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Originally Posted by herringbonePete View Post

12 days of, or before? Isn't 12th night Epithany?

Sorry don't have a catechism handy. We always put our tree up on the night of the 13th. But seeing as my son has outgrown it aside from the handouts I am prepared to leave it to Mrs GF to decide what to do.
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Balnaring Holdings Pty Ltd is bringing legal action against Van Laack Australia Pty Ltd tomorrow in the Supreme Court of Victoria.

I know nothing else about this. Speculate on shirt prices, cutaway collars and button vs double cuffs as you please.
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Haven't heard of them and a search of their ABN says they aren't even registered for GST, so maybe a small supplier to them perhaps. Presumably trading as something completely different.
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No, that looks like a suburban home to me.

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^ you are right about that.
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Any thoughts on short-sleeved linen shorts, or should I just roll my sleeves up? Heading to a party in Swan Hill on the weekend and it'll be about 40 degrees. At the club, so must be long pants and collared shirt.
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@md2010 , the suit is CBD (although a little over-suppressed at the waist).


The tie is not. Too pale. Try a darker tie, say a navy with subtle pattern, or a small-scale neat (your go-to online supplier for such items is of course @Henry Carter).


The square is also not. Ultra-soporific CBD mandates either no pocket square at all, or at most, a plain white Irish linen in a TV fold, well-tucked into the breast pocket so only a sliver of white is visible. Certainly the cauliflower-like excrescence you have detonated here has nothing to do with CBD.


I take it, of course, that you are wearing plain black calf cap-toes. No frivolous affectations such as chisel-toe lasts, cordovan, fancy welts, or even the merest hint of broguing. In some circles, you might get away with dark brown, but in others, you would be regarded with deep suspicion for such a flagrant breach of protocol.


The suit should fit perfectly, without actually showing off your body shape. (BTW, do you even lift?)


UCBD is all about establishing your ascendency as the alpha male in the room. If your rig is so subtly judged that it draws absolutely zero attention to itself, yet your colleagues are made uncomfortably aware of the slobbiness of their own attire without really knowing why, then you have succeeded. 


For further reading on the subject, search for @Manton's excellent thread.

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Charity begins at home:

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Thanks @Coxsackie , I am searching for the cbd guide. Didn't realise cbd has some strict rules. I didn't think the suit was overly suppressed at the waist. But looking back at the picture I see what you mean. I have a big drop and flat back, which makes it tricky. Would you mind giving some feedback on this fit. As I was planning to take it back to my tailor to take in the waist a bit more. Thanks again. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Fit is ok. Right sleeve appears too short in this photo, and there's some kind of issue with the sleeve pitch (again on the right side). Might benefit from some rotation at the sleeve-head, although this may simply not be possible.


I wouldn't have the waist suppressed any further.

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Thanks @Coxsackie . Appreciate the suggestion.
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Originally Posted by Geoffrey Firmin View Post

Any one in Canberra used Top Cat dry cleaners in Kingston? Or is it better just to stick with Bell's in Fyshwick?

Happy with Top Cat so far. Lapels were not flattened, but nicely rolled when I received the suit back.
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md2010 I'd largely agree with Coxxy. The tie - would look OK if going to a wedding but too pale for CBD and the extended tie penis is unsuitable. (I don't like pale ties anyway - but thats just me) The pocket hankie is not conservative. Either lose it or just have a straight edge peeking up.

CBD = Conservative Business Dress is largely an invention of manton. Certainly I'd never heard of it so named before - although the general concept is old. CBD in Melbourne at least commonly means Central Business District. His (manton) version is also ultra conservative, in politics and dress, and USA centric and most likely conservative Washington biased, in mind at least if not in place. Basically as coxxy has said - it means not scaring the horses and fitting in subtly. I doubt anyone anywhere really follows it to the (invented) letter,especially because most don't even know it or the "rules". Basically with the first outfit - if you just removed the pocket hankie and had a nice solid dark tie, say navy, that finished at your belt you'd be good to go. A pair of dark shoes - dark brown or black - even if brogued - wouldn't be noticed or out of place in real life.

I wouldn't worry too much about the CBD "strict rules" but on the other hand sticking to them or the basics - you cant really go wrong. That's if you know them.

Most people you'l l meet only know a few "rules" and often then wrong or misguided. I've been accosted by a stranger on a tram - dressed in baggy shiny black pants hanging under a large pot belly and with a grey orphan suit jacket and crumpled shirt on top - admonish me because - "You should never wear a striped shirt with a striped suit"

I'd also a agree with coxxy that I wouldn't suggest any more waist suppression on that jacket. But then again many people would suggest more suppression and they would not be completely wrong.
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Originally Posted by thebrownman View Post

Balnaring Holdings Pty Ltd is bringing legal action against Van Laack Australia Pty Ltd tomorrow in the Supreme Court of Victoria.

I know nothing else about this. Speculate on shirt prices, cutaway collars and button vs double cuffs as you please.

The very first link suggest that the Balnaring Holdings Pty Ltd went belly up mid this year.
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