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Originally Posted by Geoffrey Firmin View Post

I bought a pair of the navy sneakers about six months ago and I'm ready to throw them in the bin. There not worth the money and I did get mine on sale.
Was at Trenery outlet store looking at a pair of beater leather shoes for cheap. Picked one up, saw how the upper actually crease like bad cardboard, put the shoo back down and walked out...
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Originally Posted by sliq View Post

I'd agree with JM's selection. also try spotting a geisha. they are a marvel.
I saw lots of foreign tourists in yukatas when I was there.
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I posted this in the what are you reading thread but Australians might be interested. Living in Freo I was inspired to write my first novel. Check it out if you get the chance.

Bad Boy Boogie: The Adventures of Bon Scott by J.P. Quinton

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Any recommendations for chinos? I've worn Country Road pants for a while and they did the job but I'm sure there is something else out there offering better value. Not after anything fancy, just something hard wearing for work and a slim fit cut.

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Originally Posted by Foxhound View Post

Oh shit other AusSF members in JP?

Picked up an Aero jacket yesterday.
I prefer ToJ for leather jackets.
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Originally Posted by fxh View Post

I prefer ToJ for leather jackets.


I've heard they're quite good. I'm sure @Foxhound Drew his own conclusions.

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I wonder what foxhound was looking at
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Originally Posted by blahman View Post

I wonder what foxhound was looking at
PayPal ToJ transfer!
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Osaka/Kyoto - warning - many images! (Click to show)

Osaka, New Years' Eve -





Kyoto; secret garden behind the covered markets near Ponotocho-




Spruiker -




Made it to Pontocho -




Awesome twelve-seat bar in Pontocho, serving Okinawan food for the past thirty years -




Today. On my way up the hill to Kiyomizu-dera Temple -




Nearly there - 




Made it!







...and onward, to Ginkaku-ji Temple, which has the most gorgeous garden I think I've ever seen -





...and then on, to the Philosopher's Walk, which is actually a fairly recent construct, but still very nice indeed -






And to finish, here's a fit. (Actually, here's five fits, and some are very fit indeed; but naturally only the middle one would be of any interest to you lot) -


Outerwear is Eidos for Christian Kimber. Cardy and trews from Uniqlo. Shirt by Kamakura.


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Some very nice shots there, @Coxsackie

I especially like the one with the backs of the two ladies in kimonos at Kiyomizu-dera - nice composition. Glad that you're enjoying yourself!

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Cox, great to see that you're enjoying yourself and that you made it to Ginkaku-ji and the Philosopher's Path. 


Kinkaku-ji - the Temple of the Golden Pavilion - is much better known, but the gardens around Ginkaku-ji are lovely and I prefer Ginkaku-ji's more understated beauty. 

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Coxy you tempting me to go travel to Japan again. censored.gif
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Nice snaps Coxie. forgot to mention that you might like to stop by a tea house for a warm bowl of matcha.
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Any thoughts on the Tom hope anchor bracelets?
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I don't mind this but I just can't see it fitting my style. My girlfriend would probably call me out on it if I started wearing bracelets.

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