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^^ If I am only allowed to wear 1 type of fabric weave for the rest of time, I'd choose oxford. The whole thing about oxford = casual is SF taking things too far. Fact is no one cares.
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Right that's it. I'm never buying anything but Oxford Cloth shirts from this point on. Comfortable, durable, opaque, textural, usually inexpensive--they're the 500lb gorillas of the shirt world.
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I love them, but they dont breath that well and I boil in them in summer here. Otherwise they are all good.
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Wouldn't be a problem at all for me.
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Just caught up with Mr. Nelson for a coffee. He looked exceptional.

I'm also about to undergo eye surgery for the retinal damage caused by looking at the shine on his shoes. Note to others: wear sunglasses when you're in Gerry's company! wink.gif
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Originally Posted by tobiasj View Post

Gerry your photos always seem to have a pinkish hue. Any idea what is going on there?

Originally Posted by Gerry Nelson View Post

Yep, the issue is that I'm using a 10 year old digital camera that needs to be replaced but I can't justify a new one just yet.

And here I was thinking you were a nutter pairing a pink shirt with a green tie and blue blazer!
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Wow! High praise indeed coming from you, thebrownman! shog[1].gif


it was a pleasure catching up as always! Shoe shine is probably the only shine we'll see on a day like this.

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Originally Posted by tobiasj View Post

So here is a question: If you were only allowed to wear Oxford Cloth shirts for the rest of time, how big of a problem would that be?

Quite possibly a blessing - but would need to be button down with a collar roll.
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Originally Posted by thebrownman View Post

The Oil Free Facial Hydrating Serum is exactly that. Or, what Jason posted, the Parsley Seed Serum. The Oil Free is recommended for oily/what they call "blemish prone" skin, and the Parsley Seed is for most skin types. I use both, and alternate, opting for Oil Free in warmer weather.

OK took your advice .. got the oil free serum and also got the parsley seed cleanser and morccan shave stuff while I was at it :)


Just two days and already noticed a massive difference. Skin goes shiny by end of day compared to my previous moisturiser (i.e. it doesnt mattify) but feels nice and light

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Mj Bale has a sale on shirts. 4 for 200. Anyone had any experience? Wortth a punt?

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Originally Posted by wishiwasricher View Post

Mj Bale has a sale on shirts. 4 for 200. Anyone had any experience? Wortth a punt?

Some of the MJ Bale shirts have some odd styling issues - edge stitching on the collars (which I personally don't like), some odd contrast stitching on some seams, odd collar choices for the style of shirt and so on.

However, they do also make some nice, normal shirts in good fabrics in a couple of different cuts and when they do, they're good value. Quite a high, spread collar with a nice roll and collar shape, nice fabrics and reasonable construction.

From memory, they have two fits, regular and slim, and on me, at least, the slim is genuinely slim.
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I might take a punt. I normally like to have at least try Shirts on as they can fit oddly at times. Was in DJ's on the weekend- wish I had tried some on now.
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FWIW, MJ Bale have an excellent free return policy.
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Colours on a grey day:






Suit: Benjamin

Shirt: Hilditch and Key

Tie: Holland and Holland

Hanky: Drakes Kelim

Shoes: C&J Connaught

Coat: Drizabone Jacana


Camera: Soon to be replaced ...

Edited by Gerry Nelson - 5/28/12 at 3:52pm
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^ Nice one, Gerry!
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