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Not bad. But first you write the text, then you highlight it, then you spoiler it. Finally (if you so wish), you can create a visible title for the spoilered content.

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Ahhh..... that makes sense now.  I wondered at the time. I really appreciate your help.


Cheers, Andrew 

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Originally Posted by jollygoodshow View Post

Yep, I've checked the TM Lewin sizes. Their slim fit, fitted and super fitted shirts with 16" neck come with a 36" waist, which is too big.

Also been down the darts road. Last time I got shirts I got the 3 for $200 deal at MJ Bale and had the tailor adjust the sleeves and waist. Worked out to be around $130 per shirt but wasn't perfect, so would be better off going custom from the outset if I choose MJ Bale again.

Had a look at the BB website and the green slim fit is 16" neck, 43" waist, 40" chest (shirt measurements, not body measurements). That's getting close to what I need. One shirt that I have which fits well on the waist is 40". So 43" might be too big. They don't have a Canberra store for me to try them on either frown.gif

Thanks though guys.

Jolly, you may have the numbers confused. The numbers you should pay attention to are not the "To Fit Waist" ones, but the "Shirt Waist Size" ones.
You tried the slim fit one, which is 42" measured on the shirt and it is entirely too baggy. The same size on the fully fitted is 40.5" and Super Fitted is 39", which is many inches taken out from the shirt.

The other number is your 33" waist. Are you wearing 33" trousers or is the measurement on the thickest part of your waist 33"? From your comment that the best fitting shirt (BB Green) around the waist comes at 40" indicates that that may be your pants size.

So it seems like if 40" shirt is still a bit loose then go try the 16" collar super fitted, and if a little tight then go try the 16" collar fully fitted. Those 2 are what you are after. Best bet is to try them at Myer.

I wear size 30 trousers but my waist for shirts is 31.5"~32".
I go size 15" collar and currently fully fitted is perfect for me. Super fitted in 15" collar I find to be too restrictive. I do wear pretty "tight" shirts. So according to the TM Lewin charts my real body waist has to be about 4.5" less than shirt measurement to be slim yet comfortable.
Originally Posted by Plestor View Post

IIRC the TM Lewin site is misleading those are SHIRT measurements.

Not misleading. The numbers are entirely accurate. They state both the shirt measurements and the body measurement the shirt is for for each size of each cut.
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