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Lacoste polo

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What do you guys think of these polos (?): The real deal or fakes?
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I don't know of this will help it all but I am looking at a couple of Lacoste shirts I own. The weave seems to be okay and the buttons look like mop which is what you should see on high-end Lacoste shirts. The tags on my shirts are different but I got my shirts from different parts of the world and they are different from each other as well (a high end shirt from India and a lower quality shirt from Argentina). The Lacoste logo on both of the shirts in front of me actually says Lacoste in the croc.. I got my shirts about 3 years ago, I don't know if that makes any difference.
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Thanks for the rapid reply.
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I wouldn't worry about getting the authentic thing anyway. The Lacoste knockoffs I bought in Thailand (at US$4/each) are indistinguishable from my real Lacoste shirts. They may even fit better, in fact.
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i think they're fake. they're made in argentina, or right? real lacostes have an additional tag under their trademark tag that says, "Designed in France" and "Made in Peru" whether the quality is inferior is a separate issue...
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The tag usually gives it off. The top tag (of the two) says the size, in red, in the upper-left corner. Furthermore, you won't see the little 'R' in a circle. (I forgot what that symbol is called.) Finally, there's a second tag underneath that says (as Renault78law mentioned) that says 'Designed in France', 'Made in Peru', and 'Hecho en Peru'. On the other hand, if it looks plenty real and almost undistguishable...who's going to argue with you? =]
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I have a Lacoste polo which is undoubtedly original, bought from duty free at Charles de Gaulle airport several years back, and the label is different from the one in the photo. The croc is in a box with the size on a bar at the top, the R in a circle is also present. No tag indicating where it was made under that label either.
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I just looked at my definitely authentic Lacoste, and the top tag shown in the pics looks the same. Whether or not it's a fake or not I couldn't say though.
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