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Fred Astaire, whose physique I have nothing in common with, was a very slight man, particularly through the legs. He looked his best in wider trousers and heavier cloths, and was fond of the double breasted jacket with a drape cut. When he tried narrower trousers later in his life, I don't think he ever equalled his wider trouser look, although in fairness, one can't dance at 75 as they did at 35.

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so immature, that slowdive, why bother posting when you just going to edit and hide what you have written ....
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Originally Posted by Slowdive View Post

Don't worry. I saw what you said. There was no real need to be spiteful or make an attack, explicitly wishing ill will against me. I made a comment about you being skinny, whoopdy fucking do.


When I joined this forum I got ripped to shreds worse than Oli on a Saturday night at The Peel. I had memes made about me, I had pictures I had posted photoshopped and abuse thrown at me. Did I laugh at it off? I sure did, I even sit down with some of those very members who abused me for a beer now and again. Do you ever see JH having a cry when someone makes a joke against him? Not once, and that's something I take my hat off too.

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Foxy, we just go lightly on you these days because we feel sorry for you.

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Look forward to seeing and hearing about these other non TOJ leather jackets when they start rolling in.  Wish i'd pulled the trigger on an oxblood one circa @Aris back in the day but glad I missed the whole last call, i'm sure it will work out for those waiting in the end but think id have written off the money by now and deleted TOJ from my thread subscriptions after this long.

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Originally Posted by Gerry Nelson View Post

As with most things, I suppose it's what you pair them with.

This doesn't look dadcore to me:

Looks off to me but maybe I have weird taste.
Cut short with the big fur collar makes it very feminine I dunno
Plus like the other guy said the A2 in particular suffers from being costumey (similar but in a different way to the goth ninja jackets). Incongruous with the distressed jeans

Id be interested to see his shoes. Sneakers are going to look odd with a brown leather jacket, and brown leather laceups will look odd with those jeans. Footwear is one of the main reasons brown leather jackets look awkward

Originally Posted by Journeyman View Post

I know that an A-2 jacket isn't very goth-ninja streetwear in style, but it's hardly "dadcore". It's a great look, whether you're wearing it with jeans, chinos, t-shirt, oxford shirt or something else. 

Instead of "dadcore", think of Steve McQueen in "The Great Escape" or Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones movies.

Im too young to have seen any of these movies which is probably why I consider it dadcore

Besides this looks both dadcore and costumey at the same time...

Originally Posted by ColdEyedPugilist View Post

We'll, I am a dad, so the point is moot (-:

This is such a dadjoke
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Still waiting for 2 of my dad-jackets...
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@skeen7908, brown lace up look odd with distressed jeans? I would have to disagree on that one.

So what footwear do you think it's not odd?
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Originally Posted by skeen7908 View Post

Id be interested to see his shoes. Sneakers are going to look odd with a brown leather jacket, and brown leather laceups will look odd with those jeans. Footwear is one of the main reasons brown leather jackets look awkward


Boots - calf chukkas or chelsea boots would work.

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Can't please everyone, wurger.

If you like it, wear it. Life's too short for opinions to get in the way (-:

And BTW, I'd say boots are ideal. Not cos-playish army boots, but maybe chukkas or chelseas, or maybe something in dark suede for contrast.

Most of all, wear your dad-jacket with swagger, like you don't really give a hoot what anyone thinks (you should not) That's the difference between wearing something and letting it wear you.
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Of course, this is just a forum for discussion smile.gif

But I do think those jeans would not look good with brown leather lace up shoes
Boots better, yes
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I know, mate.

And that's my point.

While it's good to listen to the advice of the collective, sooner or later, you have to make up your own mind.

Too often, we SFers get caught up in groupthink to the point we don't necessarily make the optimal choices, i.e. the ones that suit us, and not others.

Trust me, I've been here since 08 and nothing much has changed (-:
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^ +1
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I like groupthink, it makes me feel more comfortable about my decisions.

Often when I'm searching for a product I'll just buy whatever the best seller is.

Individual discretion makes me uneasy, I like to let the market decide.
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