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I bought some from there not so long ago, seems they're still honouring the sale price, even though it said it ended 30 June... :happy:

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Originally Posted by Romp View Post


hi terty - sorry I only get a few opportunities to check the forums these days - shoot me a PM or email me at 


hi to all - PSA Im going to wind down Owen & James given my focus on Suit Shop. Ill be running a deep sale to clear anything that's left.


Im going to hold onto the brand and perhaps do just popovers and denim in the future.


Checked out your site and read the two media features on there. I'm definitely interested, but both features indicated it took about 4 weeks to get the suit (which is what i'd expect with MTM), and the problem is that I need it for the 26th, so i'll have to leave it this time around.

Though I did shop around and will probably settle on an MJ Bale OTR, which fit very nicely.

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Originally Posted by Oli2012 View Post

Winter has officially arrived. 

On the plus side, now that polling is over I now have the money for these babies: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

PoP, GF and FXH - have you guys got a layman's advice to looking after suede shoes? I don't really give a rats ass about seeing up women's skirts with them. 

We are not laymen but highly trained professionals.
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They are RMs?
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Originally Posted by fxh View Post

They are RMs?


Lawyer by day. 


Politician by night. 

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Senator Brick With Eyes WTF? Only in Queensland. (shudder)
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For the greater part of the last hour, I've been trying to prevent the US website from redirecting to when I try to make a purchase.


I'm about to give up completely. Anyone has had any luck preventing this geolocation redirection?

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Nabil- If it's that hard probably better of using a different source. No luck on my part either; had the same experience a couple months back.

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well, you can't purchase from Nike us, have to use a vendor like Eastbay.
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Originally Posted by nabilmust View Post

For the greater part of the last hour, I've been trying to prevent the US website from redirecting to when I try to make a purchase.

I'm about to give up completely. Anyone has had any luck preventing this geolocation redirection?
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Theres an upside to everything Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
THE electoral plight of noted parliamentary pugilist Sophie Mirabella is promoting ghoulish intrigue among her political colleagues.

For her sworn opponents in the Labor Party with whom she has grappled so vigorously during her 12 years in parliament, the notion of Mrs Mirabella fighting for her political life draws undisguised pleasure.

From the National Party that directed its preferences to her independent opponent Cathy McGowan, there came thinly-veiled satisfaction.

And even from Liberal Party colleagues who didn't need her to secure their victory, it prompted treasonous mutterings.

The stoush between Mrs Mirabella and her independent rival for the electorate of Indi proved one of the most intriguing battles of the election.

In a seat she had occupied since 2001, Mrs Mirabella has seen the 61 per cent two-party preferred margin she inherited shrink to the point that she could become a rare commodity in this election - a Coalition casualty.

Mrs Mirabella accepts she has the capacity to polarise. She puts it down to a forthright and passionate parliamentary style. Others prefer caustic, cutting or worse.

It was her parliamentary style that prompted the totally unacceptable slur from similarly strident Labor MP Belinda Neal to a pregnant Mrs Mirabella: "Your baby will be turned into a demon by evil thoughts." The less-than-savoury incident was one of the few in her parliamentary career in which Mrs Mirabella has been beaten to the punch.

From a savaging of Malcolm Fraser in which she likened him to a "frothing-at-the-mouth leftie" to her expulsion from parliament on the eve of a crucial vote on the carbon tax, Mrs Mirabella has regularly been close to controversy.

The incident that probably alienated most, however, was her deliberate absence from the parliament in February 2008 when Kevin Rudd read his motion apologising to Aboriginal people for the removal of indigenous children. Mrs Mirabella maintained there was no evidence that any children were "truly stolen" and no formal policy of removal ever existed in Victoria. On the second count at least, she was blatantly wrong.

A tempestuous period in her private life also resulted in the children of a one-time partner threatening court action over her handling of his affairs before his death and his estate afterwards.

But Mrs Mirabella is also one of the opposition's most energetic performers and her profile in her north-east Victorian electorate is undeniably high.

A staunch ally of incoming prime minister Tony Abbott and also a supporter, although less staunch, of Malcolm Turnbull before him, Mrs Mirabella's first political experience came as president of the Melbourne University Liberal Club. After entering federal parliament in 2001 Mrs Mirabella got her first elevation in the Liberal Party following Mr Turnbull's ousting of Brendan Nelson as opposition leader in 2008, becoming opposition spokeswoman on early childhood education, childcare, women and youth.

She duly supported Tony Abbott in his move against Mr Turnbull and was rewarded with a place in the shadow cabinet as spokeswoman for innovation, industry, science and research.

It is a portfolio she will hold for at least another few days.

Mrs Mirabella went into the election with a notional nine per cent advantage over Ms McGowan who a week ago correctly tipped the result in Indi would take days to be decided.
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So I thought. Might have to get them proxied.


Eastbay doesn't have the pair I'm looking for. Neither does any retailer in Australia.


Thanks, Bunny + Wurger.

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Originally Posted by fxh View Post


Thanks, fxh. This worked.

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Originally Posted by fxh View Post

Theres an upside to everything


My thoughts exactly! She's probably my least favourite parliamentarian.

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Good price for C&J's -

My size 9.5 UK. Someone buy them so I am not tempted.

But first think to yourself "will I wear black loafers often?" (reason I am not buying). The most expensive shoes are the ones you do not wear.
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