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Nice article here on dressing better (ie continual improvement) and dressing for yourself - http://fromsqualortoballer.tumblr.com/post/41704293685/personalstyle2#notes.

Quote - "Although there is indeed value in knowledge, true understanding of any subject comes from experience. Don’t let your imperfect wardrobe or .jpeg library of #menswear keep you from putting things on with confidence in the morning. Try things, learn from your mistakes, and have fun.

Practice is the key to improving; money is not."

I agree with CEP about trusting your gut and like Selvaggio often wear items the rules would suggest do not work together as I like the combination and feel good in them (suede boots with suits, white shirts with knit ties, french cuffs with no tie and/or jacket to name a few). If these things make me ignorant or perceived as badly dressed so be it, but I am (mostly) happy with my clothing choices and dress for the enjoyment of it (among other things such as respect for others and looking the best I can).

Also, harking back a little, as a Scotsman I thought whiskey (spelt with an "e") was meant to be drunk with coke...(yes, I am just stirring....).
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In the spirit of positivity, have to say how impressive the customer service is at gilt.com (in my experience anyway).
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Socks arrived today from HC. Very nice!

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I think you're all being a bit rough on apropos. My post may have seemed like a dig at him, but actually I was just paying him out, because we used to be University and Work colleagues. I agree with everything he says.

We have a habit in this Thread of acting elitist, when at the heart of it all, we are a bunch of super enthusiastic small-timers. fxh's post above is an example, where he warns about steaming your clothes for undoing your Tailor's masterful hardwork. Who here actually wears bespoke Trousers or Coats that have been carefully shaped with an iron? Not many I imagine. I've met fox81 a few times at P Johnson, and salivated over his Ambrosi and Napoli Su Misura gear. I suppose he would be the exception.

Have a dig at mafoofan or Manton all you want for their Internet persona. SF would be dead without these guys. These guys go out and do cool shit, take photographs of it, discuss their experiences, and then take the time to share it with us. I fucking love a good mafoofan or Manton thread.
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Quar, if you haven't already done so, spend some time on the London Lounge to see how one can have fantastic philosophical discussions without being rude.
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Originally Posted by quar View Post

I've met fox81 a few times at P Johnson, and salivated over his Ambrosi and Napoli Su Misura gear.

How did he get the stains out?
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Originally Posted by quar View Post

Shots fired.

Can we get back to the regular Australian Members Newsfeed please?

I want to speculate more about how much a suit from P Johnson costs, or if I can get some free Polish with my shoes from Double Monk, or whether a flapped pocket on the Caruso I just bought from the Salvation Army can be converted to a barchetta patch flap jetted pocket that Phat Guido wears, or bettter yet, my favourite topic of all, who does the best alterations in Sydney to the highest quality, with rock bottom prices, and will let me sleep with their 21-year old daughter to thank me for my business.

PIss off apropos, you are ruining the best Thread on StyFo. cheers.gif

dead @ "free Polish with my shoes from Double Monk"
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Originally Posted by ColdEyedPugilist View Post

Quar, if you haven't already done so, spend some time on the London Lounge to see how one can have fantastic philosophical discussions without being rude.


Better yet The Baxter Inn, Whisk(e)y in hand peepwall[1].gif

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Originally Posted by Dusty Brogues View Post


Better yet The Baxter Inn, Whisk(e)y in hand peepwall%5B1%5D.gif


I think we've got the Sydney meet venue sorted, don't we? crackup[1].gif

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Originally Posted by fxh View Post

I'd be careful using an iron to get creases out of ties. Maybe holding it an inch or two away while the tie /jacket is hanging up is ok. There are tales of steam "blowing" the seams on jackets, and in theory good jackets and pants the wool is stretched, shrunk and shaped by ironing by the tailors/makers and you run the risk of changing the shape. That said a bit of judicious touching up won't kill anything.

I've found most irons to be ok - possibly the best I had was a Telfal, but they can all stop working after a while. Nice if you can get a bit of weight in them. Stay way from teflon/non stick coating - it scratches and flakes off after a while. Stainless steel is best. Just give them a good internal clean every now and then, you can use special iron cleaning stuff or coffee machine cleaning stuff but white vinegar in water works just as well. In theory the distilled water is the right thing but it becomes inconvenient and in practice doesn't seem to make that much difference. A cheap plastic spare bottle for water and an cotton ironing cloth is worthwhile.
I agree with you on steaming a good jacket. I took a day off today and ironed few trousers. Recently read thread on AAAC and today after ironing those pants really made sense. I have a cheap iron. DJs sell some good looking irons for $200-$300++. I imagine they will be good. But just can't justified spending that much cash on an iron. Anyone here have experience on those expensive irons ? Is there any significant difference using them over $20 irons ??
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Is "free Polish" a euphemism for something?
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Originally Posted by fxh View Post

Prof - I reckon those selections are a bit "old man" sport coats.

I know its a bit of a thing to get the suede patches but I don't think it looks good - unless you are doing the whole Jarvis Cocker thingo - hes a pretty special case.

I think you run the risk of looking like you borrowed your grandad's old jacket or a failed ironic hipster look if the rest of you is too smart (or wearing socks! with no Ned Kelly beard)

The action back is fine if you pick up a second hand jacket that fits and you use it for just knocking around but it will be a bit costume-y.

what what what what what what what what
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Originally Posted by Petepan View Post


As for Hong Kong, my big disappointment was my failure to get any Bontonis at all from Tassels.  The popular sizes were all gone, and Bontoni is not known to supply regularly. IMO, dollar for dollar, the Bontoni's are extremely good value for what you are getting. $1000 per pair on average, but I reckon you will love them forever. Purely subjective of course, so please refrain from throwing daggers at me. 


I've seen a pair of triple monks from Bontoni - at the same Tassels store. It looked a little ghastly to me. Like an extra boob on a woman. Again, purely subjective, of course.

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I think one of the issues underscoring our philisophical misgivings is that while this thread situates itself in 'classic meanswear', a lot of us do not necessarily dress in a 'classic menswear' way, or context, but instead seek to find other Australians with whom we can talk about clothes, shops, life, make friends, be social, etc, etc.


People are right to some extent: sneaker, jeans, etc don't belong here. They are not really appropriate. To that I'd say that the attraction of this thread is that it is a close knit community within a specific area, and I think we all value that aspect of this interaction, and in this way contributions to the thread are always valuable.



That being said, I think that there are two important considerations:

1) The language of classic menswear (which I think is a much more useful term than 'rules') can teach any male a lot about appropriateness, colour combinations, etc

2) The way people who consider themselves experts express themselves is often polemic, disrespectful and rude. I really don't think there's any excuse or reason for being venemous.

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Just watched Django and it was pretty darn good!
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