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1000 pages
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happy 1000 pages, Australian Members. this would've been patriotic if it happened on Anzac Day.

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Someone play crowded house!
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It is 1999 pages for me?

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Originally Posted by Michael Sy View Post

It is 1999 pages for me?

Me, too.

However, it's possible to change the way the page displays so that you can see a greater number of posts per page.

My display is set at the default of 15 (I think) posts per page, but if you go up to the top of the page, under where it gives the title of the thread, you will see a smaller heading entitled "Preferences". Click on that, and it opens a window that gives you the option of changing various settings, including the number of posts visible per page. More posts per page equals fewer pages in total for the thread.
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this is magic (the making of St Crispin's shoe block):


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Now I know why St Crispy's cost so damn much.

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PoP I got around to some photos today, apologies for the phone camera effort. I can do more if you want something in particular. I had some which had a EG202 in them for comparison but they're very blurry so I can try again tomorrow if you want. Shipping is fedex, Trees are mediocre.

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Originally Posted by Pink Socks View Post

I might take you up on that LM, keen to see it as I enjoyed the website.

PM me or I will PM later when I get the chance.


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Originally Posted by Plestor View Post

PoP I got around to some photos today, apologies for the phone camera effort. I can do more if you want something in particular. I had some which had a EG202 in them for comparison but they're very blurry so I can try again tomorrow if you want. Shipping is fedex, Trees are mediocre. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Thanks Plestor, no need to apologise, I and I'm sure the other guys on the thread appreciate your efforts.

Nice boots, and though they are a bit lighter than you probably expected I think you could darken them up without too much trouble if you wanted to. Pebble grain tends to age quite nicely anyway.

I was tossing up whether to get a pair of the FS029s or the Herring Langdales as a winter/wet boot this year. As it happens I've had a brainwave and now have something else in mind. I'll post more details when they arrive.
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The mens shop has 40% off suits this weekend, bringing some MJ Bale suits down to < $500.  Just FYI.


Code is SUITS40.

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If any one is interested CT has a flyer in todays SMH for shirts for $39 I still have a couple of their's that I wear for work. Found them at one stage to have a greater range of pattens than H&H and H&K.


You asked about essential books about menswear this is my humble collection.

James Sherwood Savile The Master Tailors of British Bespoke and The Perfect Gentleman The Pursuit of Timeless Elegance - pure clothes porn visual eye candy, great books just contemplate and consider

Sharp Suits Eric Musgrave interesting visually and from a cultural perspective.

Gentlemen Bernhard Roetzel some posters on AAAC rank it along side Clothes and the Man, which sadly I don't have a copy of. This just arrived the other day so can't comment on it personally yet.

The Suit A Machiavellian Approach to Style Nicholas Antongiavanni well worth read but don't take it too seriously.

Bespoke Savile Row Ripped and Smoothed Richard Anderson, great book on one mans individual journeys in tailoring also very informative both culturally and from learning about Bespoke tailoring

Nicholas Storey History of Mens Fashion What The Well Dress Man is Wearing. Have it by bedside for six months still not read it

Le Snob Guide to Tailoring Simon Crompton good guide for bespoke and go on actual details about the construction of a suit.

Style and the Man Flusser Informative about dressing and style a pointer or rule book?

Adolf Loos Why a Man Should Be Well Dressed interesting historical perspective on class and style at the turn of the 20th Century in Vienna TBM mentioned this on his blog

ABC of Mens Fahsion Hardy Amies An informed dictionary of concise definitions about mens clothing
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Hello gents, just got back from Europe and obviously had a great time (first Europe trip). 



I have to say from what I saw, Melbourne is right up there with the best cities in terms of fit and style.


Few interesting observations looking at the blokes (winter style, workers and daytime mostly):

Paris: reminded me a lot of Melbourne; -  black, black, black jackets and shoes

                                                        - most black mens shoes were the glued together pieces of garbage

London: also a LOT of black shoes, but at least 80% were nice Goodyear welted 

Amsterdam: didn't notice too much more than the Dutch women looking incredible biking to work ;)


Anyone else notice these things or anything else noteworthy?



Bought a few things over there. 

Amsterdam: Massimo Dutti (thanks The Ernesto); picked up a couple cheap cotton type blazers, and pants/ sweater

Paris: Carmina's for 385 euro (80105 Dark Brown cap toe Simpson last); very impressed with these, they'll easily be my favourite night shoe

London: Jeans X 2 (Levi's 504s)

edit: also some blue Addidas Gazelle sneakers for casual


... my accommodation averaged 30euro per night, so I'd have no problems strolling in and picking up the Carmina's. Was the right decision.


Regarding jeans, if anyone was like me and ditched Levi's years ago, it is definitely worth taking another look at them now. 

I was looking for really dark blue plain jeans, and the 504's are shaped very well (straight leg with very slight out taper). They have certainly upped their game in terms of current styling. 

Bought a second pair (mid blue wash) I was so impressed.  (Im tall, lean but with 'athletic' legs).


It is good to be back in Melbourne, feels like a great mix of Paris and London to me in vibe and style. But I do miss French women...

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Good read Burnso!

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