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I wear flannel in Brisbane winter, it's too smexy not to.
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yo, this is probably an incredibly obvious question but i wanted to double check.

i tried on some loake elland's at dj's and want to get them on pediwear ($490 in dj, lolwut) - the shoe box in dj's had 12G written on them. now, i know they are made in the UK - so on pediwear should i pick a 12? or is it possible they were relabelled for our market (since we use US sizing) and they are actually an 11? hopefully this makes sense.

also, are pediwear still reliable in terms of shipping on time? i would need them for a wedding on the 2nd of august.
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As far as I know they are not re-labelled. We are too small a market to worry and there really isn't an Australian sizing system. I'd just order the 12 (how tall are you 7 foot!? I'm 6 foot 2 and only wear a 9 uk).

Anyway I just noticed on the weekend hat DJ's in Canberra now has a small selection of loakes also. Atthe amazing price of $450 for second tier shoemaker line none the less.
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Originally Posted by __PG__ View Post

For all those who live in Melbourne and have declared that flannel suits are you still hold the same opinion?

Hopefully not I am just about to commission a tweed overcoat!
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i'm 6'1 - i used to be a 10.5 but my feet grew to a 12 over the last year and a half or so (weird, i know - went to doctors and stuff and they didn't know what the fuck happened, especially since i'm 25). i also have really wide feet, but they've been like that forever. i know a few dudes who are 6'0'-6'4 and are a 12/13.

anyway, i'll order 12 and hope for the best. thanks!
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beggar man thief also sell Loakes at that colleague got a pair of shoes from there and once I showed him Herringshoes he almost started crying at the difference in prices.
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would herringshoes be a better alternative to pediwear? the shoes are slightly more expensive on there, but shipping is cheaper so they are about the same - i just want to get them as soon as possible.
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Yeah they are pretty good. Difference between the 2 from my experience is Pediwear don't hold all of the stock on their site, often they need to order off Loake or whoever which can add a further couple of days to the order before it's shipped. Herring seem to only let you purchase what is in stock (correct me if I'm wrong someone). They also have quick shipping and even a discount code for free shoe trees I believe (just search the forum for it).

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nice, well i'll try herring and look for that code too - thanks again.
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Oz sizes are UK sizes. Except for sneakers and athletic shoes its different.

Not much difference between Herring and Pediwear except they often have "exclusive" colours in some models. Herring is slightly better in that they have Herring designed shoes that no one else has. Herring shoes can be made by Loake, Cheaney or Barkers. Herring often has some on sale. Search around on the web and see what coupons are around - either free shoe trees - you pay postage - or a free crap tie from Pediwear I think. Both take VAT off. Both are generally fast. Order late Friday night and delivered by Tuesday sometimes. I think both will match prices.
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Originally Posted by tobiasj View Post

^^ Thanks mate, and glad you like the tie.
Barber wise I (and I think some other members) go to RockIt Barber Shop (

A barber with merchandise?? and its T-shirts and baseball caps?
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Originally Posted by Charlie's Wardrobe View Post

^ Reason 246 why Canberra is a great place to live - Winter (proper winter). I write this in a flannel suit by the way.

Best thing about Canberra? - road out to Melbourne is No 1.
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Thats an old joke - a bit unfair.

One of my brothers lives in Canberra.

I always enjoy the galleries, museums and going to question time in Parliament.

The bike paths are great and I love those small suburban shopping centers that are local.

Coffee is ok.

The CBD is bleh.

No decent cheap eats.
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Originally Posted by conqueror View Post

nice, well i'll try herring and look for that code too - thanks again.

Herring just announced a sale...
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Fairly good summation except the coffee has improved in leaps and bounds over the last few years and you forgot to mention that the on-road bike lanes are even better than the bike paths. Definitely a good city to be a cyclist in!

I mainly love it for the outdoors opportunities and having so much bush around and of course for me the close proximity to the snowy mountains and the exceptional fly fishing that goes with it. And the whole family, friends, fiance etc too of course are all here.
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