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Guys - what's up with the Shoes here?
Just returned for a vacation & visit home after many years away.

Some of the Fugliest shoes I have ever seen. Everything is pointed and 'Gondola' shaped.
I even walked past a guy in the Sydney CBD yesterday in a white pair, with a black suit.
Some scarey shit.
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Welcome back to Australia! ;-) Sadly, shoes in Australia are hideously designed and shockingly overpriced. Most men think that Aquila is the height of fashion and that shoes with twin seams running to a peculiarly shaped toe are elegant and desirable. Yes, I've seen quite a few fellows wearing white shoes with suits. I thought that went out with the 1980s, along with gold chains and wide collared, open-necked shirts but it appears that they are making a comeback...
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Hey guys long time lurker.

Couldn't agree more regarding shoes in Oz. It's so disheartening walking around Sydney trying to find decent shoes. I usually do the trudge between DJs, the two Josephs, and Lloyd but inevitably come away empty handed. It's usually ridiculously overpriced or an aesthetic compromise. I make do with a couple of plain pairs of Florsheim Imperials but would love something of better quality and style. Perusing the shoe porn threads here makes me so jealous.....
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I have been having the same problem finding shoes in Sydney. The best option for affordable English shoes I have found so far is DJ's, which has a limited range of Loake's; most are on the 026 last in the Comfort range. When they are on sale they go for around $300. I found a pair which fit, and am now looking at the UK-based Herrings website, which has a bigger range of styles on various lasts. As well as the normal Loake models, the Herrings "Classic Collection" are made by Loake, and look OK; I'll report back when I have a pair. Depending on the exchange rate, they work out to about AUD$250, which is cheaper than most white pointy shoes from Aquila. Herringbone also stock rebadged Cheaney shoes.
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Greetings! Yeah it's pretty bad. Girls at work said I needed to get a baggy cut dress pant with square toe shoes. I think I'll keep my RM's and Allen Edmonds thanks. Aquila is so rediculously overpriced for what you get. At that price, it isn't much more to get C&J from, especially when you look at the life expectancy of the shoe, and the cost per wear. Discount shopping is massive here - people really don't value quality components and construction. People do value a brand however. I can't understand gold chains. I can't understand the open necked, hamburger meat look. I don't get white shoes. Australia, land of the paper shoes.
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I used to like some of the Hudson shoes that Aquila sell. No goodyear this and blake stitch that, agreed, but they were fairly nice looking if not fashion forward shoes.

Now i've come to the uk and realise that they are sold thru topshop/topman, office and other fairly run of the mill places. And loake at $300aud? No one wears loake here. The crappy menswear stores here sell them.
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when I lived in Sydney, I found there were not many places to buy good shoes. DJs has probably the best range when it comes to luxury shoes. There is a place on Pitt street opposite the Piccadilly and in the Strand that stock Churchs, but other than that I found Ag has pretty good shoes. Although they offer a limited range: Ag, Dolce & Gabbana and Cesare Paciotti.

I have to say that the abundance of Aquila shoes is a reason to miss home a little less
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My advice: go to DJ's, get your size in Loake and then order that same size in C&J from plal or ebay. Get some RMs too.
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A few places sell Santoni, not cheap though...
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Hi Guys,
What a response.
Arrived in Melbourne (home) today and took my folks to 'The Flower Drum', which was excellent and the service flawless.
Coffee at Pellegrini's afterwards and it was as good as I remember.
I stumbled across 'American Tailors' and managed a 45 second 'peek' through the window, as my wife pointed out that it would be innapropriate to inflict my C&J obsession on them.
I will make it back next week for a proper look.
I picked up the RM's & some moleskins already in Sydney.
Not planning on any other purchases, other than meat and seafood to cook and some good Mornington Peninsular Pinot.
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Fate has not always be kind to me on the battle field however it was kind enough to show me the way to this site and learn about shoes.

I agree Men's shoes in Sydney are hideous.
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If you think it's bad in Sydney, I can only imagine that it's worse here in Melbourne. The new Westfield just opened up near my house about 3-4 weeks back, and the DJs had 30% off Loake! Pity they were all ugly and I had just bought new shoes.

I saw a dude wearing a black suit (looked like it was from Casual Guy) with tan "snake skin" shoes. Ugh...
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try Singapore!
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Its the internet or bust I'm afraid - RM's excepted
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