same girl had a pair of 'Diabla' shoes. I think they came from Dolcis. They were red, and had a slightly taller block heel from what had up to then (late 69) been popular. They looked gorgeous on her, particularly that single time she wore the PoW suit!

The one item of bloke's gear I liked on a girl was a button-down shirt - I can't remember whether it was by Jaytex or Brutus - in green/blue gingham. The girls would wear a very small size, and the shirts were a very slim, waisted cut, so in fact they fitted girls very well. Worn with a mini-skirt or a full suit, they looked really good. In fact this kind of shirt looked better on a girl than on a bloke.

I liked to see what I nicknamed 'Tonik tights'. They were sheer, plain, and seemed to have a two-tone sheen to them.

Loopy earrings.

Minimal make-up, just a little eye shadow and mascara.

Aqua Manda or Estee Lauder perfume.

... and that's about it.



Yes I always thought that the girls suits with mid thigh skirts and BD waisted shirts always looked smart worn together with a pair of loafers


Big looped earrings and mascara - really enhanced their look


Was there a perfume at the time - 'Gingham' ?


Also recall white tights with motifs running up the sides - but I did not particularly like those

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1963 was a very cold winter with a lot of snow for England,the snow stayed for a long time and those anoraks were very popular, they were cheap and practical,i have seen pictures of me ( at 5 ) in a red one it didnt look very good and i wont be trying to get one now.Hang on though with a pair of Adidas Italia it would be quite a Mod look...
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Clouseau.Exactly what i thought about that coat,half crombie half loden,i liked the fly front better than the buttons showing the only thing i am not too sure about is no top pocket,i did like the price though because that is a good quality coat in good condition .Maybe the James Bond film was On Her Majestys Secret Service,he skis down a mountain in that film,but it would be George Lazenby not Sean Connery .A thought,do you think that the Bond films influenced a smarter look ?.
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The price is very interesting but with eBay it can change...
About the buttons showing they are one of the Loden charm. one of my favorite looks in winter is to wear my loden with underneath a FP football cardigan with the same buttons....
About the James Bond, i may be wrong, but i am sure i saw those anoraks in a famous 60s movie. I am certain that Bond style influenced and still influence men's look.
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Clouseau. I meant to say that after you mentioned Paraboot last week i looked at them online.I only ever saw the ones with the very thick sole before and i always thought that they were a firm from the 70s or 80s a bit like Kickers here,with a sort of trendy i find that there is a reason for the name and that they are an old firm with a good quality reputation, they have some nice plain Derbys.I also found a firm called Dinkelacker, i think they are German ? they had a very nice ( very expensive ) longwing brogue,in the pictures as nice a shape as i have seen IMO.
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Yes, Paraboot is quite an old company, and their shoes are still made in France. They are quite a classic here.
I think that J.Simons used to sell them in London. Apparently, some british skinheads wore in the sixties or seventies "Norwegians" shoes. i think that it may refers to the Norwegian type of stitching (different of goodyear) that Paraboot still use on his shoes.
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J. Simon still stocks paraboot.
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Clouseau.I think that weejuns ( as in Bass weejuns ) comes from Norwegians,i am not sure but someone here will know.Also popular here were "weaver tops" a heavy lace up shoe. I checked up,the James Bond film with George Lazenby was 1969.
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Harold Shand. Welcome and thanks for the information.
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Weejuns have been said to be inspired by the shape of Traditional Norwegian shoes, but i think they are not constructed with Norwegian stitching.
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Clouseau. I ordered my Bexley longwings today ( finally ) Bexley has a big sale with 40 euros off some styles ( not the longwings of course ! ) and the shoe trees are a good price too.I have looked for several months now and when i see longwings that i like they are no longer made or very difficult to find a supplier,so i decided to try the Bexley,they look ok in the pictures and anyway they are not expensive.Buttons mentioned Alden,definitely a quality made shoe but the toe is too round IMO,the old American firms made nice ones but too few left and too many people looking.I liked those Robinsons of Botolphs but i would want to try them on ,the Dinkelackers look great in a picture but to find some ?,i could put up with the Loake Royal shape but i hate that plasticy looking leather.
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