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Mrs GF gave me Power & Style A World History of Politics and Dress, its coffee table size with some great illustrations to assist the argument in the text. As everybody is still asleep I have been reading about Beau Brummell and one quote jumps out " there are gentlemen of two sorts the natural and the tailor made." For the Dandy behind all the complexity of ones dress, simplicity is the finest way to express oneself. It also mentions a book The Anatomy of Dandyism with Some Observations on Beau Brummell written in 1845.

Also BB is having their 50% off sale with an extra 15% till Midnight 26 US.
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Originally Posted by California Dreamer View Post

Nut much in the menswear dept, although I did get a striped linen shirt that will get plenty of airtime over summer. Got a great book from my son - Ship of Theseus. Oh, and a Nerf gun from my brother-in-law.???!!!

We had more about 40 people around aged from 1 week to almost 90; a major family get-together. Loads of great food and wine, capped by a 1985 PX with the plum pudding.

When the storm had passed on, Beth and I kicked back and read our new books, nibbled on some chockies we were given, and sipped on a massive Petit Verdot that had finally settled down after hours in the decanter.

Perfect day CD.

My aunt was the oldest at nearly 92.

Ours went off seamlessly but 'Er Indoors was pretty exhausted and spending the morning in bed for 'er efforts.
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Originally Posted by Geoffrey Firmin View Post

Lock up your daughters and Women beware the sartorial stud muffin is on the loose. smile.gif

Stones in Hyde Park is great, have 69 on DVD. Except Mrs GF is moaning that I should have gotten tickets to the Sydney show.

Ps I think I have eaten and drunk too much now on the Cockfighters Ghost PN

I heard Stones tickets sold out in 10 minutes?
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Nice one, CD. This one's for you - had breakfast with the family at Oasis Bakery this morning. Good as always.

Received a soda stream machine yesterday. Have wanted one for a little while now.

Highlight was the message from Foxxy ... "Happy New Year bro ... may all your satirical (sic) dreams come true" - Loved it. Satirical dreams..
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Originally Posted by Foxhound View Post

PSA. If you need sneakers, Sneakerboy have 50% off. Code didn't work in firefox for some reason, but did in IE. Code is "SBID50". You have to put it in at edit card, not in checkout. It's also free TNT shipping.

Well the boxing day sale also mostly stacks with this -- no free shipping but 75% off. Not sure if I should be happy or sad. Ill post the damage when the all turn up.


SBID50 no longer works.

Cops as follows,

Flip the ones I don't love or something. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Girl bailed on me so I copped some Carminas from American Tailors. Suede Tassel. $272,picks soon.
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Carmina Tassle Loafer on the Simpson last. Fit's me a thousand times better than the Rain. 8.5UK.

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8.5 UK? Though you had massive feet fox?
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Originally Posted by Foxhound View Post

Carmina Tassle Loafer on the Simpson last. Fit's me a thousand times better than the Rain. 8.5UK.

Interesting, given that it's a narrow last and most of your earlier shoes were quite wide fitting.

Did you try on a lace-up shoe in the Simpson last, too, so as to see if there's a different in fit for your foot in a loafer as compared to a lace-up shoe?
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Originally Posted by Foxhound View Post

It's not overly that hot in Melbourne, it will be tomorrow.
Thanks mate, here's the sweater here, I got it yesterday. A.P.C Lambswool

Ive had this sweater in my wish list on Mr Porter for a while and now I want it even more! What size did yougo with? How's the fit?
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Carmina's on sale?
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All I got for Christmas was Blue balls
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just bought a couple of pantherella socks from Sydney DJ's. $30 down to $21 (30% off). not bad.

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Originally Posted by blahman View Post

All I got for Christmas was Blue balls

Hey, blah! Merry Christmas. May the temperature of your testicles tend towards the tepid in time.
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Checked out Azzaro today. Pretty quiet really. They still have quite a bit of Brioni and Zegna in stock, at even deeper discounts, on top of their usual Cantarelli, Canali, Verace, etc. I picked up two Brioni shirts for $150 each and a lovely Cantarelli grey linen jacket.

There was still quite a few Brioni and Zegna slacks in EU50 for $150, plus a few other odd sizes. Really big size guys will find a fair bit of EU60 Brioni strides and knitwear.

I didn't check out the suits as I'm not after one, but they still have a lot of Brioni, Zegna, Canali and Cantarelli on sale.

There is a tailor on site who will do your alterations while you wait.

Someone a while ago mentioned the hard sell, and I really did notice that at Azzaro today. They were really pushing me to buy something I knew for sure would not fit; Luciano would not take my word for it based on the tape measure, I had to get his tailor to check it because "he is the expert". Of course the tailor took one look and agreed with me. Despite the excellent value at Azzaro, I'm starting to think I may not go back.
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