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Originally Posted by jmills View Post

Where is the $1200 price for EGs coming from? Seems that you can get them from Edwards in the UK for about $900.


Double Monk retail pricing

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Originally Posted by burnso View Post

Wait wait wait. What shoes did you get though? ;)


DHL have done this to me once or twice, I think due to a large weekend influx they'll dish off to AP or a courier.


I have had issues with the postie to my apartment building. Either parcels left without signature or carded without delivery attempt. 

I think I put the complaint over the phone and they appeared to take it seriously. Few weeks later the courier was clearly sorted out. 

Im pretty sure however that it was anonymous (to the courier), unsure how a complaint about rep and courier would sit...


This particularly parcel was 3 cedar shoe trees - no shoes this time! That said, I've got my eyes on a couple boots and a loafer to round out my collection a little, as I don't really have anything for more casual wear (with jeans and the like). 


However, in other (more positive news), the Rubinacci and Drakes silk knit ties arrived today from Exquisite Trimmings. Very impressed with both, can't wait to wear 'em with my suits.

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Anyone here a 42R in the Herringbone Osaka cut? Have a navy fully-canvassed brand new suit I'd like to part with.
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Originally Posted by Romp View Post

Selfie from the weekend lol


O&J white popover and chinos. Viola Milano and Il bisonte bracelets, vintage sub on green zulu and a pair of tods (yup no socks)


P-johnson handmade cotton patch pocket jacket in the background with our lapel flower on it and a High-tied knit tie hanging around the neck.

You sexy motherfucker.

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Too lazy to quote.
Double monk will be getting UK6 in selected styles (I asked when I was there as I'm a 6.5).
Cheney was about $1500 from memory.
MJ Bale jackets are too long for this 36 S/R. Oh well.
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I wouldn't mind some chicken rice served by the MJ Bale sales rep.


Back in Mildura today, both fantasies will have to wait.

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Originally Posted by deingesicht View Post

It's about $25 per shoe tree

Should be less than that. For example, I've calculated 8 shoe trees with postage at 110 euros, or $140 AUD, or $17.50 each. If the order is for more, it gets slightly cheaper and cheaper. 10 is $16.5 each, 12 is $15.8 each.

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Originally Posted by Spandexter View Post

Too lazy to quote.
Double monk will be getting UK6 in selected styles (I asked when I was there as I'm a 6.5).
Cheney was about $1500 from memory.
MJ Bale jackets are too long for this 36 S/R. Oh well.

Hurray for my hobbit feet; hopefully they will find a place in a pair smile.gif
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Originally Posted by ColdEyedPugilist View Post

I'm from Singapore.

My vote: Ginger and Spice on Military Road, Neutral Bay; Tetsuya himself is a regular customer.


Cool. Which was your place of choice in Singapore?


Seems like only the Sydneysiders are jumping in with their recommendations - c'mon Melbourne people!


I quite like the chicken rice at Coconut House on Elizabeth St.

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Sorry to jump in, been reading on here a bit. Went looking for suits today in Melbourne, not with massive success. Am starting graduate job soon so don't have bundles of cash.

Recommended here was Azzaro in south Melbourne, I went to see if I could pick up a Cantarelli but they could do them for around 900 which is out of budget, I'm looking for two suits for around 1000. The in house brand 'Azzaro' seemed nice, does anyone have experience with these price was 500?

Looked around in other shops but Myers and David jones didn't have anything worth buying at that price. Either I'm going to go for the azzaro or get a couple of Charles Tyrwhitt suits shipped from the UK for probably around $700 or so total.

Also for those interested, as said a few pages back, American Tailors had a small selection of C&J for 395, which were very nice but out of my price. Other than these all shoes I saw were poor, or very expensive. Dropped in to beggar man thief and they had a small section of loakes not 1818 model for quite a lot around 300 I think.

Lastly navy suits and brown shoes in Australia, or stick with black?

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Laksa King was ok for Chicken Rice. But obvi that I would go for laksa when there. Also, Malaya Inn in Doncaster had pretty good taste as well. 


How good is the serve on Raonic!? It's basically a serve game...

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Originally Posted by Romp View Post

what type of buttons are you after?


We use prestige buttons MOP on our lapel flowers - we find they are the best, I like them better than Gritti MOP


agree. the MOP on the buottonieres are astounding. p.s. no love for watch over sleeve on your popover?  ;)

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Trouser/pants ideas (colours) for the following blazer?

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Charcoal flannels. Personally though, I won't wear a coat, be it suit or odd jacket with a center vent. it just doesn't feel correct to me nor does it flatter many body shapes, though a lot of Americans will disagree with that.
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It's from Indochino so I'll be getting dual vents.
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