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Originally Posted by fox81 View Post

I second quar's post that the rest of you are small timers smile.gif

I was always told by my best friends that size did not matter.


My two best friends are called BigNose and SmallPinkie.mwink[1].gif

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Originally Posted by lachyzee View Post

Back to the minutiae:

Pleated pants

Who wears them? Do you go forward/reverse, double or single?

Are there any "rules" for pleats i.e. only with belt loops, or only without belt loops & with bracers etc.?

I have ordered some casual cotton/linen pants with single reverse pleats (I know forward is more trad, but it just doesn't look as good to my eye) and belt loops.

I'm considering adding pleats to the second pair of trousers I'll order for my PJ suit with adjusters and internal buttons for bracers (the other pair has belt loops and no pleats - so I think it will be a nice way to differentiate the two).

Most of my trousers both casual and business are pleated.

I favour double reverse I find they drape better with my physique and I have always preferred them to flat fronts, especially now being a desk jockey. I get mine mainly from the US Bills Khakis M2P and BB Madison 1818 are my preferred OTR business trousers.

(about to veer off topic)The LE Linen/Cotton trousers I just bought are a tight fitting 38 this is the quandary for me at present. I know I have been carrying too much weight and finally the quacks have sorted it out and with extensive gym time in the past month I have gone from a 46 inch chest down to 43 similar is happening with my waist line form 40 to 38. So until my body decides it has shed the excess weight I will not be buying any trousers.

That said I would if ordering a winter weight suit go for a double reverse pleat with internal buttons for braces, never been a fan of size adjusters the look of them is just too Mod for my tastes.
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Originally Posted by md2010 View Post

I agree with you on steaming a good jacket. I took a day off today and ironed few trousers. Recently read thread on AAAC and today after ironing those pants really made sense. I have a cheap iron. DJs sell some good looking irons for $200-$300++. I imagine they will be good. But just can't justified spending that much cash on an iron. Anyone here have experience on those expensive irons ? Is there any significant difference using them over $20 irons ??

I have a Tefal Steam Generator. RRP was 450, but I bought it during a 25% Promotion.

It is brilliant. I do my own ironing (:smalltimer:), and I won't be going back to a shitty iron. Cuts ironing time in half.

I have some shirts from the Grande & Rubinelli Luna Book, 170s. They iron up a treat with the Tefal, and were always a bitch to iron with my old iron.
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Originally Posted by Romp View Post


thanks for the essay I have no idea what you are trying to say.

I love you Rob.


Edit: No Homo.


I might go and buy another O&J shirt. SM, what are you doing with your tighty whitey?

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Just a heads up: I'm selling my dark brown suede chukka boots from Meermin.


I've only worn them twice but it's just too hot here in Brisbane for them.

They're a size 7 UK.

Send me a PM if you're interested.
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Originally Posted by quar View Post

We have a habit in this Thread of acting elitist, when at the heart of it all, we are a bunch of super enthusiastic small-timers. fxh's post above is an example, where he warns about steaming your clothes for undoing your Tailor's masterful hardwork. Who here actually wears bespoke Trousers or Coats that have been carefully shaped with an iron? Not many I imagine. I've met fox81 a few times at P Johnson, and salivated over his Ambrosi and Napoli Su Misura gear. I suppose he would be the exception.

quar - in defence of my post without being defensive - I wasn't clear enough. I was referring to the fact that there are examples of seams "blowing out" due to (excess I suppose) steaming. I've never had it happen, (despite often done the old hang the suit in the shower steam trick, many times), but I have no trouble believing it could happen,if one was over enthusiastic..{Theres another problem here - what to me might seem like a "fair bit of steam", might in reality be a very gentle squirt, whilst another person would take that as being something akin to steam cleaning a car engine - you see this in all sorts of arcane discussion about spit polishing shoes}

As far as being shaped by ironing - certainly some of the stuff that people wear here is - even some OTR stuff - but I was more talking about the other way around. That is , it is easy to "accidentally" shape wool or cotton yourself. Not so bad if you do it on a shirt - and you can experiment on shirts - stretching the body or "shrinking" when doing the collar - but if you press a jacket or trousers and stretch or shrink it then it does effect how it looks. {I'd make a distinction between ironing and pressing}

I also don't think it matters here geeking/nerding/overthinking it up. People can get bored and skip details or pick up little snippets - after all thats what forums are for. No question though that the big danger is getting obsessed with the leaves on the trees and not seeing the woods at all. The whole is always more than simply the sum of the parts.

I'm not sure if I should be flattered by being called elitist - usually I'm accused of being a cheapskate.
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I just tossed around 5 pairs of nice - more than 1 pleat - pleated trousers that I haven't worn for 7 years or more. I wish I'd have thought about people here who might have used them. All in good nick and a couple of pair of very nice worsted flannel greys, charcoal and mid, plus some tan. - I was sad to see them go. Depends which opshop you frequent - you might have picked them up.
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Originally Posted by The Upright Man View Post

Just a heads up: I'm selling my dark brown suede chukka boots from Meermin.


I've only worn them twice but it's just too hot here in Brisbane for them.

They're a size 7 UK.

Send me a PM if you're interested.


Fuuuuuuuuuuark. So tempting. In your pictures, it goes from brown to black, quite quickly.

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Originally Posted by Michael Sy View Post

I might go and buy another O&J shirt. SM, what are you doing with your tighty whitey?

Do you want it for $45 + postage? I knocked off $5 cause of the button mod. Basically all you need to do is remove the button and put it back to it's original spot, and the stitch holes are still there so you can easily identify where it should sit. Send me a PM if you're interested.


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Originally Posted by LonerMatt View Post

I think one of the issues underscoring our philisophical misgivings is that while this thread situates itself in 'classic meanswear', a lot of us do not necessarily dress in a 'classic menswear' way, or context, but instead seek to find other Australians with whom we can talk about clothes, shops, life, make friends, be social, etc, etc.

People are right to some extent: sneaker, jeans, etc don't belong here. They are not really appropriate. To that I'd say that the attraction of this thread is that it is a close knit community within a specific area, and I think we all value that aspect of this interaction, and in this way contributions to the thread are always valuable.

That being said, I think that there are two important considerations:
1) The language of classic menswear (which I think is a much more useful term than 'rules') can teach any male a lot about appropriateness, colour combinations, etc
2) The way people who consider themselves experts express themselves is often polemic, disrespectful and rude. I really don't think there's any excuse or reason for being venemous.

This. This is a lively thread and I like to hear from other Aussies on things like clothes, dining, cafes, food, work etc as long as its in good taste. There's nothing on the street wear forum to discuss this.

besides, hearing people talk about very minor suit modifications and the fitting differences of half sizes becomes dry quickly.
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Cross post



Final sizing on chinos - we are running 20% off the entire range which is stackable with the StyleForum "SF10" code ... so they reduce from $169 down to $121.68 with free domestic shipping.



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What are your favourite formal wear retailers in Melbourne and Perth? 

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Originally Posted by Vestment Baller View Post

What are your favourite formal wear retailers in Melbourne and Perth? 


PM Uncle Dartagnan Red to put you in the right direction biggrin.gif

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So I have two wedding invitations this year, and I currently own 0 suits. Neither wedding is black/white tie - so a simple suit should suffice.


Thinking back over the discussions I've read, I can recall two major options for suiting in Australia:

- MJ Bale (plus alteration)



I know Romp's hinted at some other stuff, and people have mentioned Azzaro in Melbourne a few times as a place with some options (although the other retailers like American Tailors, and Henry Bucks are usually 'overpriced', correct?).


I suppose I'm tossing up whether it's worth going the MTM route (which is most money, but from reports of higher quality) or OTR + alterations (presuming the suits can be altered appropriately).


Some of the things that are attracting me to PJ are:

- Choice of cloth (since I sweat a lot and often feel 'too warm)

- Measurements done by someone who is (presumably) competent (I don't know a decent tailor, nor do I have much of an idea about what makes a good suit)

- Options (in terms of colours, construction, detailing)


How does that compare with MJ Bale? Have I missed any options that are worth considering?

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I decided to stay home today in order to sign for a parcel. The tracking page has just updated, and is now showing delivery was apparently attempted at a time when I was at home. No delivery card can be found placed in the door or in with the mail. The parcel is now stuck at the local, which opens late and closes early, so there is no hope of collecting it in the next few days. Is it common for these Australia Post delivery drivers say "screw it" and lie about attempting delivery?


And yes, this was an expensive courier company that decided to forward the parcel on.



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