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Originally Posted by lachyzee View Post


Http: // Free Shipping Code Valid until 1/8 - Mens & Womens Knitwear

Except in my experience woolovers has been exceedingly average (i'd almost say terrible) in fit (and fit consistancy), construction quality and materials quality.... unless they've changed in the past 12 months?

Edit: I haven't tried their cashmere/merino blend though, which could be much better, who knows. Experiences based on lambswool/cottoncashmere knits. 

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I'd just like to say thanks to Nabilmust, who's tips on HK I utilised in a recent week long trip there.


Fuel espresso is indeed very good coffee. There are also some great little coffee haunts near the escalators in Soho/on Hollywood road in Sheung Wan.


Clothing wise, the place I was most impressed with was Take 5 denim. I know a lot of people have already sing their praises, but truly this is a fantastic place. I didn't pick anything up unfortunately because I just don't think I could get much wear out of 40 ounce denim.


The Armoury and Tassels shoe store are obviously great. I actually found the Armoury's smaller accessories store in Landmark to be more interesting.


If you have smaller sized feet and a bit less money to throw away, I stumbled upon a place called H House, a small shoe store that stocks Herring shoes (a selection made by Barker, Cheaney and Alfred Sargent), in a addition to a good range of Trickers boots.


Ralph Lauren has just opened up their first mens-onl boutique in Central, purple label and black label only. It's pretty bloody amazing, but naturally off limits to non-ballers. Three levels high, massive collection of shoes and perhaps 100-150 different types of suits.


Boggi Milano has recently opened a store in Harbour City. These jackets and suits are extremely nice, the best non-bespoke option I saw in HK. I grabbed a couple of business shirts.


All my other purchases were Uniqlo :)

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haha iron Maiden, the Xavier blue looks good though.


Anyone else ever get a nervous feeling when they leave their suiting with a new tailor?  Just dropped off some suiting with this old Italian tailor I got recommended to...I feel the results will either be awesome or farked. 

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Originally Posted by Journeyman View Post

Romp, are you looking for something fairly casual, similar to Filson, or do you want something a bit more formal?

Also, do you want all leather, or are you open to leather + fabric (again, similar to Filson)?

If you're looking for a more casual style, you could look at Billykirk in the US:

(Note - I haven't looked at sizing for the above examples, so I don't know if they'd fit your requirements.)

If you're looking for something a bit more formal in bridle hide, you could have a look at Pickett or Tusting, as they're quite affordable when compared to Papworth or SAB.


Here's a fairly capacious, more casual bag by Pickett:

Tusting: their "Clipper" is a classic, and comes in quite a few different leathers, as well as a leather and canvas version:

Tusting's "Porter" model is nice, too - it's slightly smaller than the Clipper.

Im loving the Billy Kirk bags... am investigating furhter:)

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Originally Posted by Pink Socks View Post

With this nice weather in Melbourne (and given how bloody hot this country gets), here are a hot of interesting articles on dressing for the heat I have read in the last few days.

Some solid, classic advice fro Simon Crompton of Permanent Style -

For fxh Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
"2 Go sockless

“But it’s hot today, and I don’t have a linen suit.” So first thing: take off your socks. If you generally wear over-the-calf socks, like me, this can make a vast difference to the coolness of your legs. It goes against the point of over-the-calf, of course, as you are exposing ungentlemanly leg hair, but needs must. The look is particularly effective when everything else is formal: navy cotton suit, shirt and tie, calf slip-ons…and bare ankles.

If you find this uncomfortable, try the cut-away socks that sit below the line of the shoe – often called trainer socks. Trunk in London sells some good Tabio ones, as does A Suitable Wardrobe."

And from The New York Times -

Michael Bastian once again highlights why he is such as great designer (in my humble opinion) with his slightly different take on things.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
It’s no surprise that Michael Bastian, known for his sexed-up, Eur-refined take on preppy Americana, would favor the look himself whatever the season. But given that Mr. Bastian, like many fashion designers, makes clothes that look more luxuriously functional than they act, it’s refreshing to hear that he has good tips up his sleeve.

• Dark, check. You might think that the summer dress-shirt code would banish dark colors and somber plaids. No, he said. His own code calls for the darkest and/or plaidest shirts you can find: they camouflage sweat and wrinkles better than anything else. “A little pattern, a little color and a little texture will hide a lot,” he said.

• Stay away from denim. Especially heavy denim, or any jeans that are too tight. They trap moisture and heat on your legs, which makes your whole body feel hotter and heavier. Find the best loosefitting, lightweight cotton pants you can, and buy a few pairs so they’re always ready to roll.

• Nix the undershirt. “It’s just one more layer,” he said. “And there’s nothing worse than a wet T-shirt.” If you’re going out on the town after work, bring an extra dress shirt to work. (And make it easy by asking your laundry to fold some of your shirts instead of putting them on hangers.)

• Upgrade and use the finishing touches. “If you’re going to dress more casually, you can really lift your look with accessories,” he said. A good watch, a signet ring, an alligator belt and an excellent, well-shined pair of brogues or loafers (which slip on and off easily) are examples. (But, he added, lose the socks. “I ditched those at 70 degrees,” he said.)


Timely advice indeed. It's 39 in the shade here in Shanghai, "feels like" 43 with humidity factored in. Overnight low this morning was 32. All of which called for extreme measures to be deployed in today's fit:



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Shirt: linen (Canali)

Shorts: seersucker cotton (Stylecraft)
Watch: Panerai
Shoes: distressed suede (Santoni)

Leg hair: model's own

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Originally Posted by California Dreamer View Post

I've placed an order with this chap:

Haven't received it yet, but I believe Akula has one.


Interesting seems like a very accommodating place for customisations vs price.  I like the look of the dark brown briefcase lite.  Which one did you go for?

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Originally Posted by jmills View Post

Anyone that's owned a pair of 3x16 before have an opinion on how to size them - to take into account the stretching that happens in the waist? Size down by one perhaps?

Definitely size down one. I'm a TTS 32 and sized down to 31 in the ST-100x.

The ST is a slim and tapered cut. I was after the smaller leg opening combined with a slim fit, without the "skin tight" look often found with wearers of Nudie Jeans and Cheap Mondays for example -- no arse-hanging-out-of-jeans look for me thank you. It's a modern cut, with a real "softeness" in the denim as already mentioned.

My pair when first worn, was unexpectedly tight around the waist with top button done up. After five or so wears, it has since stretched comfortably around waist and thighs/knees. I didn't bother with any soaking prior to breaking in. You will experience a lot of denim bleeding however (lots of blue hands and avoid wearing with light coloured sneakers/shoes, especially on a rainy day).

I have worn my pair a lot this current winter season, at least once or twice a weekend. They're really comfortable and I look forward to them aging over the next few years with continued wear.

I would strongly recommend hemming, because the inseam is massive at 37". I'm relatively tall at 6 foot and the stacking was excessive. Touch base with Mikhail Zenon and he'll sort you out proper for around $30 to precisely replicate the chainstitching originally applied. Mikhail is based in Sydney but also does interstate jobs with mailing.

For those who choose not to wash their denim, I can also recommend the Australian brand MR BLACK to "refresh" your denim. It reminds me of Febreeze (in a good way) but for denim. Removes the funky odour build up from hundreds of hours of wear without washing. I was surprised to find this brand sold throughout Europe during my recent holiday. It's a unique product which took an Australian to develop and release. It is also easily and cheaply available at General Pants and Glue Store for example.
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any creeps wanna know a bit more about me theres a small Q&A on pugnacious george lol8[1].gif

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An all in-one product designed to clean and refresh and prevent stains from setting in denim. Denim Refresh gets to the root of the problem by attacking oils, surface dirt and bacteria that causes odours in the first place.
- Antibacterial, - Kills odours, - Biodegradable solution, - Prolongs the time between washes, - Keeps denim in premium condition, - Extends the life of denim, - Leaves denim fresh, - Made from plant derived ingredients

I'm getting out of touch more and more. I just wash stuff.

And soon it wont be possible to buy socks the way things are going.
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+1 on Mikhail Zenon to what El Quag was saying earlier.

And just generally plus one to all of his post now that I read it again.
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Originally Posted by fxh View Post

foxhound - that may be the first outfit on this thread to feature a black Iron Maiden T shirt.
Thats alright but I'm afraid that it will cause a rash of posters, Gerry Nelson, meister, G Firmin etc to brave up and admit they still rock the black Iron Maiden T shirt under an orphan suit coat when they step out on sat night.

I'm even more afraid they'll post pics.

Oooh, I hope they do!


Originally Posted by thebrownman View Post

I got two tickets to Iron Maiden baby
Come with me Friday, don't say maybe

Sorry to quote Teenage Dirtbag. That jacket is a nice colour. I'm concerned you'll get some noticeable collar gap on the right side, but without a collared shirt on underneath, it's difficult to tell for sure.

That's actually a great song. They're my favourite band of all time, and I would love to see them. So yes, I will go with you Friday.


Anyway. It's funny that you guys mentioned that fit of James bond, I made this the other day.

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Originally Posted by Osiris2012 
Interesting seems like a very accommodating place for customisations vs price.  I like the look of the dark brown briefcase lite.  Which one did you go for?

I've ordered the Essential briefcase, plus a shoulder strap. I went for burgundy as the colour; he has other colours beyond what's on the site.

Henry is not registered, so there's no VAT deduction. I think shipping was £60. Still cheaper than retail here. Turnaround is about a month now, plus shipping time.
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Originally Posted by DartagnanRed View Post

Anyone seen these before? I'm not sure I'd wear them, but they sure are beautiful.


Feit shoes. Definitely. Australian made too.



Originally Posted by tobiasj View Post

This makes me sad. I know the tie + v-neck + odd trousers look is a bit nerdy/dadcore/high school teacher, but something about it is buried in my clothing dna (I think Dad used to go for this look, way back when he used to work for Telecom), and I wear it a lot in winter. Frankly it's more comfortable than wearing a coat all day, and it requires less thought in the morning as well.

Who's with me?



LM is 100% with you. He's also a high school teacher ;).

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Originally Posted by California Dreamer View Post

I've ordered the Essential briefcase, plus a shoulder strap. I went for burgundy as the colour; he has other colours beyond what's on the site.

Henry is not registered, so there's no VAT deduction. I think shipping was £60. Still cheaper than retail here. Turnaround is about a month now, plus shipping time.


I keep meaning to post up a review of mine. I bought their Essential, without the shoulder strap. I got it from their reseller in Camden Markets. Again, no VAT reduction, but no shipping charge either! The reseller had 1-2 of each model. Apparently sometimes Henry himself does the drive from Devon to London, to drop off gear!

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Hey everyone,


Been meaning to post more in this forum. Although my purchasing of clothes have come to a temporary halt in the last couple of months due to buying a house, after settlement i'll be back on track.


My first post in here went unnoticed, so i figured i'd post some before and after pics of my new direction which took place around March this year.

These two pictures would illustrate my typical style, while i don't actually find anything wrong with them, i know you guys won't like it. I felt i needed a new style.


Since march i've managed to get a few different fits and i'm happy with what i have so far.

Below are some favourites.



Hope you guys like the change, i still have a lot to go, and have been taking a lot of advice from others, Papa and Moda i know here have helped contribute.

My next purchase am waiting on is the Museum Calf MTO from Meermin, i'm really excited for these.


I still don't have enough variety with my shoes, at the moment i have

Grenson Dylan grey suede

Meermin dark brown Double Monk in suede

Milana (David Jones brand) suede Derby in blue

I have some extreme casual shoes like a black pair of Adidas sneakers but i don't wear them much.


I have stocked up on all sorts of knitwear and chinos, still need some more shirts and at some point i'll add a blazer and trouser combo in, but all in due time.

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