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Originally Posted by Pink Socks View Post

Another blahman bulk special...?

Not for another 4 months I'm afraid. Tempted to try a pair though, as it seems that there is a distinct lack of colourful socks available in Australia. I wandered down the ladies hosiery isle once of twice considering buying a pair or two colourful ladies socks. Fortunately they rarely have mid calf socks for ladies.
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Originally Posted by blahman View Post

On tassel loafers, I always thought those things are too old-man-ish especially with more traditional styling, calf leather and welted, unless you go all out with it (not with number of tassels like Louboutins mind you).
I mean something thats really FU like these:
And if worn without socks fxh will wet himself with excitement.

If you want FU shoes try these but then I think they would be FU very much great for winter. Soooooooooooo, tempted but dog and car bills. Merde!
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I just bought tassel loafers yesterday from the US.

Should be here by next Wednesday. Hope they fit.

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OK which one of you fellas did I just see in a navy windowpane that is probably a PJo and brown dub-monks walking down Bourke Street walk?
I know it's one of you!
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Originally Posted by thebrownman View Post

I just bought tassel loafers yesterday from the US.
Should be here by next Wednesday. Hope they fit.

Which ones?
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I'm a very long time lurker. I've been stealing your tips, pics and links for too long now and I've finally signed up in order to selfishly ask you a question.

Where the heck can I get a soft looking pair of grey trousers in Sydney that is relatively affordable (less than $200)? Closest thing I've found were flannel types in RL, but these were like wearing an oven.


Thanks again for all your help in the past, unbeknownst to you,

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Hi DartagnanRed

Welcome to the community.

I don't know want other people's experiences are, but I've had no fit problems at all ordering trousers online. There just aren't that many important measurements with a pair of trou I guess -- very different to jackets. So (everyone is probably sick of hearing this, but) I would heartily recommend the affiliate Howard Yount. Amazing trousers and all under $200, and the fabric weight is listed for each, so you can have an idea of how warm they will be.

For reference I have a pair of the HY classic flannel (14oz) and they're very warm. A lighter flannel (9-12oz) would be more versatile.
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Hey everyone, just wanted to post a pic of a sport coat made courtesy of Deer Style in Brisbane. It was my first MTM jacket and I'm extremely pleased with the result. The fabric is super 120 wool from the John Hardy chatsworth book (104845).


The colour is pretty washed out in that photo - it's actually more of a tan and olive gunclub with a faint blue over-check.


This one is closer to the real colour but was taken before a few minor alterations.

Let me know what you think.
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Originally Posted by California Dreamer View Post

Just took delivery of these, from AFPOS
A steal at $150 shipped.
Not sure I'd call them burgundy, more a very dark brown, with a reddish tinge. They fit well enough, although I'll have to wear thick socks. Still, I bought them for winter, so that's OK.

Would anyone be able to tell me the quality of AF compared to C&J firsthand?
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Originally Posted by RemyMichel View Post

Would anyone be able to tell me the quality of AF compared to C&J firsthand?

I own C&Js, but this is my first pair of AS, so it's too early to tell really. Christian at Herringbone is a big AS fan, and he's quite a shoe fancier.
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Another outfit pic; worn today to work and a show afterwards.

Jacket: Zegna, Shirt: Valentino Tie: Boss, Square: Ferragamo, Slacks: Antichi Telai, Shoes: Edward Green

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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For GerryNelson (and anyone else who might be interested), here a few (poor quality iPhone) photographs of my new Crockett and Jones Chukka boots. Sleeker than the Chiltern model and more rounded than the Tetbury. I love them, soft and comfortable (being unlined) and easy to dress up or down as desired. Just need to get a pair of pink shoelaces to swap in every once in a while (




I like the way this chap build a variety of outfits around his suede chukka boots.

Oh, and Lennier, found another one of "you" in a double breasted number.

And GN, how did that tie work out for you...
These reminded me of it -
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Very nice, PS! I didn't realise you got the camel coloured chukka - thought you'd gotten the dark brown for some reason. Those look great and I'm glad you're enjoying them!


The tie arrived yesterday so I haven't had a chance to use it yet. I think it looks beautiful but it's something that you'd want to tone down with other parts of the outfit. I really like it.

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Originally Posted by appolyon View Post

Best tassle loafers imho are made by AS

Those suede tassel loafers are pretty damned stunning! They remind me of this Edward Green shoe in the sense that even if I didn't wear them, I'd love to have them on display in appropriately lit cabinets in my living room.


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