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Originally Posted by Henry Carter View Post

G'day all,

I'm finally home after a long 3 days away! I was at my cousins farm last night in Batlow and haven't had any Internet access till now.

Firstly I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who turned up on the night, I think you'll all agree it was a great turnout and it was really great getting to meet you all and, putting faces to the names (both usernames and real ones) and having a good chat and a few drinks.

Special mention to Gerry who both helped out for the night with photos, came out for dinner with us after (along with FXH) and met us at the store Friday morning to take us out for breakfast. Truly as good a guy in person as he is online. Hope you enjoy your holiday mate.

Re photos, Gerry has some as he mentioned and we also had the photographer who does the beggar man theif blog there snapping away, so I'm sure we'll see some photos up on there pretty soon also.

Re the gloves Jake, I'm pretty sure they are all sold out now after the show and will check when I unpack. I'll be restocking them over the next 3-4 weeks. Size wise, if you're around my size which is 6"2 with big hands, then you'll find them a bit small I suspect. Most blokes under 6 foot with average hands will be fine for sizing. When I do have some at hand I'll measure them though.

I came home through the mountains and went for a fish as planned, weather was very bleak and only 7 degrees and 45km hour winds at Kiandra in the high country.... Still managed a pan sized brown trout which will be dinner tonight. Then tomorrow, a sleep in!


That bloody Gerry...it is all an act you know. He is usually in sweatpants, no shirt and square toed glued shoes beating up old woman. He says he is on holiday, actually he is on the run.

But seriously great night Jason. Well done. Looking forward to the photographs.
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Just about to don my brown grenadine for a night on the tiles. Going to watch a bit of boxing at a charity event.
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A tie? At a boxing match? Boxing? For charity?


So many minds blown.

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Originally Posted by Prince of Paisley View Post

Originally Posted by Plestor View Post

PoP I got around to some photos today, apologies for the phone camera effort. I can do more if you want something in particular. I had some which had a EG202 in them for comparison but they're very blurry so I can try again tomorrow if you want. Shipping is fedex, Trees are mediocre. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Thanks Plestor, no need to apologise, I and I'm sure the other guys on the thread appreciate your efforts.

Nice boots, and though they are a bit lighter than you probably expected I think you could darken them up without too much trouble if you wanted to. Pebble grain tends to age quite nicely anyway.
Yeah they've already got some variegation (Patina &/or antiquing seems to be the wrong term here) which looks good so I think they'll work out well. My mid brown polish is also a touch darker too.
Originally Posted by Prince of Paisley View Post

I was tossing up whether to get a pair of the FS029s or the Herring Langdales as a winter/wet boot this year. As it happens I've had a brainwave and now have something else in mind. I'll post more details when they arrive.
Very interested to see what you came up with when they come in.
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Originally Posted by wishiwasricher View Post

Sorry to be a pain- can you send a photo? Would love to grab a pair from carmina direct.


No problem here's a quick/ simple pic that's a good representation. Can post a better one tomorrow if wanted.




Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


The card details they wrote out for me were '80105 Vitello Marron', and inside of shoe has: 73 10, and 80105

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Originally Posted by The False Prophet View Post

P.S. Nabil: Freehills' office is shit. One of the worst buildings in town, built for the '88 Expo. Really.

Failing lunch, how about a drink after work? We can take you to the Bavarian Beer Cafe. It's just like Sydney but with river views. Or something.


Sorry, didn't see this before I got there, or back home.


Next time, when I'm in Brisbane, or you're here.


Had a coffee with Journeyman - top bloke.

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thanks for the heads up aussiejake.

Bought these two E.G. Cappelis:

Did I make the right move on the red?
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If anyone's a 40R in MJ Bale and interested in a new blue-grey flannel suit, please PM me - I have a new one to sell at half price. Will be putting it up on B&S later but here's a chance to get in first smile.gif
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I have absolutely no idea of the quality of these, but anyway, $30 shipped seems reasonable for few cheap dress belts:

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^^ they look "cheap" to me in the photos. I'd probably save a little longer and get a couple of nice belts that likely will cost a little more and look better for longer, too. But, I'm not one for wearing belts as all my pants have no belt loops and I'm not one for matching belts exactly to my shoes so I don't have to purchase too many.
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Originally Posted by AriGold View Post

Did I make the right move on the red?
Some people rabidly dislike red ties but I think this would look really good with a pale blue shirt and navy / grey suit.
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If anyone's interested MJ Bale are doing some pink ties for the Sydney Breast Cancer foundation. Usually I have a hatred of MJ Bale ties and pink but as my mum went through chemo last year I might grab one. 

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Starting to be happier with my outfits, tell me what you think:


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^Looking darn good though the shoes look like elf shoes from here though that may just be angle and that is an awesome pose use it as your default ;P
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Originally Posted by Prince of Paisley View Post

Some people rabidly dislike red ties but I think this would look really good with a pale blue shirt and navy / grey suit.


agreed. i think red ties look best with a pale blue shirt, or even a blue and white bengal stripe shirt. have a few similar patterns myself and it's received a few compliments.

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