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Originally Posted by __PG__ View Post
What are the sale suits like in terms of range/prices?
I just went straight to the ties. Didn't pay much attention to the rest. Didnt want sticker shock... Or a drained bank account. Neither is a pleasant result. edit: lennier, I'm thinking more about Kent Wang's dual coloured silk knits that I've been putting off buying for already about a year now. On the other hand neither Gshen and Kent Wang do knit ties with different designs for front and back blades. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Originally Posted by blahman View Post
So I raced down to Zegna straight after work today and... didn't buy anything. The sensible old side of me won the battle and the lover of ties side of me is feeling quite sore right now. $80 for a tie, I don't know how I'm almost willing to drop that much down, when this very same time last year I declared that there is no way I'm dropping more than $40 on one. edit: on second thought I might just pop down there again tomorrow and buy it. :S
Then again for about $80 you can get a hand made 6-fold from gshen...
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G'day everyone! Been lurking here for a while and decided to post as I've got a question on shoes. I'm looking to buy some new shoes with a budget of ~$300. I'd like to get some brown brogues and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations about brands and where to get a reasonable deal? I've been looking at some Loakes or possibily Allen Edmonds for my kind of budget. Any objections?

Forgot to add - I'm in Brisbane.
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I shot an email to Deer Style located in Brisbane about shoe pricing and I was surprised at the answer. Fully handstitched shoes, starting at around $200 for oxfords. I haven't ordered anything from them yet but I might be popping in next week.
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Originally Posted by Charlie's Wardrobe View Post
You know I'm not a fan of those, they look like they should be an oxford for some reason, can't put my finger on it. But in saying that, I didn't think much of Lobbs in general until I went to Leather Soul in Hawaii last year and the lasts are much nicer in real life,.

To answer your question though, try the Herring Reading, I'm wearing mine today. Made by Loake, quality is ok, not amazing though and definitely not up to 1880 standards, but priced accordingly.

Meanwhile I'm anxiously waiting for my Carmina Bordeaux Derby's to come from the Armoury, they are one of the best looking Derby's I have come across (I'm usually an oxfor man all the way).

you can buy those brands online and get them shipped to Australia?
how do you find the fit? if im a 8US in dress shoes would it be similar buying from the UK?

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Originally Posted by CHECKstar View Post
I wouldn't do anything too dramatic yet, as I find it takes a few wears for the shoes insole to conform to your foot - say five or six at least. Once that happens you will find it fits much better. If it still feels somewhat loose, first go the heel pads that go against the inside back of shoes heel. If its still lose, get a tounge pad. If they dont work, I would say give up at this point. Some cobblers may suggest half insole inserts - I have tried these and they just don't feel right.

What size did you score out of interest? I am amazed that people are able to pick up such great shoes on the cheap, I see nothing but crap in op shops my way.

Thanks for your response (and the others). For the time being I have popped in an inner sole in and I think I will wear them a bit and see what happens.

They are a 12D and I normally take a 10.5EEE. I'm amazed also sometimes by these finds. I just don't think a lot of these shoes would have been sold here - I don't think there is any store in Sydney where you could go in and buy a pair of shell cordovan shoes these days. So I wonder how they came to be in a second hand clothes stall in a primary school market Sydney's inner west.

Having said that if I look hard enough when I go into Vinnies (which is quite a lot as my 11 year old likes to dress a bit, shall we say, quirky and she drags me in most weekends after school sport) there will nearly always be something interesting. Last week I was in Vinnies at Paddo and they had a Hickey Freeman for Barney's NY suit in mid grey (if anyone is interested it was about a 42/44 Loonng). They also had cool italian-made brown chalk stripe flannel (about a 40 or 42). What I did buy there was a pair of tan Tod's driving shoes - I can't decide if they are cool or ugly, but, you know they weren't dear.

Now, you might think this is not so surprising in Paddo. But, even in Parramatta (which is not a very glamourous place at all) I have seen a Caruso and a Cutler Bespoke in the last six months. The Tempe Tip (Salvos) has yielded up a Dunhill 100% cashmere blazer (which I wear a lot) and a tan cotton blazer by Tyrwhitt (which is half lined and actually very well made). I have bought Zegna light khaki woolen slacks. A pair of Hackett heavy cotton chinos. In Gladesville, I scored a vintage Brioni tie and an equally nice Lanvin one (though nice ties are very hard to come buy).

My wife thinks I'm a bit nuts - I can afford to buy new clothesand sometimes I do! But this stuff gives me some variety in my wardrobe. I find that you buy something because it is good quality and it fits (and you like it) but not necessarily because you need it - and that challenges you to come up with creative ways to wear it with what you already have - as aopposed to saying, I need a pair of grey slacks so I will just go to DJs and buy some. And, this probably sounds lame, but I hate the thought of this kind of stuff languishing under the flouro lights in these shops unappreciated, while the Industrie and Billabong gear is regarded as the 'good stuff'.
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I find the British shoes to be sized quite generously. I take somewhere around 7.5/8AU (which for some reason according to most size conversion charts should mean I take 7.5/8 UK but funny enough I take around the 8 in US as well) and I have a pair of 7.5 Herring Bolzanos and 7.5 Cheaney O'Tooles and they would have fitted better if they were size 7.
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Herring Shoes is great! Super fast shipping via UPS as well. Usually gets here within the week. Also you automatically get a tax refund which cancels out the shipping costs The British shoes I had have all fitted true to size, except for Barker which is silightly looser but still no slippages. The Carminas are quite tight in the start but loosens to be very snug. Best fitting for me
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I am quite confused about the term "true to size". Is there a standard shoe that is the benchmark for which other shoe's sizes are compared to? The shoe sizing is sort of all over the place for me so I really have no idea about the concept of being true to size.
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Some interesting choices by Barry Humphries on QI last night.

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If anyone's interested I have a great pair of Cheaney wholecuts as new size 10F UK -glad to drop $40 off for Aussie buyer. That makes it $180 posted. Check them out -
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Oooooo just got the Azzaro email - they're doing July as well. Some Cantarelli down to $400 and some Versace collection down to $300.

PeeGee: scout for us please!
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Well I measured my feet in a Brannock device and I got 9.5. I consider a shoe that fits just right to be TTS if it's marked as 9.5UK
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Half a size too big

Originally Posted by labravajazz View Post
If anyone's interested I have a great pair of Cheaney wholecuts as new size 10F UK -glad to drop $40 off for Aussie buyer. That makes it $180 posted. Check them out -
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Originally Posted by bhall41 View Post
Has anyone from Melbourne tried Captains of Industry, who are also featured (on p 28). I have read about them previously, and was curious. They do MTM suits and bespoke shoes. Suits start at $1,200 and shoes $1,000.
my first post here, but I recognize a few names on here from various other forums. I'm booked in tomorrow for my first measuring at CoI, ignoring the POS I got in Thailand a few years ago it will be my first MTM suit. I've actually just returned from a trip to London & Paris, and I think the shopping over there has ruined me for shopping in Melbourne. Bought a pair of C&J's (Londsale handgrade, Dark Brown antique calf, also got a matching belt) and Church's (Westbury custom grade in black calf, ordered the matching belt last night after not being able to find stock in Paris), a Ben Sherman suit at their Savile Row store (which I love, I'm kicking myself I didn't buy more, completely different suit to what they have available here, and ludicrously bargain priced for what it is), plus some shirts from CT in Jermyn St, as well as Thomas Pink (these are ludicrously overpriced here compared to the UK). I'm pretty much going through a complete work wardrobe refresh at the moment, far too many suits in there which are pretty horrendous
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