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Originally Posted by yankmod View Post

Great pic of the Gents at Margate.No Denim in sight(that's class)

That's because I wasn't there. Depends entirely on how you wear it. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Ed Vaughan View Post

... and great for hiding 'love bites'. shog[1].gif

I wore a thin red one underneath a navy lambswool crew neck .I had shoulder length hair by then. Now I cringe when I think about it and have never worn that look since.It is a classic preppy colegiate look in the States (usually a white one underneath ) but with short hair and the whole family decked out in the same it looks so different !

What's a love bite Ed? Ha Ha .

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Originally Posted by Ed Vaughan View Post

One from Le Drugstore?

You really HAVE to be seen in yellow there! biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by Clouseau View Post


On dit 'waistcoat' smile.gif
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Originally Posted by buttons View Post

I spent about 20 years with people thinking I was in the NF, just cos me hair was short and I wore oxblood boots.

You and me both, mate! I well recall being at a West Indian Carnival in the early 1980s, standing in a queue to buy a Jamake Patty, and some (white) bloke marching up to me and giving me lip because I was wearing an MA1 jacket and boots. The MA1 and the short hair obviously made him blind to the fact I was wearing a red-gold-green badge a Rasta had given me.

In any case - I'm from the NF on my own in a field full of Rastas? Do me a favour! biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by Clouseau View Post

some Minets wore english Stuff, like college boy caps.

Like the scooter mods I saw arrive in Blackpool in 1967.
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Originally Posted by Aces and Eights View Post

I am not bald - I have a minus Number one crop

I'm not bald - I'm Patrick Stewart's body double for sex scenes.
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Originally Posted by cerneabbas View Post

With you blokes mentioning Levi cut -offs...

That jogged my memory. Somewhere in the loft I have a photo from the same vintage as one you've seen on this thread already (the one at the archaeological dig, where I'm wearing a checked Madras cotton shirt), which shows me in cut-off Levis. I seem to recall that I'm leaning back against the wall of a hut with my hands behind my head, while the French girl I was sort of 'with' is snuggling up to me. memories!
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Originally Posted by browniecj View Post

What has not been touched on(with us older exSkinheads)is the Polo neck Jumper.Whilst the younger ones were wearing patch-work Jumpers etc.,the older ones wore these in many colours and patterns.They were smart enough(if thin)to wear with Jackets,Trousers and Suits.The thicker ones could be worn with Jeans or Trousers.I had about 5 thin ones(various colours) and 2 thicker ones.If you look at Pictures of that time, one if not more would be wearing a Polo neck Jumper.

This kind of sweater was around and about a lot, but never quite 'in' where I happened to be at the time. I can remember friends of my mate next door in Blackpool - the earlier mid 60s mods who I really really really wanted to look like - sometimes turned up in them. I can remember the vogue for wearing a shirt over a polo neck sweater - I think I remember a pic of George Garrison like that - but around Blackpool that look got taken over by rockers and 'mids'. I recall someone used to market a kind of polo-neck insert for your shirt in the 1960s, so you could look cool but not overheat in a club or dance hall.
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Originally Posted by Clouseau View Post

Mr Knightley, if the pic is dated 1963, i think they might be Originals of the Drugstore gang. Any indication in the book?

Yes, Clouseau the book does say they are originals but even so, I would say this pic was a little later than claimed - would you?  The hairstyle, for example was fashionable in London c 1964/65.


The book also carries a later picture showing the second generation around 1968, I recall. 

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Dressing in the age of nudity - not off topic but rather my reply to questions about how I feel about dressing for comfort rather than style.  I cannot claim any credit for this excellent essay but would say it sums up my dismay at the decline in standards over time.  I must also agree the original post is a little selective, shall we say, in it's historical references!  But the question is will the decline continue or can the 'Second Age of Nudity' ever be reversed?

Edited by Mr Knightley - 7/15/13 at 9:30am
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Originally Posted by Basset View Post

Just wondered if anyone else caught the Rod stweart documentry on BBC1 the other night, some great early footage of him as a beat nic, going thru mod, buying clothes etc, i even enjoyed the bits from his 'sold out' stage.

Birds, lots of birds........


Yes i watched it Mike. Always liked Rod Stewart and The Faces.
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This pic was on modculture some time ago (can't see it there now) and it purports to show two mods - rather scruffy ones I'd say - wearing Adidas and Hush Puppies in the mid 1960s.  I have no idea if it is genuine.

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Originally Posted by Gsvs5 View Post


It was just the heel part really.just left natural colour.Common enough later on,but very new at the time.

Cheers, one of those items named literaly after an aspect of it's style/design, wasn't sure if they had picked up a name after a brand, like Royals, Crombie etc.

I do remember these shoes although it would have been later, which fits in with what you've said, older kids at my school getting ready to leave and go to secondry school etc wore them, got no idea of the year but probably an example of, todays fashion being tomorrows cast offs for the blokes setting the trends.


Tbh as a snot nosed kid i called them duckbills, and cringe every time i see a pair due to the fact that i had my finger crushed by a pair which resulted in a trip to A & E, that was the end of my marble hustling days

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Mr Knightley, An interesting link,i dont see a return to former dress standards i am afraid,its gone too far now.I am a hypocrite here i know as my shorts look has a lot to be desired,in my defence weather conditions excepted i do try my best. I think now that some 60s Mods did wear trainers,the fact that they were so hard to obtain would have made them appealing to a Mod as they were quite competitive in what they wore IMO.You mentioned the Modculture site before and i have been looking on there,some interesting articles and pictures,again IMO.
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