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Thanks for the contribution Brownie. I think I recall you mentioning the crosses a while back. That's not unusual though at all nowdays either. I get all kinds of wannabe thugs that get cross tattoos as though somehow getting them will 'set them right with the Lord' or negate the fact that most of them are drug dealers and low-life criminals. In keeping with the skinhead theme I figured I'd post a couple skinhead themed tattoos I've done over the last couple years:

Not skinhead per se....but done on a skinhead buddy of mine and many skinheads do have an affinity for CO....

This one is pretty self explanatory hopefully tongue.gif

In real-life her head isn't quite as's on my buddy's thigh and I had him sit down to take the pic so I could get the whole tattoo in-frame.

****edit to Brownie**** I didn't mean to imply that your crew were 'wannabe thugs'...just the fact that people still get stuff on them that sometimes runs contrary to their actual 'beliefs'. I for one am of the mindset that tattoos don't need a meaning behind them. They should just look cool smile.gif nothing wrong with getting 'personal' tattoos....but they don't all have to have a deep meaning.
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Originally Posted by browniecj View Post

Welcome Spirit of 89.3 of my Mates had tattoos done ,in the 60s.They all got a Crucifix done on the arm highlighted in blue(I nearly had one done).Do not ask me why-we were not religious or anything-but it beat the black panthers etc,which was the norm around `68/`69 on

I've always wondered the significance of the black panther tattoo some of my old childhood friends great grandfather had one on his forearm and this guy was old enough to be your father so I'm not sure he was a greaser world war 2 connotations perhaps?

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If I can speak out of turn...there really is no significance to 90% of or then. At that time it was often whatever the particular artist had available. There were very few 'flash sheets' ( the stuff you pick off of the wall nowdays) as all the designs in those days were drawn and painted by the proprietor of the shop. You got what they had to offer...and that was it (a system I wouldn't mind returning to). There were very few 'custom' tattoos in the early days. But to confuse matters more...there were certain tattoos that did have meaning....even in the 'old days' (1950s and before) and most of them had to do with military service, and more specifically, often Navy related. As a quick example, having a chicken and a pig tattooed on the tops of your feet back then (and even now) is a 'talisman' to ward off drowning. That said 90% or more of tattoos from both then an now only had a personal meaning to the wearer...other than in more specific cases such as prison/gang tattoos.
*****edit**** and the stuff I'm referring to above is strictly in terms of American style 'traditional' tattooing. What I've said above takes nothing into account about traditional tattooing from other cultures which has been around for 1000s of years. That's a whole other subject...and point wasn't to derail the thread....but I will admit that I love talking about tattoos...especially older 'American traditional' ones regardless of what culture wears them. And I'd like to believe they have some tie-in with traditional skinhead culture...even if just regionally....and that interests me. But I don't want to go on about it, so as you were.... tongue.gif
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I am one of the biggest topic derailers here unfortunately, I thought the tidbit was interesting in any case because I had never saw too many old timers with such visible tattoos as the guy would be over 90 years old if still alive today.

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Thanks for indulging wink.gif

If history serves....'modern' tattooing has been around since the 1890s so a 90+ year old nowdays with one or two though rare, isn't unheard of. My grandfather is 95 (and still with us) and although he's not tattooed I'm sure a few of his era were.
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On to another question that has been touched on but not really in depth from what I can remember of this thread: color schemes. What looked good together and what wouldn't you pair?

Specific colors of specific clothes has been mentioned (jungle greens, stone Sta-prest, brown/ox blood/black boots) ....but I'd like to hear more of how an outfit was put together if it pleases all.

For example...if you wore let's say black boots with a pair of stone Sta-Prest...were there certain color combinations of shirt, sweater vest/or braces, and Harrington/monkey jacket/whatever type of 'overcoat'....that made you feel especially smart? Or was that thinking too much into it?
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I do agree with the comment from browniecj about not being able to justify buying a suit,its not that i cant afford one,its more that i dont think i would ever wear it.i have been thinking recently about how older blokes used to wear a sports jacket and trousers for a smart look when a suit would have been a bit over dressed,in the early 70s i remember skinhead/suedeheads wearing suit jackets in the same way,with other trousers,sta prest or even jeans,this has been mentioned on this i am thinking about buying a sports jacket or maybe a blazer to wear with trousers,i know that i would wear this a hell of lot more than i would wear a suit,the question is where to buy a 3 button sports jacket or 3 button blazer in "our" style ?.
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Originally Posted by buttons View Post

That pic of the gang from 1970, in colour (although (along with MoM) I reckon '69 ,mesell) was in that Spirit of 69 book, in black and white - nice to finally see some detail.

Buttons, it's just that it's too 'posed'... To me it has the air of a later photo, not one from the 'original' era. I think it has been pointed out that in 69/70 MA1 jackets did not have orange linings.
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Originally Posted by ek77 View Post

yes, the caption is "Youth In England In The Seventies. 01 Mai 1970"...

A caption's just a caption!
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Originally Posted by flyfronted View Post

they look 79 / 80 revivalists 

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Originally Posted by roytonboy View Post

I'm a bit puzzled by this one myself.....

Usually I pride myself on being able to date photos of this kind but there are a few contradictions in this one:

The length of the jeans suggests 'originals', the fact that they are all wearing black boots does not.

The way the scarves are being worn suggest 'originals', some of the clothes I don't recognise as original skinhead wear at all.

Of course this could be down to regional differences, as we all understand different things were worn in different areas and at different times, but it looks looks a bit of a mish-mash of styles/times to me. 

The clarity of the photo and intensity of colours is very good for something 43 years old.

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Originally Posted by buttons View Post

If that's '79-'80, I'll eat my (pork pie) hat!

Fries with that?
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Originally Posted by Spirit of 89 View Post

To Mr. Mystery....I also share your affinity for aviator sunglasses but have always worn the more rounded style....but I like the look of the more rectangular ones like in your pics. Any leads to find some similar...preferably without breaking the bank? I tend to misplace sunglasses often so I don't go for designer/expensive brands.

I treated myself to a pair of RayBans. They're not mega-expensive, though they're not cheap either.
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Originally Posted by yankmod View Post

I think the pics are original.The look of the pics looks late 60's but with an excellent camera and someone who had a clue about how to shoot.Color film is easily dated as the colors used and paper etc. have distinct characteristics(I know yooz know what I'm talkin) The girl looks original.The cat in the yellow cardi,The boy in the mac.The guy with longer hair.All look original to me.And Buttons is correct.The pic taken at a distance as the crew walks down the sidewalk has been cropped and blown up and printed in B&W several times in several places(I've seen it half a dozen times) I think the quality of these pics make them some of the best we've seen.And the info is on the photo,shouldn't be hard for M.O.M. to find this guy (fingers crossed)TA

I still have my doubts about that MA1.
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Originally Posted by browniecj View Post

I agree with Kingstonian on this.When I am getting ready to go out to a Reggae or Soul Do,I feel 19 again.I look in the mirror and there is this strange fella looking out-with wrinkles,grey hair and a large stomach.That brings me down to earth very quickly!!! I am not having a go at the revivalists but you see 40+ year olds dressed as Skinheads shouting and swearing and acting like 18 year olds-what is that all about???? smile.gif
That's me isn't it?!
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