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Originally Posted by Romp View Post

even berlusconi gets collar gap:P



He's got 99 problems, but a collar gap ain't one

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Originally Posted by Nicholas D C View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
After the discussion on the watches I linked a few pages back, and with the objective of a sportier weekend watch in mind I went back and did some reading and visited a few watch stores to try on all the usual suspects (Rolex DJ and Sub, Omega Seamaster OP and Pro) but  I ended up short-listing the Stowa Prodiver (shown here w. plain steel bezel and non-orange hand - note, not my picture). I really like this model because it's not a 'hommage' or replica of any 'established' swiss watch, and it's at a surprisingly reasonable price-point. The orange-hand version on a green zulu strap (as shown on looks particularly awesome, and that's the sort of relaxed aesthetic I think I'll be gravitating toward.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Great review here: (by wornandwound). Anyone have any feedback on this Stowa/impressions? I haven't pulled the trigger on this yet, but that video really sold me on it...

Down-the-track grail watch is still an IWC 500107 (Portugese Automatic), which I prefer to the Chronograph.
That's quite a nice looking watch, though it is on the bulky side of course being a pro-diver style. I don't know if that might be an issue for you?
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I've got a brand new TOJ1 black/black in size 48 that I'm about to put up for sale in the marketplace, if anyone is interested before I put it up.


In other news, just got my first 'proper' tie, a 8cm Drakes.



Lovely quality, great colour. It seems I can pull off 8cm ties, but being a skinny guy, 7-7.5cm will be my perfect width.

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Thanks to the person who mentioned PJ's new range of shirts a few weeks ago. I investigated, and they're sized quite similarly to my MTM shirts, so I placed an order for one. It arrived today and I'm very impressed. It's well made, has nice fabric/buttons, plus the spread collar is great. Highly recommended.

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Originally Posted by flexiflex View Post

Previously I was seeking advice from the forum members about finding a good alteration place for my suit. I am glad to report back that I am a happy customer from Hayal and Son in the Sydney CBD. However they are definitely not cheap.

Also I just like to say that I have made a massive mistake by wearing my near new Crocket and Jones on a rainy day in the Sydney CBD. I think I have pretty much ruined the beautiful leather sole, and almost got myself killed...(skiing on water in CBD) And no, it hasn't had topy, I don't like it. the sole turned out discoloured, too many small stone holes and just rough.... An amateur mistake. Definitely will wear the ones with Topy in future rainy days...

Any tips to restore the sole and maintaining them?

Total victory for me on both counts. I had to say that. fxh is right. Just take them to Coombes in the Strand for follow ups.

BTW I have a brand new box and bags pair of black dub monks C&J Lowndes in 10E UK for sale. Good price - PM me.
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Stowas are lovely watches. I have an Airman and a Prodiver. Solid gear and great value.
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Double monks anyone ??
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Topying is maligned, but I think it's a great idea. Not long after getting my first pair of loakes there was a week of rain in Sydney, and those metal grills on the sidewalk were essentially death traps. I would try to creep over them with my hands up for balance while attempting to not look foolish (It didn't work).

Nothing is less sartorial than falling and getting a tear in the backside of your trousers.   

Speaking of trousers, my hunt for a decent pair continues. I've been to M&R Tailors and $400 simply isn't in my price range. Any tailors in Paddington are kind of too far away. I was looking at epaulet, any ideas? I'm slightly apprehensive about their lack of flexibility when it comes to returns, but it might be worth a shot. Additionally, i'm about a 32 inch waist (size 30 in companies like MJ Bale) - would getting the size 30 in a 31 inch be wise? I like slim fits.

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Looks like the love child of Nick Wooster and a shoe
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Sometimes I wonder if Patrick Johnson lives in a different world...

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Today's training day outfit:



TCNY M65 jacket, Owen and James popover, 3Sixteen jeans and Crockett and Jones Chiltern boots.

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Originally Posted by DartagnanRed View Post



Sometimes I wonder if Patrick Johnson lives in a different world...


cannot compute

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Check out Australia. How embarrassing
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T_T My favourite light running/exercising shoes were stolen today (what else tool awesome to have been lost). They were my much loved pair of Adidas Sambas; oh wel shoe purchase time once again :P Have decided not to get an other pair as I have owned 5-7 pairs during my life :) Thinking about Adidas Gazelle OG; not really after anything that is meant for serious running as I don't run such long distances. Any reccomendations would be nice :)

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Originally Posted by jaypee View Post

Check out Australia. How embarrassing


gaddamn. do some of them live in huts where there is no indoor lighting? looks like they got dressed in the dark.

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