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Originally Posted by Romp View Post

i have an old pair of kangaroo leather loafers - soft as fuck, ugly as fuck too

So a good match with you?
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Nothing sarttorial, but did enjoy a leisurely steak at Rockpool with a glass of Chateau Neuf du Pape, then a stroll along the river in brilliant sunshine.
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I am so stuck on Melb time that I can't sleep.

I have been enjoying Foo's new adventure.

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Great quotes as well:

"Your search for validation is the ultimate proof that none should be given. Drift into the wilderness, stand face to face with your own reality, and then emerge a man to show us your coffee table."

Pure reading gold
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Terrible, yes. Entertaining, even more so. StephenHero is my new favourite member.
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Threads like that really made StyleForum. Check out the Manouche threads too - the one in which he travels to England - a real classic. LabelKing is back too with his shag pile, gold accented, luxe aestheticism.
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Will check these out, thanks.
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While SH is funny, he's also a colossal arse.
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I know that. But pitting one against the other is a recipe for good trolling. And also because all the coined MC terms are reused in an interior design context.
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Oh, the LOLs. Thank you, iSurg! Thanks, mate. So, so funny.
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Hope it gives you as many Lol's as I had, tbm. Glad someone finds this remotely amusing. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by iSurg View Post

I am so stuck on Melb time that I can't sleep.

I have been enjoying Foo's new adventure.


I read some of it when he first started it, became frustrated and irritated, gave up for a while, and then came back and dipped into it from time to time.

I'm sometimes amazed by Matt Fan's determination to get things are a) totally impractical and b) aesthetically unattractive and to totally ignore any and all advice or suggestions to the contrary. His dining room chairs - anodised metal scaffolding set on a large, concrete base are a case in point as is his latest vase (which looks remarkably phallic).
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I guess at the end of the day, regardless of our education and life experiences, some still function at the phallic phase.
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The lavishness of some of the people on SF (foo, for example) boggles my mind. 


The guy bought 5 pairs of M2M cordovan wingtips. All the same, for a sartorial 'experiment'.


Meanwhile in Aus I can't convince my mate to buy a tie over $50...

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