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(or break them as I'm jumping into a NYC cab.)
Ouch.  Have never done that.  Just some friendly advise: duck your head when going into cabs.  Also, there is no need to jump into the cab unless you are leaving the scene of a crime.  In which case, please do elaborate.
Ha - what I meant was that when I remove my glasses I typically put them in my back pocket - when I abruptly jump in the cab - well, you can imagine what happens. I think everyone in NYC jumps in a cab. Its a jungle out here.
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check out oliver peeples-- pretty sharp sunglasses, avail in styles to suit just about anyone.
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Here's another vote for Maui Jim. I've been back and forth with brand name and no-name glasses. They really are better than anything out there and folks who actually need sunglasses for work swear by Maui Jim. That being said, definitely go the eBay route.
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Any good websites to buy them cheap that don't just ship to US?
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I recently purchased a pair of Maui Jim titanium sunglasses. I like them a lot. They are so light weight, I hardly know I'm wearing them. The lenses seem like good all around driving lenses. I also like Nikon sunglasses. I've got a pair of photochromatic lens Nikons that I like for cloudy days. I use the Maui Jims and Nikons for driving. For snow sports, my favorite sunglasses are Cebe Cecchinels with mineral crystal lenses. Julbo also makes some high quality mountaineering sunglasses with mineral crystal lenses.
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(Advertising, sorry; now moved to buy/sell section)
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Another vote for Peeples, especially the Paul Smith designs. Persol has pretty good designs made cheaply. Two Italian co's basicall make 95% of the designer sunglasse. Peeples does their production in Japan and I have been very pleased with them (until I lose them, of course.)
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I´m partial to Revo. Not as stylish as the Persols (which I´ve had), but the optics are very good.
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Another vote for Maui Jim. I love my tortoise shell wrap around glasses. They are 4 years old and doing fine. They work excellent in protecting me from the intense Jamaican sunshine. Negril, soon come.
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Luxottica and Safilo tend to make most designer sunglasses. Is Persol a branch of Luxottica? IMMSMC>.. I like my Cutler & Gross sunglasses. They go with anything from a bespoke suit to a bespoke lace jabot and _appear_ very well made. I welcome anyone else's opinion.
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I´m partial to Revo.  Not as stylish as the Persols (which I´ve had), but the optics are very good.
I have studied optics and practiced optical engineering (my excuse for spelling mistakes.). The coatings on the Revo's were the BEST of any glasses I tried. When you try on glasses, look not only at your face and tie/collar/suit combination in the mirror but at other things. Look outside, leave your credit card on the counter and take two or three pairs outside the mall. Look far, look near. Look at the parked cars, see if you can see inside the parked cars halfway across the parking lot. See if this depends on which glasses you have on. Look at trees. Look at chromatic aberations at the edge of far objects, not only in the center of your field of view but at the periphery (this is also an excellent test for binoculars). Other good glasses were from Nikon and Zeiss. Having broken my revos (no spare cash as I have three kids now), I have a pair of glass bolles for driving. Not bad. I also keep a pair of ray-ban yellow/orange winter glasses. These are excellent for driving in blizards as they enhance your depth perception. Hope this helps
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Luxottica and Safilo tend to make most designer sunglasses.  Is Persol a branch of Luxottica? IMMSMC>.. I like my Cutler & Gross sunglasses.  They go with anything from a bespoke suit to a bespoke lace jabot and _appear_ very well made.  I welcome anyone else's opinion.
Not a sub, but a licensor in all likelihood.
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I'm not a big fan of most current sunglass styles, esp. Oakley-type sport shades. But, I can get behind the retro-looking stuff. I like classic RayBans and Persols are nice, too. I do have a pair of RayBan Caravans. They are in the Aviator family but more squareish, not as teardropish. Kinda make me look like a WWII pilot, which I think is cooler than looking like a snowboarder. Caravan
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link These are the ones I have, somewhat similar to the squared aviator (like Parker's) style. Mine are bright metal now though, after I scraped off all the (surprisingly tough) gunmetal colored coating on the frames. I like them much better now. Edit: I totally agree with Parker's opinion above as well. Nothing like a guy in a suit wearing plastic wraparound Oakleys.
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Rlevine, one concern you mentioned that hasn't been addressed yet is the size/shape of your eyes. I also tend to need small-framed sunglasses. Aviators are out, all Ray-Bans are out, anything not geared towards a small face is out. So, what's left? The Maui Jims with the titanium frames are fantastic; if you can get the deal that Stu did then you should spring the extra $40 and never look back. Revo makes a similar style, also with titanium frames, but slightly taller lenses. Also not cheap. Oakley makes one or two styles that aren't overdone that are decent for a small face, look for A-wires and Minutes (plastic frame). You'll notice all of these are somewhat to very sporty--if that's not your style, you're going to have some trouble finding something to fit your face. Tom
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