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Originally Posted by thebrownman View Post

Many of those guys you've mentioned bore me. They may "know their shit" to put it in my own, and others, vernacular, but they also seem to take much of the fun out of clothes and dressing in the process of relaying their knowledge.




No one cares about the rules in my work, and that includes me. I like to dress differently and I enjoy odd items and unusual items. If I had to dress to please those mentioned I'd bore myself to death.


Why do it if its no fun?

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Originally Posted by ColdEyedPugilist View Post

Women think you're the big bad wolf and flirt outrageously with you as well. nod[1].gif

+1 thats the biggest compliment fing02[1].gif

Originally Posted by thebrownman View Post

P.S. iSurg, I don't think Melbourne op shops are slim pickings. I know CD has picked up many cool items in op shops, a friend of mine, Remy, also picks up lots of cool stuff. I think fxh also picks up cool stuff. The added benefit of thrift shopping at the moment is that there's a song about it, 'Got twenty dollars in my pocket, I'm gonna pop some tags...' foo.gif < I don't know what that emoticon is, but it seemed to fit the mood.

Remy is going places - In my dealings with him at P.Johnson im nothing but impressed with the guy


Originally Posted by iSurg View Post

In all honesty, I'm one who is slightly susceptible to silent SF hero worship and tumblr-stalking.


I don't have $$ for amazing visits to London/Naples (like this guy, one of my favourite past SF threads

or to afford the insane number and quality of items that my favourite SF members have (Spoo, Foo, Manton, maomao). 


The flipside is that thrifting is not a viable option, given my lack of time/dedication and perceived slim pickings in Melb. Perhaps, it's easier for those involved in the #menswear vendor community to develop their wardrobes meaningfully, and maybe CW and Romp can comment on this. At the end of the day, you spend within your means and time. I'm particularly impressed with Romp, given that he has a young family and work commitments outside of menswear. CW as well. Amazing. 


That's not to say I haven't tried things - I just have to be highly selective, and hence SF has basically changed my purchase/menswear trajectory. 


At the end of the day, the basis of SF hero worship is that we're able to live vicariously through senior members. That and working towards your grails is more than half the fun. 

Thanks iSurg, kind words. Truth be told I am still wardrobe building and I am just fortunate that I wear suits 5 days a week so I have that side of my wardrobe in a better situation than my casual stuff. Lack of good options in Sydney on the casual side was what prompted us to start O&J in the first place.. basically just trying to make some shirts and pants that we'd want to wear - bit of fun really.


I tend to only stay on the Australian thread here on this forum as I find elsewhere there is too much trolling and #menswear circle jerking. I think its good to "learn" menswear but really there are alot of guys out there who lack real world experience which is only gained with time and experience. Be willing to try and experiment with stuff you see and you'll end up finding your own personal style and a wardrobe of items that can be thrown together thoughtlessly and look great.

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Originally Posted by Romp View Post






really digging the buttoniere. when will they be available?

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Originally Posted by lennier View Post

Hardly seems fair since CD has only one arm and Gerry is too nice to hit anyone.


To get things rolling, I'll just step on Gerry's mirror-shined caps. We'll soon see if that niceness is only horse-hide deep.
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Originally Posted by Petepan View Post

Help wanted.

I am getting sick of these cat whisker creases at the crotch of my suit pants. 

How do you deal with this problem?  What fabric should I select to minimise them?

Thanks heaps.

Steamer. Fixes them in two minutes flat.
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Originally Posted by sliq View Post


really digging the buttoniere. when will they be available?

thanks - prototype .. since you pointed it out ill send you a freebie :) PM me your address


We just ordered more felt to make a full range - available in new year

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Originally Posted by California Dreamer View Post

Steamer. Fixes them in two minutes flat.


Just not while you've got them on ...

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Anyone itching to see Great Gatsby? (Not opening until next year, but still)

The suits are BB, and a chance to see some white tie in film. Didn't really think that brown in town was a thing in the Americas until the 30's


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)















Stumbled across this documentary/mockumentary. Looks promising for some laughs. 


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Originally Posted by Oli2012 View Post

]For those who haven't read it Manton's book is the most concise for hard and fast sartorial rules. I don't agree with everything he says but its a fantastic guide to appropriate dress and conservative ideology. 
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Really nice mate, very understated.
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Originally Posted by The False Prophet View Post

I wore a paisley silk PS in the Ipswich Magistrates Court today, FWIW.

This post made me smile !!  All credit to you FP, your upholding the standards of SF admirably.  All credit to you.

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AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW - Page 2, Jennifer Hewett states the obvious to most of us here.  Worth a read for those of you with a copy hanging around the office

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Hi Gents,
I went to Sydney cbd Woolworths this morning and they stacked $hits all over their stores on the floor on the walkways and every where. Hard to even walk. Long story short one of my jacket sleeve was scratched /pulled by god knows what packaging. It resulted a micro scratch. Its my favorite staple Navy blazer .Its about shape/size of this ( -- ). Its more like a scratch mark .But probably tiny bit of fabric has been ripped(no visible hole- can’t see through) . Now I can leave this as is as its hardly noticeable. But do you think this could grow bigger if not repaired ?
And who can repair this ? re weaver / French re weaver ? Any idea in Sydney.

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Originally Posted by Windowpane1967 View Post

AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW - Page 2, Jennifer Hewett states the obvious to most of us here.  Worth a read for those of you with a copy hanging around the office

Our larger /chain retailers don't seem to be even acknowledging they need to be evolving with the times, and those that do tend to execute it poorly. I use plenty of US based companies with both bricks and mortar stores and a "decent" online presence. It is not necessarily price that's influencing my shopping habits, on many occasions it's variety of the offering and a less painful (sometimes even quite a good) shopping experience. The price difference can be minimal when one includes shipping with more specialised purchases.

What I find interesting is the number of smaller stores with a decent online presence both here and OS. I'm amazed at the number of times I land on such websites thanks to google and am more than happy to drop some money there rather than on a larger store's offering. I think this is where smaller, smart and nimble players can quite easily take on the big boys - niche players have been around for years and I am sure will continue to do so.

So good luck to the smart, little guys I say.
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