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I traveled to Boston over the holiday to see my family (I am currently in the Bay Area of California).  The night before I returned to SF, I stayed at my brother's house.  He happens to be a trader for an investment company in Boston.  You can all imagine what that means for his wardrobe.  In any case, he decided to clean a few things out of his closet and give them to me.  Including: 2 custom blazers from Oxxford (one is green cashmere, the other is Donnegal tweed), four pairs of cashmere slacks from Paul Stuart, one pair of semi-dress loafers from Prada,   three dress shirts from a store called "Berteil" in Paris (no brand names, the store put in their own labels), and one unconstructed, boiled wool, casual blazer from Joseph Abboud.  The pants are at the tailor for hemming.  Other than that, we wear the same size exactly.  Ahhhhh. How sweet it is. -Tom