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Im ordering a Low cut waistcoat and tux shirt. I will go ahead and order on friday. the 25% off will negate the shipping cost so its all good.
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Ordering from where?
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Brooks Bros - he mentioned a few poasts back.
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Thanks. I rarely go back a page in this thread.
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Originally Posted by California Dreamer View Post
What building are you in PG? I'm in the ANZ centre. Didn't notice the buzzing, BTW, but I was ensconced in meeting rooms all afternoon.

Originally Posted by __PG__ View Post
I'm in the Medibank building next to Southern Cross station. They are at it again right now.

Caught the show as well from the AXA building!

First day in pants today after a week in Port Douglas... sucks to be back in the office I tell you.
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Good thing no one in Melbourne's ordering anything. I am interested in one of those fitzgerald cotton jackets and I don't want to buy anything until my next pay day. Are there any places where I can try Brooks Bros things on in Melb? On a related note: Where can I find a decent quality cotton SC for under $250 (preferably under $200) and with 17" S2S and sz36S in Australia?
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Originally Posted by blahman View Post
Are there any places where I can try Brooks Bros things on in Melb?

As they don't have a retail presence in Australia I don't think you can. A friend who has ordered a number of things from them online just goes based on the measurements they provide (he's had a few hits and a few misses).
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what are you blokes paying to get a jacket shortened?
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^^ Roughly $50 for me I think. appolyon: That's what I don't want. The misses are just about good money down the toilet.
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Originally Posted by blahman View Post
On a related note: Where can I find a decent quality cotton SC for under $250 (preferably under $200) and with 17" S2S and sz36S in Australia?

The Herrringbone Outlet in Surry Hills (NSW) has some really nice ones last week for under $200. From memory they had some in khaki, navy or powder blue. Not sure if you can get there or if they ship. They also had some in wool for $199, but these had elbow patches (subtle - in the same fabic as the coat, but elbow patches nonetheless).

I got a nice 3 button half-lined, natural shoulder, Italian cotton blazer in fine navy and white stripes (like seersucker but without the 'bubbling'). Reduced from $500 to $70 - so a nice little bargain.

If anyone is interested they also had some long sleeve polos. Good quality, heavy cotton in a bunch of colours and with a pleasing absence of logos (just a small embroided fish in the same colour as the shirt at the cuff) $50.
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Stay tuned.

I'm organising a low key low cost interesting meetup for lurkers, posters, banned members etc probably Sat 26 March 11 am / lunch. Central Melbourne. (poss Sun 27 if it suits more)

Indicate if it seems ok.

No commitment required.
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BRITON Jo Hunt of online fashion giant makes no bones about the motive for her visit to L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

''I'm here to find the latest Australian fashion, and then sell it back to Australians,'' she says. ''This country has become a very important market for us in recent years.''

It's a light-hearted remark, but one that will send a chill up the spines of brick-and-mortar retailers. More Australians are heading online - and overseas to British sites such as - for their fashion purchases.

Such is the threat that many of the country's major retailers spent the summer campaigning against a $1000 GST threshold that enables overseas websites to sell in Australia without collecting the consumption tax., for example, has a Hugo Boss men's suit on its website for $955. It's half the Australian retail price. The company also offers free international shipping - even if the purchase is a single pair of socks.

To battle such price pressures, Myer boss Bernie Brookes has flagged the idea of a website selling directly from China, an idea that won support from rivals such as David Jones.

Just what effect online rivals have had on Myer's bottom line will be spelt out on Thursday, when the retail giant releases its half-year results.

''I think we are now the No. 1 independent online fashion retailer in Australia,'' says Hunt, who is in charge of buying major labels for Asos. ''More important for us, Australia is about our third-biggest market.''

Brands stocked include Sass & Bide - which recently sold a controlling stake to Myer for $42.25 million - Mimco and Alpha 60, all of whom will feature in this week's festival. now has more than 1100 employees in Britain and posted annual sales of £223 million ($A353 million) last financial year, and a net profit of £20.3 million.

'' ''All that growth has happened in the past five years,'' Hunt says.

The company constantly updates its website, Jemma Dyas, an Asos fashion scout, says. It also interacts with customers via Twitter and Facebook, and every item on the website is accompanied by a short video of a model wearing the item on a catwalk.

''It's so you can see how a dress flows, or a suit looks, when walking,'' Hunt says.
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It's interesting because sites like are hardly 'discount' online retailers. Mostly they sell items at UK or EU retail prices, minus the VAT. And yet it is basically 50% off the Australian RRP...

Personally I think anyone who pays $1,000 for a Hugo Boss suit is paying double what it's worth but then again I don't need to stress that point here.
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I thought the Boss Baldessari line was SF Approved? Are the rest really junk or just everybody sticking to the same argument?
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Not "junk" IMO - but certainly overpriced. Personally I really like most of Boss' cuts, but the construction usually suggests a much lower price point than the pricetag itself.

That said, HB is hardly alone in the Australian market when it comes to this particular crime.
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