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Originally Posted by Geoffrey Firmin View Post

Have a look at LNL on RN there is pod cast where Phillip Adams speaks to author Mark Bowden the perspective is more from the White House and Seal Team 6. Her previous film the Hurt Locker was very insightful as well.

By the way how are the Barton Perrira spectacles?

Also the burgundy calf brogues are very tempting from the shoe snob blog.

I'm still waiting on my BP sunnies - needed to double check and refine my astigmatism script and will be ordering a polarized lens to put in them. They should be in by Friday. Otherwise, I am very satisfied with my optical pair, the Blakes in green. They are more of a black in indoor lighting and only really show dark green in direct sunlight. Had a great pair of Zeiss lenses put in. Excellent fit and make - my best pair of opticals bar none. Lots of compliments on them, as it changed my looked quite a bit.

My brother has been at the Armoury and might be picking up a pair of nackymade frames, lucky bastard. Got to try on some Ring Jacket and the fit is like no other RTW...

Anyone still watching the tennis? First set was a complete write off!
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Originally Posted by Nicholas D C View Post

Was just boot 'window-shopping' online, thinking of footwear to go with a pair of jeans and came across these on Herring's website:

Was also looking at this

Some nice looking boots. Also heard a lot of good things about the Wolverine 1000 miles and LL Bean Katahdins on Reddit's MFA theads; are they to be trusted?

I've got two pair of the Herring Stratfords. One black and one that Tan. They are some of my most comfortable footwear as they fit well and support the "floppy" ankles. And come up high enough to not suffer from the"old back of trouser caught on RMWs pull tab at back or front problem"
In most circumstances they look just like a captoe shoe. In winter I often wear the black ones with a suit or jacket and tie and when it is noticed that they are boot all that I get is a smile or inquiry.

The tan ones I wear less as they are a bit too light coloured for me and not casual enough except for the occasional wear with Cords, or Chinos. I'm thinking of getting rid of them actually - they are half soled Topy, light wear over 2 years or so, well looked after 9UK size.
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Wow, Djokovic going to go 5 sets. Epic
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Originally Posted by Dusty Brogues View Post

Thanks IS forth enlightenment.

That film would have completely slipped off the radar without even knowing it.

I IMDB'd it, now I'm going to watch!


Just saw this. Yeah, I torrented this plus Lincoln. Lincoln is soooooo boring. Django was also good but I felt it wasn't as good as Pulp Fiction or Kill Bill...
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So Conservative.

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Originally Posted by streetminimal View Post

You need to tighten your tie knot a little..

excuse the loose knot. was driving home (:
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Originally Posted by Plestor View Post

Spain (comments)

i will be getting a pair of the black tonys, there are prob 6 pairs i would like. 

What do people think about the broadways?

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What do ppl think of this jacket? worth 70 pounds?

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Originally Posted by swan View Post

What do ppl think of this jacket? worth 70 pounds?

not unless you are George Columbaris hosting Masterchef with a tshirt underneath, black jeans and some pumps

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Has a cracking but tiring weekend fly fishing up in the high country near Thredbo. With over 20km covered on foot, we encountered all sorts of wildlife including a tiger snake, hawks, rabbits, kangaroo's, wombats, plenty of fish and 2 wild deer crossing the river 50m upstream of us which was special to just stop and watch them. Thousands of casts were made and even a couple of fish were caught. My last trip for a while now with the baby due in 4 weeks.

A view of the river from in the river. Level is low and gin clear.

Oh and this is todays fit, back to the real world.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Suit: Herringbone Sydney
Shirt: Cottonwork
Tie: Henry Carter Black knit
PS: Henry Carter Irish linen
Shoes: Meermin black MTO
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Originally Posted by Petepan View Post

Horsing around in Paris.
Those look familiar, what make/model are those?
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Originally Posted by iSurg View Post

Zero Dark Thirty. A movie that left me with mixed feelings. Amazing film on a controversial subject...

I'm thinking of going to see Life of Pi. Is it worth seeing in 3.14D?
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Yes, it's a must watch in 3D. Highly recommended unless you don't have stereopsis...
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Double iPhone post
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