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Here are some photos. After conversing with Rob I'll probably get the pants taken in a bit. The shirt doesn't fit properly for a jacket (sleeves too short), and I look about as boring as it's possible to look, cbf even playing with my hair.



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Originally Posted by TehBunny View Post

Fxh- Haha; yeah suede is sex.
Also great to see you have the same love of gunboats that Hooman/Shooman does; would wear most of those but that squared welt? norvegese shoe is a monstrosity in my eyes! 
LM-Also sorry, not looking for sneakers usually just use them for summer. Post pics here; we will not boo you!
shooman is a mate of mine.

Many of these are from a thread he started elsewhere. In fact some are his.

meister can show you a few nice gunboats and spade shoes. He is the King of Spades.
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matt - hard to tell about fit from those pics but in general it looks ok.

It does look to me as if you are wearing your trousers too low. With space below crutch.
Is that so?
The seam should be up alongside one side of your boy bits - not hanging 3" below.
Try hoicking them up like a grown up.
It might negate the need to take up the length and also to take in the upper half.
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I honestly can't remember how the pants were sitting, they were on for not a great deal of time.

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LM if nothing else, you've mastered the SF robo pose!

But the suit looks good. Pull up your pants though. 

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Originally Posted by LonerMatt View Post

I honestly can't remember how the pants were sitting, they were on for not a great deal of time.

You get lucky ?

On a Thursday night in Mildura?

Good one.
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Nice navy, dude
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Originally Posted by PapaRubbery View Post

LM if nothing else, you've mastered the SF robo pose!

Life achievement = unlocked.

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Matt, agree with FXH about the trou. See the bunching on your back thigh on the side shot? That tells me that either a) the back balance is off, b) they are a bit loose or c) they need pulling up. I suspect c. I don't know that you want them any slimmer, a bit shorter maybe but that may be remedied with C.

Perhaps the coat could have an extra 1-2 cm length for your next commission, but the trousers may be swaying that with the lower crotch making it look shorter. I reckon tomorrow take some photos with some natural light, dressed with a better shirt, tie, shoes and it will give us a better idea. But I'm sure Rob will put you on the right path. It's pretty rare, almost impossible that a MTM suit doesn't need any little adjustments.
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I completely agree with the trousers - I'm sure I was just excited to play dress ups.


It's also possible that standing in a weird way while contorting to the side threw off the balance. I'm really beginning to see how difficult it is to take a decent photo.


It's embarrassing, but I'm not sure I own a better shirt. Most of mine are pretty fail whale. I think I'll have to use my OCBD (which actually has appropriate sleeve length and fits well) next time, but that needs a wash first.

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Nice colour Matt. Agree with comments by others re the pants. But it would be great if you can get more pics for us!
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Agreed with the comments above.. It is the trouser length that I think needs a closer look . Thankfully we can see you in June to suss it out and to fine tune your fit.
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LM did you get some amazing lining? That's half the fun, surely. 


If I remember correctly, Romp had camo lining in one of his suits? I trust this means that Suit Shop will offer some fun lining options? he asks, praying :D

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^ Something to match your hair perhaps.....:P

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Question my hair again! I dare you, I double dare you mother fucker, mention the wig one more goddamn time!

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