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For all the people asking about what to do in Sydney, a decent itinerary off about 48 hours in town Dry winds from the arid outback whip towards the Pacific coast, driving up temperatures, making Sydney a holiday hot spot. Here's how you can get the most out of the city where business meets bohemia and the beach. SATURDAY Kingsfords Smith, Sydney's international airport lies about 10 km south east of the city. A taxi ride will cost about $40. The Four Seasons' hotel is situated minutes from Circular Quay, the hub of Sydney Harbour on a small inlet called Sydney Cove. After checking in, visit Kables restaurant ( for a hearty breakfast. Advertisement: Story continues below 10am - Just a couple of streets behind the hotel is a walkway up to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, turn left at the top of the steps and walk along the path which sweeps above Circular Quay. The lookout spot provides you with breathtaking views over Sydney Harbour, Circular Quay and the Sydney Opera House. The path leads you to the Royal Botanic Gardens on the harbour foreshore. It's easy to while away a few hours on a warm summer's day strolling around the gardens and stopping by the Sydney Opera House where guided tours are available. 1pm - A short stroll from the Opera House is the Sydney Cove Oyster Bar, No. 1 Circular Quay ( a perfect spot for a picturesque lunch. In the early 1900s this prime piece of real estate was a former "toilet block" for dock workers. In 1987 the area was redeveloped in preparation for Australia's Bicentennial celebrations and this small heritage building was magically transformed into a waterfront restaurant making it a million dollar property to enjoy. The menu includes Bloody Mary oyster shooters, Cured Hiramasa kingfish, pickled cucumber and mint, steamed mussels, hot chorizo, white beans and tomato and confit of duck, radicchio, pistachio salad and blood plum vinegar and plenty more as well as an excellent wine list to compliment the dishes. It's easy to relax and unwind at the Oyster Bar watching the ferries and sail boats cross the harbour --most guests will find it difficult to leave. 3pm - Two minutes walk from the restaurant will take you back to Circular Quay Ferry terminal where you can board a public ferry. For A$5.50 you can travel to Watsons Bay, in the eastern part of the city. The 30-minute journey takes in breathtaking views. Travelling on the Sydney harbour (public) ferries is one of the cheapest ways of sightseeing. 3.30pm - With the fresh air on your face and after a pleasant ferry ride, pop into the Watson's Bay Hotel ( for afternoon refreshments. Considered to be one of Sydney's most enticing destinations the hotel is located on the water's edge and boasts city views from a tranquil distance. Day or night the light perspective on the city skyline makes this a spectacular view. Luxury accommodation is available from A$200. 4.30pm - Opposite the hotel is a scenic cliff path overlooking the gateway to the Sydney Harbour. Standing on the South Head cliff provides 180-degree views and a bird's eye view across the harbour to North head and down the coast to towards the neighbouring suburbs of Coogee and Maroubra. On Dec 26th this side of the coastline is packed with spectators watching the annual Sydney to Hobart yacht race. This is the perfect spot to watch the colourful array of yachts in full sail making their way down the East Coast of Australia. 5.30pm - Catch a Bondi (Beach) Explorer bus from Watson's bay to Bondi Beach. The service allows you get on and off the bus along the route to enjoy the views and photo opportunities. 6pm - Arriving in Bondi pop into the Bondi Icebergs Swimming club at the south end of the beach for a pre-dinner drink. The Icebergs Club was founded in 1929 and has become famous for its winter swimming season. On the first Sunday in June -- the official start of winter swimming -- large ice blocks are dumped into the pool, followed by hardened swimmers. Most visitors to the club are there to enjoy the view across one of the world's most famous surfing beaches. Visitors to the club enjoy panoramic views of one of Australia's most famous surfing beach while sipping a cold drink. 7.30pm - A short stroll up Bondi Road brings you to a funky dining strip including No. 249 the Flying Squirrel Tapas bar. Although you can't book, a short wait ensures a chance at sampling the bar's fresh and eclectic tapas menu. Asian fusion dishes such as Crying Tiger -- angus beef in an oyster sauce marinade with garlic rice and spicy jao sauce -- make this a mouth-watering experience. Spanish, Mexican, American and Italian foods are all represented in "from the sea" and "from the garden". Wine and cocktails are also available here. 9.30pm - A 20-minute taxi ride back to the city will cost about $30. 10pm - A nightcap a the Opera Bar ( Circular Quay serves up a new angle on the view of Sydney Harbour after dark. This bar is popular with locals, tourists and theatre-goers and passersby taking in a last glimpse of the harbour and northern suburbs foreshore after dark. In daylight hours you can look straight across at Kirribilli House, the official residence of Australia's Prime Minister. SUNDAY 8am - Take a 10-minute ferry ride from Circular Quay across the harbour for about $5 to Milson's Point and enjoy a leisurely breakfast at Ripples cafe ( Soak up the vibrant harbourside atmosphere set under the Sydney harbour bridge. The food is fresh, stylish -- and considering its waterfront location -- surprisingly inexpensive. 10am - Stroll up the street to the tiny hamlet of Kirribilli and wander around the quaint shops. This area has a unique village atmosphere about it. On the second Sunday of each month the Kirribilli Art & Design Markets are on here. 12pm - The entrance to the Sydney Harbour Bridge walkway is in the heart of Kirribilli. From here you can take your time and wander back across the bridge, watching cars, buses and trains zoom past, bridge-climbers above and the magnificent harbour below. It's possible to watch a large container ship escorted by a launch, Sydney Harbour ferries, large and small sail boats and a team of kayakers all making their way through the inner harbour at the same time. 12.30pm - Wander down to the oldest part of Sydney, the Rocks ( on the harbour foreshore, where Sydney began. The indigenous Cadigal people inhabited the rocky headland when the first European settlers arrived in 1788. Now the cobblestoned back streets and old buildings are a real treasure trove of shops, restaurants and old world charm. Each weekend the main street is closed off to traffic for a market. 12.45pm - Lunch at the Harbour Kitchen, at the Park Hyatt Hotel ( Here you can experience fine dining with full views of the harbour and Opera house, entrees include: rock oysters with organic lemon, smoked cod and celeriac chowder with fresh hazel nut. Mains include: Tasmanian Wilderness' beef short rib with tamarind and molasses glaze, watercress horseradish and wood roasted Coral trout. 2pm - From Circular Quay take a 15-minute bus ride along Oxford Street and visit the Brett Whiteley studio at No. 2 Raper Street, Surrey Hills. An Australian, Whiteley is best known for his controversial art. He died in 1992. The studio/museum is a tribute to Whitely and managed by the Art Gallery of New South Wales. In addition to finished works, some of Whiteley's unfinished paintings are on display as well as his art equipment, reference books, a wall of graffiti and pictures of him with various celebrities. The current exhibition on view until April 2011 is entitled "Endlessnessism". Art workshops run every Sunday at 2pm. The gallery is open Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm Admission is free. 4pm - Spend the rest of the afternoon wandering the streets of Surrey Hills and enjoy the bohemian atmosphere in a neighbourhood where design, fashion, music and style are a mainstay of life. Stroll back along Oxford Street and wander through Hyde Park, named after the original in London, Sydney's version runs through the eastern side of the central business district. Around the park's boundaries lie the Supreme Court of New South Wales, St James Church, Hyde Park Barracks and Sydney Hospital to the north, St Mary's Cathedral as well as the Australian Museum. Hyde Park is a popular spot to chill out. 7pm - Grasshopper Bar Temperance Lane is part of an emerging trend of laneway bars, new to Sydney. Hidden in an alleyway just off the main street of George Street lies a dimly little bar and restaurant. This funky bar is made up of a collection of mismatched family heirlooms furniture and auctions items and serves cocktails and beer in jam jars. From violin case table tops, to an old black and white portable television stuck under the staircase, this vibrant new concept in Sydney has really taken off. The 1980s music is mainly geared towards the 40s and older age group. Although only a few months old, this bar has become very popular and quickly spills out into the laneway, where milk crates are provided if you want to sit down. The restaurant situated above the bar offers a brighter environment offering a selection of food including pork and parsley terrine served with minced gherkins and parsley aioli. You can also get steak, salads and grilled chicken. 10.30pm - Orbit Bar ( on level 47 Australia Square in the heart of the city's business district and two blocks from your hotel (on George St) is a sophisticated revolving bar. This is a great spot to enjoy a last late drink and a final 360-degree viewing of Sydney before your weekend ends.
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A tail of two shirts.

One T M Lewin Luxury size 16 - 35 violet window pane, washed maybe twice or so - no signs of any wear at all - opshop $3aud. Purchased last week.

One Landsend, Original Blue BD Oxford, size 16-34, washed maybe 15 times - looks nicely broken in - $28aud delivered. Purchased 6 months ago.

I tried Lewin on for first time. Can't do up top button - seems about a 15.

Like any good scientist I measured them

One T M Lewin Luxury size 16 - 35 violet window pane, washed maybe twice or so - no signs of any wear at all - opshop $3aud. Purchased last week.
Today actual measurements: 15"6/8th and 34".4/8ths

One Landsend, Original Blue BD Oxford, size 16-34, washed maybe 15 times - looks nicely broken in - $28aud delivered. Purchased 6 months ago.
Today actual measurements: 16"5/8th and 33".4/8ths


Technical notes: Collar measured on inside from button thread to outside of button hole.
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What fabrics/weaves were the shirts?
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Originally Posted by Pink Socks View Post
For those who are interested Henry Buck's "Private" Sale starts today at 320 Collins Street, Melbourne (Public sale advertised as starting Sunday, but really anyone can walk in as of today). Know the stuff there is often highly overpriced but occasionally good bargains can be picked up in the sales.

Thought you might like to know.

I will be taking a look this afternoon, so be sure not to take all the pink socks.

Picked up a blue Baldassari linen suit for $700.
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Originally Posted by The Ernesto View Post
Picked up a blue Baldassari linen suit for $700.

Linen for summer...while it lasts. Enjoy.
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Linen for Autumn and Spring too in Melbourne's climate.
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Originally Posted by __PG__ View Post
Linen for Autumn and Spring too in Melbourne's climate.

Fair point PG. With Melbourne's erratic weather it could well be Linen for Winter, Tweed for Summer. And take an umbrella and some shades.
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I reckon I'll get a fair bit of wear out of it. I don't feel the cold as much as others seem to, so that also swayed me. Very happy with it.
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Light or Dark Blue? I saw a solid Charcoal Grey unlined Canali linen suit the other day in a Euro 54 Drop 7. Looked awesome.
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Originally Posted by __PG__ View Post
Light or Dark Blue?

I saw a solid Charcoal Grey unlined Canali linen suit the other day in a Euro 54 Drop 7. Looked awesome.

It's a light-ish blue. Lighter than navy but not 'bright' if you get my meaning.

Like the sound of that Canali. Last year I purchased a navy Canali pinstripe for $1200 at the Henry Schmucks sale.
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Originally Posted by fxh View Post
I'm off to Borders to redeem my $150 of vouchers before they close the doors.

I might buy an e-reader - Kobe

Too late
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Out of curiosity: How much are Australian SF'ers willing to spend on (Per garment/pair) : Shoes Shirts Sport/Casual Shirts Suits Blazers (Proper blazers, i.e. the navy ones with patch pockets) Odd Trousers Sportcoats Overcoats Jeans The conditions being: everything is made in the UK, from fabrics to construction to RLPL quality, and is available in standalone stores as well as David Jones, Harrold's and Henry Bucks. Opinions?
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Originally Posted by __PG__ View Post
What fabrics/weaves were the shirts?

Well the Oxford is Oxford - 100% cotton

The T M Lewin is two ply 100% cotton "Luxury" material.

It seems to me that TM L sizing is either out a lot or they shrink a lot. Unless someone washed it in very hot water,rinsed it in cold water then threw it in the dryer on HOT.

Its the only TML shirt I have - based on that I doubt I'd feel confident buying any new.

Is it common to have such extreme shrinkage with TML?
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elvish - it was you after club collars??

I wandered through DJs today and they have about 2 or 3 shirts with club collars, one all white, one blue horizontal stripes with white collar and one grey black with white collar I think. I forget the brand but they had those collars that look a bit too narrow to me. That said the all white and white on blue stripes looked ok - smart but not OTT.
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RE: Henry Bucks sale

Not much to see I am afraid. Bought a nice Drakes linen pocket square in purple and yellow with a cheetah pattern but nothing else. There was a pair of Fratelli Rossetti loafers I would have bought had they had my size but only 10.5 left.

Get them if that is your size, I have had mine for two years and the lady in Henry Bucks commented that they were in great condition. They are a favourite of mine so would have bought a pair cheap while they were still available but no luck. Also a nice Hugh Boss (a brand I never buy) linen sportscoat but at $600ish, I thought, like everything else there, I can either get this cheaper elsewhere or get better quality for the same price.

I wish Henry Buck's were better priced. Oh well, I have too many clothes already and have a wedding to pay for so best I stick to my one little Drakes pocket square.

Might be worth a visit if you need a nice tie, shirt or belt - they seemed to be the best buys.
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