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With the free shipping promotion at Mr Porter almost at an end, has anybody purchased anything? I myself bought a McQueen skull tie in navy, I'm not quite sure how I feel about it, but I've wanted it since I saw it in BBC's Sherlock.

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Blurry fit pic of new PJ suit (for J Mills):

Blurry fit pic of new PJ off-the-rack BD in DJ Anderson linen:

Another pic of said BD; that collar is just sublime and I highly recommend Pat's new line of shirts, either OTR or MTM. they're made by a new mob, which, apparently, does the shirts for Dunhill Bespoke as well:

Sorry about the upside down pics, but I'm not sure how to fix the problem.
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Looks really good, CEP! Do you usually show that amount of cuff?


The roll of the collar is great!


PSA: Exquisite Trimmings is having a pretty good sale on right now, e.g. Drake's ties for UKP55

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Thanks, mate.

I think Pat did a fantastic job with this one, given that I did not have time for a refitting, and simply described what changes I wanted over the phone. This then is the true skill of an experienced fitter: to be able to visualize how measurements translate onto a person's body IRL.

Yeah, don't know what happened with the cuffs; they don't usually show that much.

Might be that the sleeves need to be a little looser; will reserve that tweak for the next suit.
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Love the shoulders on the suit.


I want to make a funny joke about your pictures being upside down (the ones showing the shirt), but all that's coming to mind is Southern Hemisphere jokes :'(.

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Originally Posted by ColdEyedPugilist View Post

Blurry fit pic of new PJ suit (for J Mills):

... snip ...


Cheers! That suit is pretty much spot on... worship.gif

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Hit up the 3sixteen popup store today; pretty cool but wish I could just buy stuff there instead of the weird online thing.

Cep- looks fantastic; especially shoulders and the body (waist?)!

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Did you try anything on TehBunny?
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Op shop results from this weekend ...

The Kilgour fits me like a glove. The Zegna (EU52) and Castangia (EU56) are up for grabs if somebody wants them.
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PSA for anyone after some perfume (for self or others). There is an unreal sale going on at Peony in East Hawthorn. Was there today and picked up stuff like Parfums d'Empire for $10/bottle. There's still quite a bit of stock well under half price. If you click on my thrift thread link above you can see what I got for myself.
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Gerry- yeah some tshirts and the belts all the stock was great yet having to pay shipping when some stock is there is pret shit; oh well they make the best fitting jeans I've ever had!


Where do you guys get Chinuas/Khakis? Particularly khakis going more for an ivy aesthetic particularly interested in the answers from the ivy folks on here (fxh).

Speaking of Kigour about to watch North by NW!

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Where do you guys go to / shop online for quality dress shirts for work and formal events? Most of the shirts I try on in Sydney are of sub-par quality and almost see through. 

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Originally Posted by sa00 View Post

Where do you guys go to / shop online for quality dress shirts for work and formal events? Most of the shirts I try on in Sydney are of sub-par quality and almost see through. 

The Patrick Johnson ones as above are good

Otherwise there is some bloke in Parramatta that others use.

Online Luxire is thrown around. My shirts at Owen and James I'm steering more weekend than weekday wear with new camo shirts arrived and need photos taken wink.gif
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Please forgive my ignorance in such matters, but to me, this jacket looks too small. The fit is OK around the shoulders (although I don't like the slope), but despite the fact that the fabric is sitting flat, the button looks like it's straining to stay closed. And the sleeves are way too short.


Or is this in fact the latest word in suit fashion, à la Thom Browne and his pre-shrunk men's suit aesthetic?


If so, shouldn't the trousers be a lot shorter, revealing bare ankles and stumpy brogues?

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