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City Reference Website

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I came across this site some time ago, and I haven't ever seen it posted here, so I'm going to throw it out there. It is a good reference guide for store locations (not just clothing), and some of them have reviews and additional info. It isn't updated frequently, but it's certainly a good starting point. They cater to a few major cities. This link is to NY, but there are other cities there as well. Dan
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i read that site from time to time it's pretty decent the maps are still growing though not a lot of selection of cities a lot of denim and streetwear clothing talk on their clothing forum
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Yeah, I read the superforums once in a while, but... the threads about jeans are generally juvenile, and only that ringring guy actually seems to know what he is talking about; and the threads about sneakers are nearly as bad as the threads about the "rules" here. I am the same way about hardcore sneaker dudes as I am about I-must-follow-the-rules types here. Denimheads I have a soft spot for, but sometimes, they need to seriously chill out too. I mean, who cares if jeans are selvedge or not? It's not like they really affect the longevity of the jeans, despites all protestations to the contrary. And at least the threads here are generally well thought out and articulate. Some of the Superforum guys spent too much time playing the Playstation a few years ago.
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If you like superfuture, you should check out Here is a sample post:
"why is it that the fit birds never hang around with the minging birds? just looked at the 'sintillate........' thread and it confirms it. oh least it keeps all the fit ones together, so when you see one, more are sure to follow"
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I see that they list the gaybars too.
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