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Originally Posted by Ed Vaughan View Post

Interesting but, yet again, 'we' are airbrushed from history.


Thanks for posting Ed.Interesting.Obviously the writer has limited space and 400 years to comment on,but a cohesive view all the way thru.

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Originally Posted by ek77 View Post

Chris Killip, Youth on Wall, Jarrow, Tyneside, 1976

I've seen this pic.Didn't know the year.The question I ask is.Is this a Pre-punk skin,still carrying the style from 6 yrs previous.Or is it a Skin commin out of Punk?Looks like he's wearing Baggy Trousers.

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yankmod. Or could it be some poor alcoholic / drug addict who found some Dr Martens in a bin or jumble sale....you guys have read over 800 pages and still think that Dr Martens and short hair is what skinhead / suedehead is about !
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Yes, don't want to sound mean, but he's just a bum with a borstal haircut and DMs. 

I am feel sorry for him, but too scruffy even for 80s plastic skins. 

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Great photo of your brother Ed.

Fantastic colour photos set too, I know what you mean, they do look too good to be true.

Regulars from The Scene pretending to be the Temptations at The Forum in Rome, 1967. (Alan Daly)

2nd right wearing those Dr Scholls?
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It's that man again! Searching MA 1 jackets and this comes up.
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More great photos from bunty.Cheers.

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Those Dr Scholls were a big hit in France at the same time, mostly with girls. Few years ago it happened again with the Birkenstok, that looks quite the same (ugly thing) imho. The fashion always come and go, in an endless circle...

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This great thread goes on so long I haven't had time to read it all but anyway here are some cool clips from the original skinhead days if anyone hasn't seen them yet: Hells Angels And Skinheads (1969 BBC Documentary) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpCstXPC2Gg All Dressed Up & Going Nowhere (Newcastle skins 1971 - check out the moustache on one of the older skins!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lyVzYjHMMY
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CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 80

This is a 1968 MA1 replica Alpha did some years ago. Supposed to be exact to te last details. (Note there is no orange color in the inside)

Unfortunately, out of stock.

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Clouseau,A nice jacket,i wouldnt wear one now but when you saw a mob all wearing them at football it looked good. Is it possible to find a 3 button blazer in France ?, they used to be quite popular here but they seem impossible to get now.
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Bunty, I think that picture of Steve Mcqueen is from Hunter ( he plays a modern day bounty hunter ) it was released in 1980 and he was dead by the end of the year...
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I wouldn't wear one either, but i would be tempted by this peculiar model...

About three button jacket, i'm afraid they are difficult to find nowadays, the fad is two button jacket for some years now. But as i said fashion come and go...

I still have one very old three button jacket i cherish (Tweed RL).

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Clouseau, Yes it is mainly all 2 button here,even some 1 button ( even worse ),double breasted still available but no 3 button single breasted blazers,its strange because it was always quite traditional. Coincidence about Alpha flight jackets,i got my navy blue one out of the cupboard on friday to show my "young lady", i must have had it about 15 years and i have hardly worn it ( another impulse buy,i had just had a tax rebate and i was feeling rich ! ) she said if you dont wear it sell it ( a practical lady ) oh no i cant do that i really like it ! daft really.
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Originally Posted by elwood View Post

English League Division One match at Maine Road
Manchester City 1 v Leeds United 2.
Police arrest troublemakers in the crowd
November 1969

Interesting pics, ek77. Illustrates how little segregation of opposing fans there was at that time. Looks to me that this was old Scoreboard End at Maine Road. Clear from 3rd pic that it was a City fan being ejected (scarf colours) but you can see that scarves hung over wall at front of terrace in pic 1 were Leeds - so both sets of fans in same section, which is probably how "disturbance" came about.

One other thought, his crop was pretty short - looks like no.2 or even no.1 to me. Any thoughts from anyone else about this at that time in North (roytonboy or Ed Vaughan)?


I agree about the crop - short for 1969, but they were getting shorter and some certainly had number 1s by March 1970. No formal segregation in those days. Away fans tended to go in the Open End, but if there were a lot of them and they were singing, some of ours would go in there after them.   Incidentally, I was at that match.........

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